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Integrated Precision

by: Sarah Larson and Kristin Stires
Hitachi continues to provide customers with efficient, reliable and durable equipment featuring advanced technology – the newest being factory-integrated Solution Linkage 2D and 3D Grade Control.

“We gave a sneak peek of Hitachi’s grade control technology at CONEXPO-CON/AGG last year,” said Justin Steger, Solutions Marketing Manager, Site Development and Underground, Hitachi Construction and Mining Division. “It’s thrilling to share this solution with our customers for increased efficiency.”

With Solution Linkage Grade Control, operators can set a grade and hold it without the risk of overdigging. Available now on the ZX210-6, ZX210LC-6, and ZX350LC-6, this technology helps operators spend less time getting the grade right the first time.

The technology allows the machine to control the boom and bucket as the operator handles the arm. This functionality is especially useful as it reduces the need for multiple passes to achieve the correct grade. Likewise, less experienced operators are able to achieve the correct grade more efficiently while a crew member who previously had to check for the grade can now be reassigned on the worksite.

Solution Linkage 3D Grade Control with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) controls position and elevation with respect to a global reference while Solution Linkage 2D Grade Control manages the elevation of the cutting edge in relation to a benchmark. The 2D Grade Control technology can also be upgraded to 3D Grade Control through Hitachi dealers.

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“Our Solution Linkage 2D and 3D Grade Control unite advanced grade technology with the smooth hydraulics and fast cycle times of Hitachi excavators,” Steger said. “It saves time and helps make good operators great.”

With an over-dig protection feature, Solution Linkage Grade Control also lowers the likelihood of over-excavation by preventing the machine from digging past a defined surface or depth. With the prevention of over digging, operators can finish jobs more quickly, reduce material cost and save fuel costs, too.

Virtual Fence features allow operators to establish boundaries and notify the operator as the machine approaches those boundaries. The boundaries include: Virtual Front, Virtual Ceiling, Virtual Floor, Virtual Swing, and Virtual Wall. The Virtual Front feature hydraulically limits and automatically stops the bucket cutting edge from contacting the front of the machine at a selectable distance. Virtual Ceiling, Virtual Floor, Virtual Swing, and Virtual Wall features provide visual and audible alerts to the operator as the machine approaches an adjustable set point, allowing operators to focus on productivity.

With the addition of grade control, Hitachi now offers customers four options for grade management technology: Solution Linkage 2D Grade Guidance, Solution Linkage 3D Grade Guidance, Solution Linkage 2D Grade Control and Solution Linkage 3D Grade Control.

Hitachi’s grade management technology options are factory-installed and calibrated. The systems are also fully supported by Hitachi dealers. Plus, system data from all options works with ZXLink for analysis, so the machine’s health can be monitored to keep projects on track.

“We know grade management technology is the future of the excavator industry,” Steger said. “We’re glad to provide a variety of options for our customers.”
Learn more at HitachiConstruction.com/grade-management.

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