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AI’s Impact in 2024

As winter sets in, we begin to look ahead towards a new year. We make plans and we also consider what’s ahead.

I always enjoy this “season of wonder”, as it gets me excited about possibilities and drives me to dream big. Inevitably, it reminds of the scene in “Aladdin” …

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Demolition Robots vs. Excavators

With cutting-edge technology enhancing efficiency and safety on a number of jobsite applications, hydraulic breakers might seem a bit dull in comparison.

Mounted on a carrier without the correct hydraulic oil flow and pressure, system back pressure and some consistent downward force, they just sit there, making noise and creating …

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Help Improve Accuracy and Productivity with These Excavator Operator Tips

These days it seems like public works projects are everywhere. From new commercial developments and utility installations to road maintenance and repairs, jobs are ever present in busy downtown areas, on the outskirts of sprawling cities, and even on our residential streets.

The common sight of excavators trenching and loading …

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Subsurface Utility Engineering and Vacuum Excavation Help Increase Safety and Save Time

When it comes to underground utilities, safety is paramount. As municipalities grow and various areas undergo advancement and development, the number of buried utilities grows. Likewise, the number of potential problem points grows, including more live and abandoned utilities interfering with new projects.

Subsurface Utility Engineering, or SUE, looks to …

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The Digital Transformation of Preconstruction

Preconstruction is the critical first step that sets the stage for success or failure in construction projects. It is where the scope, feasibility, and initial parameters of a project take shape, providing the guiding compass for all that follows. Though it often flies under the radar, getting preconstruction right through …

The Rise of Renewable Diesel

To fully understand the potential of renewable diesel and its role in what’s expected to be a greener, more sustainable future for the construction industry, it’s important to understand what’s expected of the fuel in both the near term and the long term.

In November 2022, the California Air Resources …

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The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Portable Air Compressor

You can’t always control the external conditions your portable air compressor will be faced with – but you can make sure it is tough enough for any challenge. Here are seven common tough conditions your air compressor might have to deal with. But fear not, solutions are available.

A Perfect …
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Trimble Hosts 2023 Dimensions Conference to Connect Customers and Technology Solutions

From October 6 to 8, over 4,000 attendees traveled to Las Vegas for the 2023 Trimble Dimensions User Conference. Current Trimble customers and potential customers from all over the world travel to the conference to learn more about Trimble’s equipment and technology solutions and how to make them work for …

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A New Performance Standard

Building on D3 series compact track loader success, the all-new, next generation Caterpillar 255 and 265 Compact Track Loaders are a ground-up redesign of the previous series, improving on the features that made the previous models so popular. The first next generation models in the compact track loader line, the …

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Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Fuels $61B Investment in America’s Roads and Bridges

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announces the allocation of $61 billion in Fiscal Year 2024 apportionments for 12 formula programs. These programs are designed to support investments in critical infrastructure, including roads, bridges, tunnels, carbon emission reduction, safety improvements, and workforce development. The funds will …

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Building Inclusivity: How Skanska is Transforming Schools for Special Needs Students

Across the United States, nearly 7.2 million special needs students are currently enrolled in educational institutions, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Many of these students are in need of inclusive and accessible schools tailored to their diverse requirements, and construction and development firms like Skanska USA can …

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CASE Launches New Ways for Utility and Construction Crews to Work in Tight Jobsites and Combat Labor Shortages

CASE Construction Equipment has launched a sprawling lineup of new and enhanced machines that will help utility teams and other contractors work more productively and profitably in the face of ever-evolving jobsite challenges. This next generation of CASE machines was on full display at the Utility Expo.

Highlighted in the …

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Fecon’s New Fusion Platform Revolutionizes Mulcher Performance

Fecon LLC, a leading global manufacturer of heavy-duty site preparation attachments and forestry accessories, has launched their groundbreaking new product, Fusion, a user-friendly telematics platform that uses state-of-the-art features such as automatic machine calibration, location services and performance tracking to make industry-changing productivity gains in mulching operations. Ushering in …

Meeting a Unique Workforce Need

As the demand for construction workers rises and the percentage of women working in our industry grows, companies looking to remain competitive need a solid game plan for hiring, retaining, and promoting their female workers.

Although construction has historically been a male-dominated industry, the perks it offers – like a …

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New Ditch Witch SK1750 Features New Track System for Increased Reliability

Contractors looking for the power, versatility, and visibility of the Ditch Witch SK1550, can now turn to the new Ditch Witch SK1750 and its patent-pending track system for added productivity and a smoother ride.

Equipped to handle a wide range of landscape, irrigation, and tree-care projects, the SK1750 mini stand-on …

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Promoting a Safer Work Environment

Fostering healthy, safe, and positive work environments is more critical than ever for those in the construction and engineering industry. Construction work in particular is considered one of the most perilous occupations in the nation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, of the 5,190 fatal work injuries …

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Stellar Launches Industry-First Cordless Drill Pump and Innovative LM220M Poly Lube Skid

Stellar Industries, a 100 percent employee-owned and -operated manufacturer of high-quality mechanic trucks, cranes, tire service trucks, hooklifts, trailers and service truck and van accessories, announces the launch of a cordless drill pump feature on several models of their Self-Loading Single-Reel Cable Trailers. This industry-first innovation significantly reduces time …

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Subsite Introduces GPR Series for Utility Scanning and UtiliGuard 2 RTK Receiver for Locating and Data Mapping

Subsite’s new GeoRanger XR series of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems is designed to identify both shallow and deep utilities – even those that don’t have a wire tracer – in one pass without the need to go back through with multiple frequencies. The new GPR system offers better …

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Sustainable Modern Amenities

The development of the interstate highway system in the 1950s and 1960s spurred construction of many rest areas across the country. Now those structures are reaching the end of their useful lives. In some states, public-private partnerships allow modern upgrades without waiting for state or federal funding sources.

For instance, …

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Terex Utilities Offers Utilities a Variety of Electric Solutions

When Terex Utilities introduced the industry’s first all-electric bucket truck in 2022 and the HyPower SmartPTO by Viatec in 2019, this represented more than just leading-edge technology. These are field-proven solutions that give utilities options for managing their fleets and meeting corporate sustainability goals.

The Terex Optima 55-foot aerial device, …

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Terramac Displays Four Crawler Carriers at the Utility Expo

Terramac, a leading manufacturer of innovative rubber track crawler carriers, displayed four new models at the Utility Expo in September.

Terramac has been at the forefront of utility innovation for over a decade and consistently delivers cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Units on Display …

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Unlimited Potential

While task automation and point solutions on the jobsite are increasingly common, the connected site is still a bit mystifying for many.

What does it really mean? In today’s environment, the term “connected” generally means office-to-field-to-office workflows. Connectivity facilitates the movement of data across various activities, enables real-time progress tracking, …

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Vermeer Presents VX75 and VXT600 Vacuum Excavators

Vermeer has introduced the first model of its next generation of new trailer vacuum excavators, the Vermeer VX75. It is the most powerful Vermeer vacuum excavator in the 75-hp class, equipped with a 1,500-cfm vacuum blower capable of generating 15 in Hg of suction force. It is available with a …

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Western Global Showcases FuelCube Type-S

Western Global, a leading manufacturer of fuel and fluid storage solutions, offers the FuelCube Type-S, a compact fuel tank that fits in the back of a truck. Available in the U.S., the FuelCube Type-S is one of the most reliable, flexible, and transportable fuel tanks on the market. Designed …

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2023 ARTBA Bridge Report

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s (ARTBA) analysis of the recently released 2023 U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) National Bridge Inventory (NBI) database finds that 36 percent of all U.S. bridges – over 222,000 spans – require major repair work or replacement. Placed end‐to‐end, these structures span over 6,100 …

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3D-Printed Concrete Will Help Build the Future of the Construction Industry

WSP is helping construction clients find new and effective ways to add 3D-printed concrete (3DPC) – a form of automated fabrication that reduces labor cost, planning time, and waste – to their construction toolbox.

WSP supports RCAM Technologies, which provides concrete solutions for renewable energy, in the development of …

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Bringing Modern Solutions to Construction

From pursuit to production, McCarthy Building Companies’ visualization team draws on technology to create three-dimensional (3D) renderings, animation, and virtual reality to enhance the contractor’s relationships with clients.

“We have a tight-knit group of talented 3D artists that work together to support McCarthy’s pursuit and project teams,” says Mary …

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Designing for Safety

In the face of urban growth and rising traffic volumes, the search for innovative, efficient, and safe traffic management solutions has become paramount. Could roundabouts be part of the answer? Widely adopted in European cities, these structures are gradually making inroads in the United States, with 500 to 700 new …

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Fueled Up and Ready for Anything

Responsiveness is critical, especially when it comes to refueling a fleet. With a surge in infrastructure and construction spending coinciding with skyrocketing fuel prices, contractors may feel their fuel costs are out of control. Transportable fuel tanks can help control these costs and allow contractors to respond to the quickly …

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Lower Fuel and Maintenance Costs

The new Caterpillar 988 GC Wheel Loader delivers reliable and efficient operation, allowing customers to move more material at a lower cost per hour for a faster return on investment. The new loader offers up to 5 percent less fuel consumption and up to 15 percent lower maintenance costs than …

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The Dangers of Digging

Whether you’re using a hand shovel or an excavator, an earth drill or a trencher, a hole is a hole and there are several safety precautions that come along with a digging project. Sharp tools present the opportunity for dangerous situations, let alone combined with the power of a mechanical …

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ASV Introduces the VT-100 and VT-100 Forestry Compact Track Loaders

ASV, an industry-leading brand of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers, introduces the VT-100 and VT-100 Forestry Posi-Track Compact Track Loaders. The new VT-100 compact track loader is a vertical lift machine that excels in loading and grading applications in landscaping and construction. The VT-100 Forestry …

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Creating a Safer Utility Jobsite

There are inherent risks in being a utility worker. To make sure those risks don’t become reality, utilities – and the contractors they hire – must be on their A-games when it comes to safety, something they can learn more about at The Utility Expo, September 26-28 in Louisville, Kentucky. …

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Greater Work Zone Safety

Construction sites are dynamic and hazardous environments where the well-being of workers should always be a top priority. Among the various safety measures, an often overlooked aspect is the practice of escape routes. In active work zones where danger will always lurk, having well-established escape routes can be a matter …

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Komatsu Donates $250,000 to AED Foundation’s Vision 2025 Initiative

The current skills gap and workforce shortage issues facing OEMs and equipment distributors are daunting. To address these problems, the AED Foundation created Vision 2025, a project aimed at helping to increase the number of qualified technicians entering the equipment distribution industry. Komatsu is excited to announce that it has …

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Mastering the Progressive Design-Build Delivery Method

Progressive design-build (PDB), known in some states as phased design-build, is gaining traction within the construction transportation industry for its collaborative approach and ability to streamline projects. Despite some early adopters, it remains underutilized in the transportation sector of the heavy civil industry, largely due to the ambiguity of this …

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Mobile Impact Crusher MOBIREX MR 100(i) NEO/NEOe Extends Kleemann’s Product Portfolio

With the mobile impact crusher MOBIREX MR 100(i) NEO/NEOe, Kleemann presents the first family member of the new NEO line. The machine is efficient, powerful, and extremely flexible – and all-electric operation is possible with the NEOe variant.

Thanks to their compact dimensions and a low transport weight, the MOBIREX …

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Preventing Oil Issues

Modern engine design and the need to reduce CO2 emissions have led to the development of additional engine oil categories and a growing number of engine oil viscosity grades for diesel engines. In 2016, the launch of two new diesel engine oil categories (API CK-4 and API FA-4) required …

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Skid Steers Forever

The way that compact track loaders (CTLs) have completely blown up the rubber-tired skid steer market in the last 15 years is something that – when the history of construction equipment is written – we’ll all remember as a pivotal sea change in the way we work and the way …

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What Contractors Need to Consider Before Renting

In an industry where proper equipment plays a vital role in project success, making informed decisions about your rental choices is essential. Not only does renting offer cost-effective solutions for contractors, but it also allows additional flexibility, efficiency, reduced storage cost, and other capabilities to help streamline projects.

According to …

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Yanmar Compact Equipment Introduces Its First Compact Track Loader – the TL100VS

Yanmar Compact Equipment introduces the TL100VS compact track loader – the first machine in its new compact track loader line. The loader is designed specifically for the construction, utility, and rental industries. The TL100VS offers Yanmar reliability, productivity, and intuitive features for enhanced efficiency and easy training for new operators. …

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An Emerging Ecosystem

The way you’ve worked for the last 40 years is likely not the way you'll work the next 40, for many reasons. The ongoing labor shortage, the demand for improved productivity and the need to stay competitive are likely at the top of the list. Technology is a proven force …

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Big Industry Changes

Hydraulics and electrification are providing a range of future opportunities and challenges for companies producing lubricants and hydraulic fluids.

Big changes are coming for the hydraulics industry with the increase in electrification of vehicles, digital controls, and actuators. However, hydraulic systems themselves look set to stay for a while because …

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Hamm HD+ Tandem Rollers Now ‘Digital Ready’ in All Weight Classes

The HD+ series from Hamm is expanding by six new roller models for asphalt construction with operating weights of 7-ton and 8-ton. The HD+ 70 and HD+ 80 models meet the requirements of exhaust emissions category EPA Tier 3. Hamm fits the HD+ 70i and HD+ 80i (EPA Tier 4) …

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Keeping Workers Safe

Being a construction worker is one of the most dangerous and potentially fatal jobs. There are roughly 150,000 construction jobsite injuries each year, and one in five deaths among U.S. workers is in the construction industry. But despite bulky safety gear and protocols that is meant to keep construction workers …

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Komatsu’s Upgraded PC130LC-11 Excavator is a Unique Combination of Lightweight Power and Agility

For contractors looking for an excavator that can help complete jobs faster, Komatsu's newly upgraded PC130LC-11 with a longer undercarriage design increases lifting capacity by up to 20 percent compared to the previous model. This durable, reliable and productive 97.2-HP small conventional tail swing excavator is easily transportable and …

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Leveraging Telematics for Fleet Maintenance and Management

Telematics has become table stakes industrywide – today, rental store owners expect standard connectivity for their entire equipment fleet.

In the early days of telematics, rental companies wanted to access all of the data from the machine. Then, there was a period of time when they said they were getting …

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Machine Control Key to Attracting New Talent in Construction, Report Finds

Machine control – the automation of construction equipment – is key to attracting new talent and addressing the skills shortage in the sector, according to construction professionals surveyed in a new report by Topcon Positioning Systems.

Three-quarters (77 percent) of those surveyed in the report – which polled 1,000 …

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Maximizing Screening Uptime

With the increase in infrastructure spending in the last few years, producers have plenty of work to do. To keep up with increased demand, mines and quarries need to reach and maintain high levels of productivity.

This is easier said than done. Unexpected downtime, increasing operating costs and Murphy’s Law …

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Revolutionizing Equipment Ownership

Today’s heavy equipment owners need every minute of work they can get from their machines, and they need a clear picture of each machine’s total cost of ownership (TCO). A comprehensive solution for these needs? A strong telematics program.

Not only can the right telematics offering make your life easier …

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Stellar Introduces Cable Hoist Container Hooklift Adapter Kit

Stellar, a 100 percent employee-owned and -operated manufacturer of high-quality mechanic trucks and cranes, tire service trucks, hooklifts, trailers, and service truck and van accessories introduces a new winch style Cable Hoist Container Hooklift Adapter Kit.

The new Cable Hoist Container Hooklift Adapter Kit allows current winch style cable …

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When AI Gets Real

The promise and problems of AI have become a national conversation in 2023, as we touched on in our April piece highlighting generative AI. Some journalists are waxing rhapsodic about all the crazy things that AI can already do. Others are writing with concern about things it is doing and …

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A Better Option for Urban Job Sites

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas introduces the ZAXIS-7 compact excavators to efficiently complete tasks on today’s urban job sites. An ultra-short-tail swing radius on the ZX75US-7 allows access to confined spaces while an ultra-short-tail swing radius with swing boom model ZX85USB-7 productively digs next to walls and guard rails.

Power is …

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A Celebration of Construction

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and over 40 member companies and industry partners hosted a Celebration of Construction on the National Mall on May 18. The industry showcased the latest innovations, including electric and hydrogen powered construction equipment, recyclable materials and waste reduction opportunities, and the technology to sustainably …

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A New Solution in Store

Construction projects come in many forms, each with their own hurdles and applications. In contracting jobs, skilled labor or subcontractors are frequently needed for specialized tasks, especially in the line of concrete work. Armed with the proper equipment, contractors can simplify the work and improve their bottom line.

Curb Roller …

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CIASP Takes Stand Against Suicide in the Construction Industry, Bohmann to Lead Suicide Prevention Efforts as Executive Director

With a suicide rate four times higher than the national average, the construction industry has the second highest rate of any United States industry group, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In response to alarming statistics from the CDC, the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) was …

Culture in Construction: Why it Matters and How to Make it Better

There is a labor shortage in the construction industry — and it is not exactly breaking news. Headlines declare, “Nobody wants to work anymore,” but is this explanation really at the root of what is a long-standing, industry-wide issue?

Amid the "Great Resignation," as Baby Boomers retire and Gen Z …

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Greening Your Fleet

The greening of U.S. utilities is already underway, as already seen at the last Utility Expo, the next one coming to Louisville, Kentucky, September 26-28. The U.S. has committed to reducing greenhouse gas pollution by 50 to 52 percent from 2005 levels, and with electric utility production accounting for 25 …

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Six New Loader Models

Mecalac, a leading global designer and manufacturer of compact construction equipment, launches a new product line of robust compact loaders to the North American market. Comprised of six models, including the MCL2, MCL4, MCL4+, MCL6, MCL6+ and MCL8, the series presents versatility and agility for industries ranging from agriculture …

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The 2023 State of Fleet Safety Report

Motive, along with Researchscape, surveyed 1,110 fleets in industries like trucking and logistics, construction, oil and gas, agriculture, and delivery to understand their priorities and practices, specifically around driver and fleet safety. They found that 95 percent of those surveyed said driver safety performance is a priority. While …

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The Evolution of Building Materials

Compared to the rest of the world, most buildings in the United States are relatively young. But most residential and commercial properties could use a makeover. Buildings constructed 20, 50, or over 100 years ago are not as energy efficient and they are also not as a safe as is …

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US Traffic Fatalities Surged 19% from 2019-2022, New Report Examines Causes of Increased Traffic Fatalities, Potential Solutions, $1.9T Annual Cost

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The number and rate of U.S. traffic fatalities surged in 2020 and 2021 and decreased slightly in 2022 from the previous year, but remained at a high level as vehicle travel returned to near pre-pandemic levels. This is according to a report released by TRIP, a …

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A Top Priority

Worker safety should always be the number one priority on the jobsite. Companies can implement best practices and strategies to keep projects moving and costs down all while working in a safe and productive environment.

When it comes to the workplace, it’s important to lead by example. According to the …

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Five Reasons Construction Jobsites are Going Electric

Electrification of construction machinery is hardly a new concept. For years, electric equipment has been commonly seen in a variety of applications, from demolition and mining to aerial lift and industrial work.

Now, however, electric equipment is becoming increasingly prevalent on and around jobsites. As electric vehicles continue to be …

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Just Add Water

Acid rain, road salt, and normal wear and tear wreak havoc on concrete over time. Because building new bridges to replace the thousands of old structures isn’t practical, the solution to ensure safety typically lies in replacing old bridge deck concrete with new material.

Hydrodemolition, a technique that has been …

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Key Wheel Loader Trends in 2023

The construction industry is seeing a rapid evolution in heavy equipment and machinery technology. Wheel loaders are crucial for material-handling operations and remain a staple product on North American jobsites.

With advancements in technology and changing market demands, manufacturers are introducing new features and designs to enhance wheel loader efficiency, …

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More Power for More Efficiency

Expanding the product line, the new Caterpillar RM600 and RM800 Reclaimer/Stabilizers offer the power, performance, and productivity needed to efficiently complete full-depth reclamation and soil stabilization projects. These versatile machines compete at the high end of the reclaimer/stabilizer size class with an all-new adjustable height design capable of cross-slope cutting. …

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Wheel loaders. Pay loaders. Front-end loaders. Many different names, but all ultimately describing the same thing: rubber-tired articulating loaders that primarily operate a bucket on the front end used for loading trucks on jobsites, hoppers in production plants, and any other applications for moving material.

They’re also compatible with a …

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Ramping Up Your Construction Workforce

The work is out there. Billions of dollars’ worth of new construction projects are getting the green light, and the future looks bright for contractors that can do the work. After the last few years of a pandemic, economic downturns, construction workforce strains, rising costs, and supply chain issues, this …

Staying Above Water

Here’s a scenario that’s been known to play out in one form or another at any number of construction sites: workers carrying a large ladder accidentally knock off sprinkler heads that had earlier been hooked up. They are a planned protection against fire, but pose a risk for flooding as …

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ABC’s 2023 Guide to Construction Safety Best Practices Reveals How Contractors Can Be Nearly Seven Times Safer Than the Industry Average

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) releases its 2023 Safety Performance Report, an annual guide to safety best practices on construction jobsites and comprehensive study of the impact of the STEP Safety Management System.

Established in 1989, STEP is a proven system that provides the framework to measure, …

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And the Winner Is …

If Oscars were handed out for events that produce the best networking and business learning experience, the Independent Equipment Dealers Association’s (IEDA) 2023 Annual Meeting would walk away with the show – including categories of best directed, best scenery, best attended, and best cast.

The Reunion Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, …

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Benefits of Construction Equipment Technologies Study Unveiled by AEM

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) released a study outlining how construction equipment technologies have advanced the construction industry and benefited a wide range of stakeholders, from contractors, to owners, to society as a whole.

The Benefits of Construction Equipment Technologies and Their Impact on Society details four construction equipment …

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Breaker Basics

The hydraulic breaker attachment – one of the most common attachments for a remote-controlled demolition machine – generates as much as 1,500 foot-pounds of force at its tip. Typical wear and tear is expected, which is why keeping up on breaker maintenance is vital to ensure optimum performance on the …

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Generative AI for Construction

The recent emergence of tools such as Midjourney and ChatGPT has acted as a catalyst for the widespread uptake of generative artificial intelligence (AI). Initially driven by the younger generation's penchant for exploring and utilizing AI-driven technology in creative industries, notoriety born from advances in art and content production has …

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Getting the Most Out of Trailers

Heavy-haul trailers trek thousands of miles during their service lives and encounter many challenges – from rocks and ruts to bumps and jolts, no trailer gets out unscathed. To get the most from trailers, here are some tips to prevent costly damage and keep trailers in top shape.

Start with …
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The Future of Robotics and Access Equipment

Driven by compounding advances in technology and massive workforce changes in part because of the pandemic, the construction industry is now adopting robotics at an accelerated rate.

Let’s take a look at how this technology is already being used in construction and adjacent fields, what may come next and what …

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The Task Automation Transition

From machine control systems on heavy equipment to robots that provide near real-time, progress scans, the construction industry is fast becoming a tech-rich environment. While it has taken some time to gain momentum, the emerging digital ecosystem is a hotbed of opportunity for owners and construction professionals alike.

Many tech-enabled …

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Uncovering the Unseen

Big bridges are impressive feats of engineering, connecting people and places with their towering presence. However, hidden within these architectural marvels lie the secrets to their longevity and structural integrity. Enter ultrasonic testing (UT) – a technique that peels back the layers of steel to reveal any weaknesses, cracks, or …

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CASE Introduces New Backhoes, Dozers, and Mini Excavators

CASE Construction Equipment is bringing back the iconic “Construction King” name and releasing five new backhoe loader models to the North American market to deliver more comprehensive and diverse backhoe options to businesses across a broader spectrum of markets, including landscaping, rental, ag and utilities.

Two models are available immediately: …

Coastal Construction and Togal.AI Win AGC National Innovation Award

MIAMI, FL – Coastal Construction, one of the largest general contractors in Florida and the Southeast, is winning national recognition for using artificial intelligence to accelerate the estimating of some of the most eye-catching and luxurious real estate in America.

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) has named …

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Every three years, CONEXPO-CON/AGG descends on the Las Vegas Convention Center to showcase the latest technologies and innovations in equipment, products, and services for the construction industry. Attendees include all segments of the construction, aggregates, and ready mixed concrete industries. The show took place March 14 through 18 and over …

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Ditch Witch Showcases AT120 All-Terrain Direction Drill and PT37 Ride-On Plow/Trencher

Built to boost jobsite uptime, the AT120 gives underground construction operators the power and stability needed to push through rock and tough ground conditions, streamlining fiber, pipeline and utility installation projects. As the largest AT drill in the world, the AT120 improves jobsite efficiency for previous mid- and maxi-size drill …

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Hyundai Construction Equipment Features New Compacts, Largest Wheel Loader, Alternative Power Prototypes

At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas displayed a major 31,000-square-foot exhibit featuring a wide range of new, current, and future machine models, plus demos of machine safety and remote management systems.

New Compact Excavators Feature Award-Winning Design
Among new Hyundai models at the show are three compact excavators – …
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John Deere Showcases New Machine Offerings Including P-Tier Small Dozers, Large ADT-Drawn Scraper and P-Tier Compact Track Loader, Skid Steer Loader and Excavator Models

John Deere is continuing the performance tiering journey that began in 2020 and chose CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 as the world stage to introduce new models and technology features that provide differentiated value for its customers.

P-Tier Small Dozers
Designed for customers looking to level up on the job site, the new …
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Komatsu Features 20-Ton PC210LCE Electric Excavator and intelligent Machine Control 2.0 Dozers

To help customers reduce their carbon footprint and plan for implementing sustainable solutions through electrification, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 Komatsu will featured its 20-ton PC210LCE electric excavator.

First displayed last fall at bauma, the PC210LCE was created for construction businesses that need a high-performance machine while cutting fuel costs. Featuring lithium-ion …

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Stellar Showcases New Lighter-Weight Hydraulic Service Cranes and TMAX 1-13 Aluminum Mechanic Truck

Stellar, a 100 percent employee-owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality mechanic trucks and cranes, tire service trucks, hooklifts, trailers and service truck and van accessories, was excited to showcase the new 10621 and 12630 Hydraulic Service Cranes at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2023. Both cranes were introduced, along with four other redesigned …

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Terex Materials Processing Presents Expanded Portfolio

Terex Materials Processing (MP), global manufacturer of materials processing and lifting machinery, presented its diverse portfolio representing the aggregates, environmental, concrete, material handling and lifting industries at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In total, there were 12 participating Terex MP brands, including new businesses to the portfolio, MDS and …

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Topcon Further Expands MC-X Platform with All-New GNSS Option for Compact Equipment, Announces New Aquisition

Topcon Positioning Systems announced the availability of a new global navigation satellite system (GNSS) option for its MC-Mobile compact machine control solution. Rounding out the company’s compact solutions portfolio, this GNSS option allows contractors to easily integrate their compact machines into fleets already powered by GNSS technology. This expansion gives …

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Toro Presents the New Next Generation eDingo 500

Toro made a major step into the electric-powered equipment marketplace with the introduction of its Toro eDingo 500 compact utility loader, and now it’s taking it a step further with the next-generation eDingo. The new eDingo boosts profit and ROI with no fuel costs and zero engine exhaust emissions. It’s …

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Trimble Introduces an All-In-One System for On-Machine Excavator Guidance and Site Surveying

Trimble introduced the Trimble Siteworks Machine Guidance Module, extending the capabilities of Trimble Siteworks Software from surveying and layout to support on-machine excavator guidance and operator assistance. With the addition of the new software module, contractors can use the same rugged Site Positioning Systems hardware and software to perform a …

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Vermeer Introduces the GPS-Enabled Verifier G3+ Utility Locator

Vermeer continues to support the utility industry with the Vermeer Verifier G3+ utility locator launch. This new-generation locator delivers high accuracy, optimized connectivity and intuitive controls. The Verifier G3+ utility locator pairs with smartphones using the G3+ Map mobile app (available for IOS and Android) to plot location information, including …

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Volvo Construction Equipment Highlights Complete Solutions for a Changing Industry With Immersive Experience at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

Volvo CE presented an immersive platform of strength and innovation alongside Volvo Penta, Volvo Trucks, and Volvo Financial Services. Several products were featured that have benefits beyond jobsites as Volvo CE continues to lead the industry toward a more sustainable future. They included zero-emission electric machines, charging solutions, an articulated …

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A Focus on Health and Wellbeing

One of the positives to come from the COVID-19 pandemic for the construction industry was a more aggressive focus by employers on health and safety issues – important for the protection of workers, the public and the viability of construction firms themselves.

Among their actions were stepped up well-being checks …

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A Home in the Construction Industry

After serving in the military, veterans may find it difficult to communicate the skills they have learned to potential employers. But many of those veterans have found a home in the construction industry – including at Sunbelt Rentals.

To that end, Sunbelt Rentals established its Veterans Program in 2020 and …

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An Essential Role

Integrated within a compressor are systems that play an essential role in regulating the machine’s flow, pressure, power, and speed to name a few. The equipment keeps a compressor – and thus an overall project – running optimally, without any setbacks.

The regulating systems offered by Atlas Copco are designed …

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ASV Introduces New Mulchers, Snow Attachments and a Dozer Blade

ASV Holdings Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers, introduces new high-performance mulchers for the MAX-Series RT-135F and RT-75HD Posi-Track loaders as well as the first ASV-branded snow attachments. A six-way dozer blade is also included in the updated line of branded …

Don’t Overpower the Safety Features of Power Tools

From screwdrivers and hammers to impact drivers and reciprocating saws, today’s workers are able to achieve levels of productivity earlier generations could only dream about. When hand and power tools are used correctly, they allow us to achieve significantly more in less time and with less effort. But if we …

Doosan Bobcat Announces Global Brand Strategy; Forklift, Portable Power, and Industrial Air Transition to Bobcat Brand

WEST FARGO, ND — Doosan Bobcat, Inc., a company within Doosan Group, announces its global branding strategy to create business and growth opportunities for the Doosan Bobcat product portfolio.

Doosan Portable Power (DPP), a global manufacturer of air compressors, mobile generators, and light towers; Doosan Industrial Air (DIA), …

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Embracing Electric

Manufacturers are moving fast, creating electric versions of tried-and-true equipment – but are contractors ready to make the switch? It depends. Some already have, while some aren’t yet considering it. Where do you stand?

Whether you should be renting battery-powered equipment is a decision informed by whether you need to …

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Five Excavator Technologies to Improve Your Bottom Line

While technology has been enhancing excavator performance for more than a decade, end-user demand for certain features has accelerated in the past few years.

We talked with leading manufacturers to get their take on those innovations that provide the typical construction company with the best bang for the buck – …

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Introducing DEVELON

The familiar brand of orange construction equipment known as Doosan will now be called DEVELON throughout the world. Under the new brand name, the company will continue providing innovative products and solutions that exceed expectations, further cementing its status as a global leader in construction equipment and solutions for the …

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John Deere Introduces New P-Tier Articulated Dump Trucks

John Deere expands its Performance Tiering Strategy to its line-up of articulated dump trucks. New to the P-Tier portfolio, the 410 and 460 ADTs retain the same fuel efficiency, dump body, and drive modes as the previous E-II models. For all P-Tier models, additional updates to the external styling and …

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Mecalac Hydraulic Thumb Increases Material Handling Ease

Mecalac – a designer, manufacturer and distributor of compact construction equipment for urban environments – offers a new hydraulic thumb option for its recently re-configured two-piece boom with offset, available for 6MCR skid excavators and 7MWR wheeled excavator models. The new thumb makes it easy to pick up, maintain and …

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NAXSA Announces Inaugural Shore Up for Safety Week to Support Construction Safety Week

The North American Excavation Shoring Association (NAXSA) has timed its inaugural Shore Up for Safety week to support National Construction Safety Week from May 1-5, 2023.

"NAXSA’s event is a week-long, nationwide mobilization of members and colleagues as lifesavers, promoting safety awareness and training through hands-on activities with customers, contractors, …

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New Products to Look For at CONEXPO 2023

Topcon Further Expands MC-X Platform with All-New GNSS Option for Compact Equipment, Announces New Aquisition
Topcon Positioning Systems announced the availability of a new global navigation satellite system (GNSS) option for its MC-Mobile compact machine control solution. Rounding out the company’s compact solutions portfolio, this GNSS option allows contractors to …
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Road Widener’s FH-R Material Placement Attachment Reduces Labor by 50 Percent

Road Widener LLC, a leading global manufacturer of road construction equipment, offers the patented FH-R material placement attachment, which provides contractors with 50 percent reduced labor at one-fifth of the cost of traditional self-propelled equipment. Additionally, the remote-controlled design of the attachment allows the operator of the host machine …

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Transitioning from Hard Hats to Helmets: H2H Initiative Aims to Reduce Traumatic Brain Injuries in the Construction Industry

In an industry where traumatic brain injuries are responsible for 25 percent of all construction fatalities, transitioning from hard hats to helmets can help save lives. The American Society of Concrete Contractors’ (ASCC) Safety and Risk Management Council (SRMC), with support from industry organizations and partners, developed the Hard …

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A Sustainable Fuel Solution

North America is seeing a growing emphasis on sustainability and the role environmental initiatives play in making the world a cleaner, greener place to live. Both the United States and Canada have set targets to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. As states and equipment manufacturers set carbon neutrality and net …

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Cheap Media, Expensive Problems

With proposed infrastructure programs being discussed to offset the economic impacts of COVID-19, aggregate materials could see a spike in demand. This progression can lead to increased profits for mineral processing operations. However, maximizing efficiency to capitalize on this opportunity requires the right equipment. It is critical that operations evaluate …

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Dig In

Excavation ranks high on the list of expensive construction activities, and some projects cost more in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world. It’s also the most hazardous of tasks, requiring careful planning and risk assessment, as well as intensive management of project workflow and details – factors that …

Five Equipment Dealership Trends that will Shape 2023

If you have been working around construction equipment you have probably heard of the "Equipment Triangle," a philosophy that is one of the fundamental tenets of the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP). The theory behind the equipment triangle is that all transactions between end users, distributors, and OEM/suppliers should …

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Genie Introduces its Highest Capacity Telehandler for Heavy Industry and Construction

The new Genie GTH-1256 Telescopic Handler builds on the robust design of the Genie 6K, 8K and 10K telehandlers, expanding Genie’s telehandler family. The new 12,000-pound capacity telehandler is purposefully designed to improve durability, lower total cost of ownership and provide maximum productivity on the jobsite. Focused on simplifying fleet …

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GOMACO Announces the Death of Gary L. Godbersen, Company’s President, CEO and Cofounder

It is with great sadness that GOMACO announces the death of President, CEO and company cofounder, Gary L. Godbersen. Godbersen peacefully passed away on January 17, the opening day of World of Concrete 2023. He was 83 years old.

Godbersen dedicated his life to the concrete slipform paving industry. …

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Minimize Downtime with Dozer Maintenance

As workhorses in the construction industry, dozers are known for their powerful earthmoving capabilities, easily pushing dirt across the jobsite. Dozers consist of many essential components that need to be maintained in order to keep performing at their best.

By following these seven routine maintenance tips from Moo Young Park …

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The ‘Finding Fault’ Industry in Design and Construct Contracts and How AI Makes It Unnecessary

The intent of design and construct (D&C) contracts is to cut costs by keeping both the design of the building and its construction to a single entity. The idea is that by doing so, the architects and the construction sides of the business will communicate better and create efficiencies that …

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The Ongoing Evolution of Jobsite Connectivity

The vision is there.

Wouldn’t it be great if the entire jobsite – the general contractor, subs, designers, owners, equipment vendors and material suppliers – were all working in sync with the data that shifts with each condition change, progress report, change order, telematics warning, and machine inspection? That the …

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VOLVO CE Introduces Collision Mitigation System for Jobsite Safety

Delivering on its vision for zero accidents, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) launches its Collision Mitigation System for Volvo Wheel Loaders – an automatic braking feature that supports operator response and helps reduce the risk or consequences of collision when working in reverse.

The first system of its kind from …

7 Predictions for Finance Executives in 2023

Prophix Software's CEO, Alok Ajmera, has pulled together some helpful insights and tips for construction finance executives to consider as we enter into the beginning of 2023, with an emphasis on consistent and rigorous financial planning knowing "cash is king!"

1) Cash will retake its crown headed into …
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How Do All-Electric Machines Perform in Cold Temperatures?

Recently, JLG partnered with Sunbelt Rentals to evaluate the industry’s first all-electric scissor lift’s performance in below-freezing conditions, and the results prove how far battery technology has advanced in the aerial industry.

“Electric machine operation and productivity in conditions below 32°F (0°C) have traditionally been a huge concern in cold-temperature …

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Million Women in Construction Initiative Plans to Double the Number of Women in the Industry

The number of women working in the construction industry recently hit an all-time high of 1 million, and the Department of Commerce plans to take that number even higher with its recently announced Million Women in Construction initiative. The initiative aims to build a new, inclusive American workforce by doubling …

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Shepherd Becomes FHWA’s 11th Executive Director After Dedicating Career to Improving Transportation Infrastructure

With over 23 years of extensive and varied experience with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Gloria Shepherd has been named the 11th Executive Director of FHWA. Shepherd is the first woman and first African American in FHWA’s history to hold this position.

“Our nation’s street and highway infrastructure is changing …

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Trimble Dimensions+ Shows Contractors their Future

In November, more than 5,700 owners, design professionals and contractors gathered in Las Vegas for Trimble’s user conference Dimensions+ 2022. It had been four years since Trimble hosted the conference, and attendees were treated to a showcase of innovation and advancement in 480 learning sessions and off-site field demonstrations. …

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What to Expect for 2023 and Beyond

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides $973 billion for infrastructure from 2022 to 2026, including $550 billion in new investments. Because new construction projects take years of planning prior to being let for bid, any money spent in 2022 was already moving through existing funding programs.

FMI Corp’s …

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10 Things You Need to Know About Compressor Pressure

Applications, regulations, treatments - there’s plenty to consider when understanding your pressure requirements.

1. Finding the ‘sweet spot’
Compressors must provide the right amount of pressure - or force - needed to complete the required process. Not too little, or too much. Too little pressure means pneumatic tools won’t work, …
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Adopting “Green” Construction Equipment

Electric energy, often referred to as “green” energy, is becoming more common in the construction industry, specifically in compact equipment like mini excavators. In recent years, a number of equipment manufacturers have displayed prototype or pilot machines powered by batteries.

Recognizing the global trend toward becoming carbon neutral and considering …

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Data Center Sustainability: The Role of General Contractors

While sustainability in data center operations has long been an industry focus, sustainable data center construction is anticipated to play a larger role in achieving the near-term 2030 goals set by the Paris Agreement.

General contractors are the crux of the construction industry. They directly affect the energy, water, and …

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Don’t Compromise on Vibrating Screen Health

Vibrating screens work at the heart of an operation; every ton of material must be screened at least once before it is loaded into a truck for sale. And just like the human heart, they need to be kept strong and healthy to do their job well.

Maintenance crews have …

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The Future is Now: Examining Construction’s Power Alternatives

At the center of any construction alternative power discussion is diesel.

Diesel remains the go-to power on jobsites – according to the Diesel Technology Forum, 98 percent of construction’s energy use in the United States comes from diesel.
But with global initiatives underway to reduce carbon emissions to net zero …

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Three for 2023: Top Trends to Track in the Coming Year

Our industry is in a unique position - one of tremendous opportunity in part due to investment from the federal government, and one of challenges that include inflation, supply chain delays, a prolonged labor shortage, and increasing environmental accountability. These market dynamics have many contractors adjusting conventional practices, rethinking workflows …

Helpline that Provides Mental Health First Aid for Unionized Sheet Metal Workers Marks Fifth Year

FALLS CHURCH, VA — In 2017, as awareness of mental health and substance use disorder struggles increased, the unionized sheet metal industry launched its Helpline, operated around the clock by a licensed counselor and available to dependent families and members of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and …

Trimble and Hilti Announce Product Integration to Help Contractors Streamline Tool Tracking and Job Cost Allocation

LAS VEGAS, NV — Trimble and the Hilti Group, a company that provides tools, technology, software, and services to the commercial construction industry, announce that the Hilti ON!Track asset management system will integrate with Trimble Viewpoint Vista, an ERP solution within the Trimble Construction One suite.

The announcement was …

Will We Reach the Point Where Jobsites are Autonomous?

MILWAUKEE, WI — It is hard to ignore the increasing attention autonomous construction equipment is receiving. Heavy equipment autonomy announcements in just the past year include:

  • SafeAI and Obayashi Corporation demonstrating a retrofitted autonomous Caterpillar 725 articulated truck
  • Shantui developing an unmanned dozer
  • SRI International’s video on its prototype …
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Building a Net Zero Future: NAPA’s The Road Forward Initiative Encourages the Asphalt Industry to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

More and more National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) members are committing to building a net zero future by joining NAPA’s industry-wide initiative, The Road Forward: A Vision for Net Zero Carbon Emissions for the Asphalt Pavement Industry. The initiative calls on the U.S. asphalt industry to advance technologies, products, and …

Compact Construction Equipment Takes the Electric Lead

MILWAUKEE, WI — When it comes to alternative-powered construction equipment, there is little doubt that electric-powered compact machines have gained the most traction.

“The 48-volt battery packs and the duty cycles of compact machines are well matched,” said Ray Gallant, Vice President of Product Management and Productivity for Volvo …

Get Smarter About Electric Construction Equipment

MILWAUKEE, WI — Sustainability in the construction industry is being advanced by the public and private sectors. Governments are adopting more clean-air regulations at local and regional levels and companies are adopting sustainability policies and asking partners to help them meet their targets.

Consequently, many manufacturers have already developed — …

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National Hispanic Contractors Association Appoints Terreros as New President, Hispanic General Contractor Growth a Top Priority

Working his way up from his beginnings as a tradesworker, Sergio Terreros now encourages opportunities for growth in the Hispanic construction community through his recent appointment to President and CEO of the National Hispanic Contractors Association (NAHICA).

Terreros has years of experience in advertising, marketing, and leading teams of Hispanic …

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Safety Strategies When Working Near Bodies of Water

Even when construction projects take place on dry land, the presence of adjacent bodies of water can create deadly hazards – both in terms of the potential for drowning and the possibility of electrocution. Water is all around us, and it’s important for workers to treat it with respect. Whether …

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Templeton Named President & CEO of USGBC and GBCI, Will Direct Efforts to Increase the Reach and Impact of Green Building

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) announce the appointment of Peter Templeton as President and CEO. Having served at USGBC and GBCI for over 20 years, Templeton has played a leading role in the development, launch, and ongoing operation of the LEED program and …

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US Rural Roads & Bridges Have Significant Deficiencies, High Fatality Rates, and Lack Adequate Capacity

WASHINGTON, D.C. — America’s rural transportation system is in need of repairs and modernization to support economic growth and improve traffic safety, but the U.S. faces a $180-billion backlog in funding for needed repairs and improvements to the rural transportation system. This is according to a new report released by …

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Construction Salaries are on the Rise According to NCCER 2022 Construction Craft Salary Survey

Skilled craft professionals continue to earn high wages, according to NCCER’s 2022 Construction Craft Salary Survey. More than 135 commercial, industrial and residential construction companies across the U.S., representing over 337,000 employees, participated in the survey. The individual craft areas reported provide average annual salaries, not including overtime, per …

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Five Tips for Mini Excavator Maintenance

Maintenance might not be your favorite thing to do, but this minor inconvenience can help you avoid major headaches in the future. Good maintenance practices not only keep the machine running at peak performance, but they also minimize downtime from repairs that come from ignoring key maintenance requirements. Here are …

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How the US Will Deploy Intelligent Transit Networks That Enable Connected Vehicles

While America’s transportation infrastructure continues to be one of the country’s greatest historical accomplishments, as well as the lifeblood of the American economy, the system itself continues to have serious challenges during the last two decades.

This is mainly due to the rise in traffic congestion which has ensnarled hundreds …

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Is Poor PR Driving Construction's Labor Shortage?

The global upheaval of the last few years has undoubtedly rocked the construction industry – and stories of labor shortages driven by COVID-19 abound. Add to that an aging workforce further stressed by current conditions, combined with a lack of skilled replacements, and the current struggle makes sense.

But beneath …

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Labor Shortage is a Universal Issue in the Construction Industry

The ever-growing labor shortage is a universal issue, affecting nearly every business sector that relies on the availability of a workforce. It’s an issue that was happening before the COVID-19 pandemic and has persisted.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there are 11.3 million job openings in the U.S., …

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Managing Screen Media Selection, Installation and Maintenance

It doesn’t matter how much aggregate is produced in a day if it is contaminated or not sized correctly. Though screen media is a minor cost when compared to larger equipment in a quarry or mine, it is a crucial part of any operation’s profit machine. One unexpected break and …

Poor Project Data and Miscommunication Responsible for 52 Percent of All Rework

Most people in the construction industry will say that on any given work site, there is always an amount of waste that could have been avoided. Whether it be poorly handled materials, re-work, weather damage, or working from out of date documents, there are plenty of ways that humans can …

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Telematics Expert Gives Industry Outlook

Most construction jobs run on tight timelines and margins, and to keep everything running on schedule and within budget, fleet managers use telematics to give visibility into their equipment’s location and operating condition any time of the day or night.

Telematics has been around for quite a while, however, it …

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Pulse Flow Reverse Osmosis Offers Higher Water Recovery and Lower Brine Reject

As droughts and growing population affect water security around the globe, desalination becomes an increasingly important option. In communities searching for sustainable, long-term solutions, new technology can increase the efficiency of water treatment efforts.

Initially developed in the late 1950s, reverse osmosis (RO) desalination evolved into the leading desalination process. …

Construction Retrofit Opportunity

Construction professionals have a golden retrofitting opportunity as commercial facilities expand their precautions against viruses: an effective new type of “germicidal” LED fixture that can be quickly and easily installed in existing structures. This specialized, enclosed LED fixture draws in air and irradiates it with ultraviolet light (UV), significantly improving …

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For Workforce Wearables on Construction Sites, Comfort and Mobility Must Go Hand In Hand With Assistance

A few years ago, I worked with a warehouse stocker named John who had injured his back and was looking to get back to full duty. His job was important to him because he had a family to support, which included taking care of an adult son with special needs. …

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Operator Training Pays Dividends

For over a decade, the team at Rays Electrical Services in Elgin, Illinois has worked diligently to earn the reputation of being a quality residential and commercial electrician for the greater Chicago area. Since Ray Sakolari opened the company in 2008, he’s made a commitment to employees, customers, and family …

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Next Gen Demolition

A nation’s buildings stand as a visual representation of its history. In New England, that history is written in stone and red-brick facades overlooking century-old neighborhoods. Recent trends are bringing people and businesses back to these urban centers, forcing developers and city managers to find ways to reimagine spaces to …

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Preventing Heavy Equipment Theft

Heavy equipment theft of everything from forklifts, skid steers, and trucks to bulldozers, backhoes, excavators, and wheel loaders can be a serious issue for business owners, whether at the rental yard or jobsite. Stealing batteries, catalytic converters, and entire vehicles can be a relatively low-risk, high-reward opportunity for thieves unless …

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Terex Trucks Becomes Rokbak

Articulated hauler specialist Terex Trucks rebrands as Rokbak and announces its vision for an exciting new future. The Scottish manufacturer unveiled the new brand at a digital launch event on September 1, attended by dealers, customers, media, and Volvo Group colleagues from around the world.

Rokbak is the new name …

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The Impact of BIM on Construction Projects

BIM (building information modeling) is an intelligent 3-D model-based process that gives architecture and construction professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage projects.

Forgoing the traditionally siloed architecture, engineering and construction disciplines using BIM can develop more integrated workflows to improve collaboration through the …

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BIM Industry Standards Create Predictability and Cost Efficiency

The adoption of technology in the construction industry in 2020 hit a record high, outpacing even the most aggressive forecasts and there are no signs of this momentum slowing. In fact, the annual Global BIM Industry Report has projected the global building information modeling (BIM) market will grow from $4.5 …

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CTS Maintenance Tips to Extend Equipment Life

Landscapers and dedicated green industry professionals know that the key to success lies in their machines. Whether operating a ride-on trencher or walk-behind machine, it’s the performance parts – the chain, teeth and sprockets (CTS) – that often determine the productivity of an operation. In other words, when faced with …

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Heavy Equipment Dealers Increase Profitability with GPS Tracking

Heavy equipment dealers’ profitability depends on efficiently renting out their assets and keeping it in good working order for the long term, whether that involves tractor trailers, semi-trailers, or moving trailers; buses or RVs; backhoes, bulldozers, cranes, excavators, scrapers, graders, dump trucks, or all-terrain forklifts.

To maximize profitability, dealers need …

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How Innovative Technology Can Support the Response to the Infrastructure Damage Caused by Wildfires

As California concludes another hot, dry summer, the state faced another historic wildfire season. Not only are residents subject to unhealthy levels of smoke and significant property destruction as a result of the wildfires, but they must also face damage to public infrastructure caused by the fires or other related …

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Optimizing Self-Cleaning Screen Media to Reduce Blinding and Plugging

In the aggregate industry, efficient screening is critical to achieve not only high production but also accurately sized product for particular applications and projects. However, two of the most common production bottlenecks – screen blinding and plugging – must be minimized to run an effective, profitable operation.

Blinding occurs when …

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Six Tips for Selecting the Right Traveling Axle Trailer

Finding a level surface with plenty of room to load a trailer on today’s congested jobsite is challenging. Towing and recovery operators have it even worse – struggling to move dead equipment, often singlehandedly, while also contending with traffic, poor visibility and soft shoulders. Operators in the towing and recovery, …

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Weekly News and Year-Round Value

When David Gordon joined the Independent Equipment Dealers Association (IEDA) as Executive Director in December 2020, he focused on one main goal.

“As we continue to grow our membership, we have to continue providing year-round value,” he said. “Our mission is to help our members be more profitable and successful …

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Why Smart Roads are Just as Important as Autonomous Vehicles

There’s no doubt that self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles (AVs), are much safer than the average person-manned vehicle. In fact, more than 90 percent of serious crashes are due to human error, which means autonomous vehicles have the potential to significantly reduce the number of collisions and save lives.

However, …

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Electrical Safety Awareness for Non-Electrical Contractors

Electrical safety awareness isn’t just for electricians. Believe it or not, non-electrical workers actually run the largest exposure to electrical hazards. Without the electrical training that licensed electrical professionals receive, one careless mistake can turn into a big accident – or worse.

By paying attention to the small details, you …

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Instant Concrete Moisture Measurement Ensures Construction Quality and Speed

In the construction industry, the quality of cast-in-place concrete foundations, superstructure, slabs, stairs, and architectural features, along with the speed of project completion, can largely depend on getting moisture measurement right – and the same is true with the masonry mortar used to build brick, block, or stone walls.

Water …

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Integrated Precision

Hitachi continues to provide customers with efficient, reliable and durable equipment featuring advanced technology – the newest being factory-integrated Solution Linkage 2D and 3D Grade Control.

“We gave a sneak peek of Hitachi’s grade control technology at CONEXPO-CON/AGG last year,” said Justin Steger, Solutions Marketing Manager, Site Development and …

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Proper Care Pays Off Over Time

It’s become a fact of life: When you need to work for extended periods of time in high, hard-to-reach places, you turn to mobile elevated work platforms, or MEWPs (also known as aerial work platforms). Over the years, two of the most popular MEWPs – scissor lifts and boom lifts …

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The Risks of Not Knowing Who’s On Your Job Site

The pandemic has driven general contractors (GCs) to diligently record who is at their job sites and headquarters. This primarily includes workers, subcontractors, developers, realtors, and property managers. With so many different people coming onto a job site and staying anywhere from 30 minutes to several weeks or months, it …

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The Simple Keys to Vacuum Excavation Success

Vacuum excavators are one of the fastest growing machine segments in the underground construction industry. Originally popularized by their role in daylighting existing utilities on directional drilling jobs, these machines are now being used for irrigation installation, landscaping, and even nursery tasks.

One reason for this growth is that vacuum …

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Tier 3 Nozzles Optimize Sewer Crew Efficiency and Profitability

For contractors responsible for sewer, storm and sanitary line cleaning, hose nozzles are an essential tool that directs pressurized water to clear out obstructions such as silt, sludge, grease, mineral buildup, and tree roots as part of required maintenance or to prepare pipes for re-lining. In this way, the nozzle …

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Hooklift vs Cable Hoist, What’s the Best Choice for Me?

When it comes to loading containers or truck bodies onto a truck chassis, regions around the world have traditionally opted for different equipment. The North American waste and recycling market usually favors the cable hoist, while the hooklift has been more prominent internationally.

One trend that all customers are impacted …

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Making the Right Choice with Terex Trucks

Terex Trucks comes from a strong hauling heritage: with over 70 years of experience in building robust, reliable and tough articulated haulers, the Motherwell, Scotland-based manufacturer knows how to design machines that are trusted by customers to deliver a powerful performance in all conditions. Its two models, the 30.9-ton payload …

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NETA Shares Outlook for the Work Truck Industry

The work truck industry includes some of the largest motor vehicle businesses in the world supplying truck chassis (incomplete vehicles) that will be completed by upfitters, using specialized bodies and equipment. These companies are all part of the complex process of producing work trucks, which starts with vocational fleets ordering …

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Succeeding with Standardization

For fleet owners looking to standardize their operation, selecting a trailer manufacturer might feel more like picking a favorite sports team than a strategic move to maximize hauling equipment investments. To some extent, it is. Teams with dedicated fans play smart and deliver results year after year. Similarly, original equipment …

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Thunder Creek Fueling Efficiency in the Big Woods for H2Dig LLC

Tucked away amongst wide swaths of agricultural fields and small, rural communities the Big Woods private waterfowl preserve is being developed by H2Dig LLC. The company specializes in premium outdoor recreational development and oftentimes is working in remote areas without great access to service stations, fuel, or equipment maintenance …

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Why Tank Chances?

Water is an essential component of any construction or roadbuilding project. From dust control to site prep and compaction, thousands of gallons of water are required every day. How it is hauled and applied can significantly impact overall productivity and safety. Though water tanks appear basic, certain factors can have …

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Cutting Inefficiency, Not Corners

Demolition, like every industry, is constantly evolving. To keep ahead of the curve, contractors seek out the machines and methods that increase productivity while decreasing the physical toll on workers.

Concrete sawing is viable option for fast, effective removal. However, savvy contractors are finding that adding remote-control demolition robots to …

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Eight Factors to Consider When Selecting an Exosuit for Your Workers

A construction site can be a bad back waiting to happen.

Whether it’s a brick mason, concrete finisher, roofer, or any other necessary occupation for a job site, workers are at risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) because of the nature of the job – the awkward postures, repetitive lifting, …

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Heavy Equipment Underground Waste Disposal Systems

Heavy equipment dealers, rental companies, and service centers with underground waste disposal systems – floor drains or sinks in service bays that connect to a septic system or dry well (i.e.- catch basins) – are regulated by the EPA.

During normal vehicle repair and maintenance, fluids such as engine oil, …

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Improving Efficiency in Roadbuilding

Let’s face it, road widening, aggregate placement, backfilling, and other road construction tasks have always been messy, backbreaking operations. Busy road construction seasons, limited budgets, and a number of other elements have constrained equipment innovation for decades. This has left road crews in the dust, relying heavily on traditional methods …

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Utility Inspection Systems and Their Benefits

It is obvious that knowing the condition of underground sewer and water infrastructure is necessary to properly maintain essential services, and today’s CCTV (closed circuit television) inspection systems visually identify structural and maintenance issues like cracks, broken or collapsed pipe, infiltration, grease, and roots, as well as other issues.

Mainline …

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Vacuum Excavators Help Maryville Municipality Expand and Maintain Its Underground Infrastructure

Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, the City of Maryville, a suburb of Knoxville, Tennessee, is going through a growth spurt. With a population of nearly 30,000 people and climbing, the town has experienced a big spike in utility development within the last two to three years. …

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Enhancing Safety in the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry

Renting heavy machinery has become increasingly popular in the construction and mining industries with many companies now opting to rent instead of purchase equipment. In fact, market analysts predict that the heavy equipment rental industry is set to grow by 11 percent over the next three years as construction companies …

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Enhancing Safety in the Heavy Equipment Rental Industry

Renting heavy machinery has become increasingly popular in the construction and mining industries with many companies now opting to rent instead of purchase equipment. In fact, market analysts predict that the heavy equipment rental industry is set to grow by 11 percent over the next three years as construction companies …

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Five Tips for Maintaining Low-Level Access Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Even though preventive maintenance can be the single most crucial factor in keeping an equipment fleet operating in peak condition, while lowering a machine’s total cost of ownership, it is easy to have an “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. Especially in lean years, maximizing each piece of …

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Getting the Most From Compact Track Loaders

Compact track loaders are an increasingly vital part of contractors’ businesses. The sheer versatility of these machines allows them to thrive in a variety of working conditions, and – thanks in part to growing attachment diversity – CTLs can be used for more applications than ever. A strategic purchase of …

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Getting the Most From Compact Track Loaders

Compact track loaders are an increasingly vital part of contractors’ businesses. The sheer versatility of these machines allows them to thrive in a variety of working conditions, and – thanks in part to growing attachment diversity – CTLs can be used for more applications than ever. A strategic purchase of …

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How to Maximize Bridge Repair Productivity with Hydrodemolition Attachments

For decades, road and bridge repair contractors have relied on the power and precision of hydrodemolition robots to increase efficiency for concrete removal and surface preparation applications. Traditional methods of bridge deck repair took hours of manual labor using handheld water jetting equipment or handheld pneumatic tools. By switching to …

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Performance-Based Smoke Detection Reduces Cost and Enhances Safety

Today, the owners of a growing number of non-standard building designs like museums, arenas, stadiums and structures with atria or large open spaces are turning to performance-based design for substantial cost savings and enhanced safety while maintaining architectural concerns.

As an International Code Council (ICC) accepted alternative, performance-based design allows …

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Towers of Tomorrow

Despite COVID-19’s tumultuous toll on urban living, there will come a day when normalcy returns to large metropolitan areas. Human beings are resilient; they will continue to work, learn, live, and play following economic downturns and unprecedented times that temporarily rid cities of normal activity. Downtowns have a future, and …

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Using Technology to Solidify a Unified Team Culture in 2021

Whether it’s on the front lines of a battlefield, a supply chain or a construction site, culture is a fundamental aspect of human existence. Culture keeps us bonded to groups of people – whether it’s within the context of our families, our communities or even our workplaces – and allows …

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A Good, Hard Look at Prestressed Concrete

When it comes to bridge design and construction, concrete is the material of choice. It’s easy to make, affordable, and can withstand a tremendous amount of compressive stress. However, concrete is not naturally flexible. It’s weak in tension, which can cause deflection on bridges and lead to cracks, which opens …

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Elon University Puts Vacuum Excavator to Work in a Wide Range of Applications

Traditionally, vacuum excavators have been used by contractors for daylighting buried utilities, minimizing disruption to the impacted area, and leaving behind a negligible mess. Today, the benefits of soft digging – the process of using a combination of suction and high-pressure water and air to remove dirt and other materials …

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Finding a Snow-Worthy Track Loader

What’s better for clearing snow, a skid steer or a compact track loader? The common perception is that a wheeled machine would fare better, and it’s often true with many track loaders. It’s why many compact track loaders are parked for the winter while their wheeled counterparts keep working. However, …

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Four Strategies for Construction Companies to Rebound from COVID-19

It has been almost a year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, and unfortunately, we don’t have an answer as to when life will go back to normal, or even what the “new normal” will look like. Disruptions in the hard-hit construction industry – such as supply chain shortages and …

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Sustainable Construction Waste Management and LEED

There was an estimated 600 million tons of construction and demolition (C&D) waste generated in the United States in 2018 alone, which is more than double the amount of Municipal Solid Waste (i.e. normal garbage). Concrete accounted for the largest portion of this C&D waste (67.5 percent), followed by asphalt …

2021 Manufacturer Forecast

After a difficult 2020, many of us are looking for things to turn around with the new year. Significant progress on a vaccine and the possibility of new funding for infrastructure projects has many in the construction industry optimistic that 2021 will put the U.S. economy back on track. We’ve …

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ABC 2020 Review and 2021 Construction Economic Forecast

Despite chronic difficulties sustained by contractors and others with securing human capital in January 2020, the nation added 214,000 net new jobs. It followed that up with an even more blistering 251,000 jobs in February.

For 113 consecutive months, the nation had added jobs – an unprecedented winning streak in …

ARTBA 2021 US Transportation Construction Market Forecast

Transportation construction activity is forecast to decline 5.5 percent in 2021, as transportation authorities, state, city, county, and local governments face unprecedented revenue shortfalls, budget pressures and lower demand for travel and freight services, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) model shows. The 2021 market will reflect the …

Equipment Leasing & Finance 2021 US Economic Outlook

Equipment and software investment growth fared better than overall GDP growth in 2020 as businesses invested to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, and growth should remain well into positive territory in the beginning of 2021. Annual equipment and software investment growth of 7.8 percent is forecast for 2021. Annual U.S. …

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How AGC of America is Making Sure Politicians Learn the Right Lessons from the Election

The 2020 elections appear to have delivered simultaneous rebukes to both President Trump and the liberal agenda. While he performed better than most polls predicted, as of writing, the President’s ongoing efforts to contest the election appear to have little chance of success. Yet enough down ballot elections broke Republicans’ …

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McCarthy Building Companies Partners with Adaptive Construction Solutions in Support of Veterans

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. announces a new partnership with Adaptive Construction Solutions, Inc. (ACS) to recruit and train veterans for careers in the construction trades, addressing a national workforce shortage. Together, the two organizations will identify and enroll veterans with military occupational specialties in an apprenticeship program that can lead …

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Wells Fargo 2021 Economic Outlook

The longest U.S. economic expansion since the end of the Second World War came to an abrupt end earlier this year as the COVID-19 pandemic essentially shut down the economy. Following an unprecedented plunge in Q2-2020 – real GDP nosedived at an annualized rate of 31.4 percent – economic activity …

Construction Industry Companies Putting Employee Well Being at the Forefront

No one can argue that 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic have created major stressors in our personal and professional lives and have caused many of us to experience greater levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and fear. Even before COVID-19, one in five Americans suffered from a mental health condition and …

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Demolition Doctors

Like many cities with a long history, the skyline of San Diego, California, has changed significantly over the centuries. Even in the modern era, demolition and construction continue to transform California’s second-largest city. However, with growing populations and congested urban environments, demolition contractors are forced to find safer ways to …

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High Efficiency ‘Shaped’ Wire Screens are the Way to the Future

For aggregate producers, efficient and accurate sizing of material during processing is essential to profitability. One renowned screening expert has termed plant screening stations as the "cash box" of the operation. Square opening, woven wire screen is still the media of choice in most aggregate operations. However, carryover of prime …

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Unlocking the Full Potential of Construction Fleet Physical Security Integration

For construction firms with significant fleet vehicle and equipment assets needing to be protected from theft or vandalism, fully integrating the latest capabilities of physical security and access control systems can drive down costs significantly.

This “virtual” approach combines video surveillance, access control, and information technology (IT) integration to replace …

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Advanced Water Treatment to Increase Efficiency and Meet Environmental Standards

More and more, concrete repair contractors are turning to robotic hydrodemolition, and the reasons why are simple. The method provides faster, safer, and more efficient removal than traditional means. Recent technological advances have also made hydrodemolition machines more versatile, compact, and durable than ever before. But, one important question still …

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Avoiding Costly and Potentially Deadly Shortcuts in Netting System Selection

Construction managers, general contractors, and building owners are certainly familiar with safety netting systems and the reasons to install them, which include protecting workers and debris from falling from structures, as well as façade and ceiling containment. They also believe these passive systems create and maintain a safe work environment. …

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Bomanite Cares

Humanitarian, hero, and three-time heavyweight champion of the world, Mohammed Ali once said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Revered for his accomplishments in the ring and beloved the world over for his sharp wit and big heart outside of it, Ali’s …

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HDD Training Teaches More Than Just Basic Skills

When it comes to horizontal directional drilling (HDD), simple training is not enough – it needs to be the right training. Because HDD is an art and a science, the right training, education, and experience is a critical combination in knowing the right balance between the two.

As HDD expands …

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Making the Whole Person Matter

The construction worker offers much for which to be celebrated. They transform blank canvasses of earth to create spaces for work, education, or play and build structures to cross bodies of water that connect communities. Bottom line, the construction worker helps to build a country’s future.

Driving this ability is …

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Mortenson Pushes the Boundaries With Large-Scale Modular Projects

The construction industry has proven to be one of the most difficult industries to revolutionize. Many aspects of constructing a building have not changed for centuries. It is becoming increasingly difficult to build in downtown urban settings where sites are tight, streets are crowded, and skilled labor is difficult to …

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Tire Tales

Tires are witness to everything that goes on in a truck and are filled with information that can tell you a great deal about your fleet.
There are many reasons tires are removed from service outside of normal wear – ranging from driver- related behavior, to running the wrong type …

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Don’t Get Caught in the Cold

When we think winter maintenance, we start thinking about cooling systems and antifreeze, fuel systems and fuel storage, engine oil, Hydraulic oil and systems, batteries and all the fluids, components and systems that suffer the ravages of cold and freezing temperatures. If its equipment, it needs winter maintenance. If operates …

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Living on the Cutting Edge

Mining and quarrying are deep-rooted businesses. The oldest known mine is located in Southern Africa and was active, quite appropriately, during the Stone Age – an astounding 43,000 years ago. Possibly even more incredible are the ancient mines that are still producing.

Fast forward to today, where we find an …

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Pulling Augers No Longer Needed

One of the most time-consuming tasks while auger boring is pulling augers to check line and grade and adjust steering constantly,” said Walter Keyes, a 25-years auger boring veteran and Team Leader/Superintendent with S.J. Louis Companies. “Typically, on large-diameter sewer jobs, crews will pull augers every 20 feet, …

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Ready to Roll

Near the Kansas City International Airport lies a well-traveled stretch of road that connects NE Cookingham Drive to I-435. A 20-mile jaunt separates the airport from downtown Kansas City, and while some drivers might make their way via the direct I-29 route, others choose the I-435 route that might take …

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Technology Enables Construction Continuity

As we look ahead and try to make predictions about the future of construction, some aspects are murky. No one would have predicted the situation we found ourselves in during 2020, with a global pandemic bringing the economy to its knees, delaying construction projects nationwide, and changing the way we …

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Virtual Reality Leaps Forward, Providing New Value to Stakeholders

The AEC industry has been experimenting with the use of virtual reality (VR) for well over 20 years, and the medium has successfully provided value and Return on Investment (ROI). However, for many projects, the form factor, technical requirements and user friction for delivering walkthroughs has prevented the medium from …

CII and AGC Bring Together a Panel of Industry Leaders for COVID-19 Webinar

The Construction Industry Institute (CII) and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) recently held a webinar called “Roundtable on Perspectives and Best Practices in Owner-Contractor Collaboration During COVID-19” to provide updates on a variety of industry topics concerning the virus. The panel for the webinar featured two CII owners, …

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Hilti Exoskeleton Improves Performance and Safety

In construction there’s always a couple of major concerns on the jobsite – performance and safety. Strangely, as performance slips so does the on-the-job safety factor.

Any job function that requires a construction worker to keep their arms raised up and over their head is where this risk is a …

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Leadership Through Extreme Circumstances

When Robert “Bob” Lanham, Jr., P.E., started his tenure as 2020 President of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), he set three main goals: expand member engagement, increase federal investment in construction, and reduce and reform federal regulations on construction and development.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. …

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Point and Measure

Traditionally, moisture tests require laborious effort and are slow to return results from the laboratory.  The risk of damage increases during transit of the materials potentially altering or destroying the entire sample, making this option much less practical for construction sites.  Industry innovators have developed a simplified approach with testing …

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Restoring the Interstate Highway System

At 64 years old, an age at which many Americans are approaching Medicare eligibility and reduced workloads, the Interstate Highway System is deteriorating, its traffic load of cars and trucks continues to increase, and the system lacks an adequate long-term care plan.

The Interstate Highway System remains the workhorse of …

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Ten Equipment Trailer Maintenance Tips

Heavy-haul trailers trek thousands of miles during their service lives and encounter many challenges – from rocks and ruts to bumps and jolts, no trailer gets out unscathed. To get the most from trailers, here are some tips to prevent costly damage and keep your trailers in top shape.

Start …
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Accelerator for America Introduces New Partnership on Infrastructure Playbook

Accelerator for America recently hosted a webinar with some of the country’s most determined mayors to discuss the organization’s New Partnership on Infrastructure (NPI) initiative.

Founded by CEO Rick Jacobs, Accelerator for America is an organization led by an advisory council of mayors and other local leaders from across …

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Construction Business as Project Business: Project Business Automation

All project businesses essentially operate the same way. Whether you are in the construction, engineering or architecture industry, the overarching commonality is that your company delivers goods and services to your customers through projects, making your company a project business.

Only by recognizing your company as a project business are …

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Fluid Bridge Repair

Infrastructure repair is a hot topic today, and rightfully so. From potholes to deteriorating bridges, keeping up with repairs – and finding the money to do so – is a constant struggle. In an effort to complete jobs faster and win more bids, contractors are always looking for ways to …

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Modular Design Trends, Challenges, and Increased Construction Liability Risks

Once again, the U.S. economy has hit a crossroads. Even before the current COVID-19 outbreak, the predictions for the coming year were mixed at best.

On the one side, the Association of Equipment Managers (AEM) said that “Steady and solid growth is likely to continue for the construction sector. As …

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Preventative Maintenance Creates Longevity for Drills

It’s a common situation: Your equipment isn’t working as effectively as it was the day it came off the manufacturing line. With most tools and machines, regular maintenance and replacement of worn-out parts can be the key to restoring it back to maximum power. Earth drills are no exception. Knowing …

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The Complex Made Simple

The history of the construction excavator goes back quite some time. The very first excavator is said to have been built in 1882 by Sir W. G. Armstrong & Company in England, where it was used in the construction of Port of Hull docks. Unlike today's excavators that use hydraulic …

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The Importance of Safely Purchasing, Handling and Storing API Certified DEF

As restrictions are being lifted across most states in the country and with warm weather upon us, it is important for truck drivers to consider proper management of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) used in most diesel-powered trucks.

DEF is made from a mixture of technically pure urea and purified water …

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We Only Get to the Stars by Starting from the Ground

Given the excitement with SpaceX and NASA’s recent historic manned launch, many people are looking to the stars. To many, space means rockets and satellites. However, every major component of these missions are built, designed, tested, launched, and controlled in one or more ground-based facilities. And every one of those …

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Cloud-Based Employee Time Tracking

There is no doubt that technology has increased project management efficiency and safety in the construction industry. Case in point: construction worker illnesses and injuries went from 10.9 incidents (in 1972) to 2.8 incidents (in 2017) per 100 people, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But, there are …

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Going the Distance

The hardest part of a project for most contractors is the bid. Balancing customer specs with overhead costs to produce a number both sides are comfortable with takes skill and a deep understanding of an operation’s capabilities. Partnering with industry-leading OEMs to provide efficiency-optimizing equipment can give contractors an edge …

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How Technology is Advancing One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Construction was recently listed in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America by CNBC. So when it comes to day-to-day operations, what can construction managers do to ensure workers receive the information they need to produce quality work and stay safe on the job? One company, MindForge, is …

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RP Develops Square Sided Water Tank

Creative thinking and the willingness to take a new approach is often what sets innovators apart from their peers. These qualities are also the fuel that propels industry forward. Construction is one of the oldest industries, but thanks to continuous advancements in technology, techniques and materials, today’s structures have come …

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Steering Through Sandy Soils

The economy in Garden City, Kansas, is strong with the recent opening of a Dairy Farmers of America plant. Approximately 4 million pounds of milk from regional farmers make its way to the dairy plant each day, which has led to expansion for many other companies throughout the area. To …

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Why Productivity in Construction is Flatlining

Let’s face facts, the construction industry does not do well when it comes to completing projects on time and within budget. Approximately 98 percent of megaprojects suffer cost overruns of more than 30 percent and 77 percent are at least 40 percent late, according to a McKinsey & Company report. …

Construction Employment Rises by 16,000 in March and 246,000 for the Year

ARLINGTON, VA — Construction employment increased by 16,000 jobs in March and by 246,000 jobs, or 3.4 percent, over the past year, according to an analysis of new government data by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). Association officials called on federal officials to double funding for career and …

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National Ready Mixed Concrete Association Announces Philipps as New President

SILVER SPRING, MD — The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) announces that its Board of Directors has selected Michael Philipps to serve as President. Philipps comes to NRMCA with more than 30 years of experience in the concrete products and construction industry, most recently as Vice President of Business …