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Sage Oil Vac LubeBuilder: What You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Being equipped with the precise tools to conduct the unique equipment maintenance your customers demand is crucial for minimizing work stoppages and maximizing productivity. The proper system also provides your team with more than just what they need to perform equipment maintenance on the jobsite; it also helps keep them engaged and performing optimally.

And with the Sage Oil Vac LubeBuilder system, that’s exactly what you get.

What is the Lubebuilder System?
The Sage Oil Vac LubeBuilder system is a customizable, scalable, and versatile collection of components that can be assembled into exactly the system you need. In all, there are more than 300 different configuration possibilities, with tank options ranging from 10 to 600 gallons, all oriented to fit your specific truck bed or other maintenance vehicle.

“This system isn’t just great for organization. A few common situations we see are when a pre-built lube skid’s footprint doesn’t fit, a customer can’t afford to get another dedicated truck or a lube trailer doesn’t work with the jobsite parameters they frequently visit,” said Sage Oil Vac CEO Aaron Sage. “Whatever the reason, a LubeBuilder system provides equipment maintenance operators with the lube exchange essentials to fit their exact set-up at a fraction of the cost.”

No one knows your jobsite needs better than you, and with a LubeBuilder system, you get the tools to tackle just that, plus all the benefits of the patented Sage Oil Vac no-pump vacuum technology and other innovations unique to the platform. Each LubeBuilder is a specific, unique solution to problems operators now no longer have to face when it comes to equipment maintenance.

The Process
We’re often asked, ‘LubeBuilder systems are completely customized for each operation; that must mean it takes longer to get my system delivered and up and running, right?’ The process is actually quite efficient. Each system isn’t pre-assembled, meaning there’s typically just a two- to four-week turnaround time for design, manufacturing, and delivery.

Michael Llewellyn, Shop Manager at Florida-based Johnson-Davis, Inc., was impressed with the overall process for his custom system. “The process was easy. I gave the Sage dealer our tank sizes and what we wanted, and they took it from there.”

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Sage LubeBuilder systems will arrive complete with the tools, instructions and hardware to get it installed in your vehicle, plus one-on-one access to a Sage Oil Vac specialist who can walk you through the process quickly and efficiently.

Homer Gonzales, Field Technician at Ditch Witch Sales of Michigan, echoed the simplicity of the process and support from the Sage Oil Vac team, from start to finish. “Sage Oil Vac provided easy-to-use instructions and diagrams for installing the system in the back of my truck. The whole process took about eight hours and was pretty easy. I probably could’ve wrapped it up faster, but I’m pretty particular about my truck so I took a bit longer.”

Putting Lubebuilder to Work
On any given day, Louisiana-based Beard Construction is running more than 250 pieces of machinery across 12 to 15 commercial or industrial excavation jobsites. To meet the unique needs of their jobsites, Equipment Manager Lee Morrison knew they needed a customized, highly-reliable system to get maintenance done efficiently.

“I wanted a unit designed for specific applications that only had what we needed on it and nothing else,” Morrison said. “We knew the dimensions and that we needed full containment, and we got together and sketched out some drawings and came up with what would work best. With a lot of companies, you’re at their mercy, they have what they have and if you want it customized, you have to do it at your own shop. With this Sage system, we worked together and came up with the exact rig we needed.”

Now is the Time to Build Your Custom System
“The sky’s the limit with these LubeBuilder systems,” Sage said. “You pick out every component and how it’s laid out. And our team will be there to walk you through installation so you’re spending less time in the shop and more time on the jobsite taking care of your customers and generating revenue.”

Are you ready to add a LubeBuilder to your operation? See the full specs of the systems and if you’re ready to go, contact us to zero in on your needs and how we can design the perfect system for your business.

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