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Pivotal Machines

Skid steer and compact track loaders are pivotal machines on any jobsite, offering compact convenience and robust power to operators of all skill levels. With the ability to tackle a variety of jobs and applications, adding the versatility of an attachment can make all the difference in the capabilities of a machine. It is also important for an operator to understand where their machines excel in order to provide the most ideal results.

For jobsites with soft ground conditions or steep terrain, compact track loaders are better suited. On the other hand, skid steer loaders come equipped with a style of tires that provide increased mobility while working on hardscapes. Once you have identified which machine is best suited for the task at hand, it’s time to talk about attachments.

An Array of Attachments
To get more productivity out of compact track loaders and skid steer loaders, attachments provide a range of different functions to increase performance. There are several styles of attachments to choose from, each with a different purpose to help assist with a variety of jobsites and applications.

Trenchers are the ideal attachment for several applications within the underground segment from laying footings on a construction site to installing utility lines. Additionally, trenchers can be used for lighter-duty tasks and are popular within the rental market. Trenchers are able to match most soil conditions or trench requirements through different dig depths, motor configurations, and digging chain styles. To increase productivity on the job, the cumber boom pulls loose soil into the trenchers, leaving a clean bottom. Once pulled from the bottom, an auger attachment can be used to remove spoils from the trenches, leaving the jobsite clean and saving operators time spent on manual clean-up and removal.

Box Blade
Box blade attachments come in a range of different widths, which can be used to improve efficiency when leveling many types of terrain. There are a variety of different applications where box blades can be used, from laser grading parking lots to rebuilding golf course tees. Operators can also use different width box blade attachments to improve efficiency and accommodate a variety of jobsites.

Bucket attachments are multipurpose and ideal for several different applications. Dirt, foundry, utility, tooth, rock, grading-heel, light material, and rollout buckets are just a few of the different types of buckets available to choose from, each providing increased efficiency to a specific type of application or terrain. Buckets are most useful in moving materials on a jobsite.

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Cutter Styles
For the vegetation management segment, there are a variety of different cutter styles to accommodate a variety of job including rotary, deck-style, and drum-style cutters. The key differentiation between styles is size of material it can process and price point. Rotary cutters have the ability to clear medium-to-heavy brush and hardwoods up to 10 inches in diameter, making them versatile and efficient attachments. Rotary cutter attachments can also be used in a variety of different applications from landscaping and agriculture to municipal contractors. These attachments provide increased performance and productivity when clearing tough brush and hardwood.

Deck-style cutters can be specified by the operator to perform jobs in specific areas and offer a wider cut than mulching head attachments and are compatible in grass, weeds or wooded applications.

Drum-style cutters are designed to break down a variety of materials leaving the smallest chip size with the ability to take down material up to 8 to 10 inches in diameter. Best suited for woody applications, drum-style brush cutters are ideal for heavy-duty clearing of trees and brush making it a great option for undergrowth and quick brush removal.

Fork and Spear
Forks and spear attachments come in a variety of different styles including nursery forks, which are designed to firmly grasp and effortlessly transport large rocks, light boulders, and balled and bur lapped landscape stock up to 44 inches in diameter.

Additionally, for ag material handling customers round bale spears have the ability to lift, move, and stack round or rectangular bales up to 2,400 pounds.

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Cold Planner
Cold planner attachments offer help to operators who work on street repairs, leveling uneven pavement, texturing pavement and cleaning around larger milling machines. Cold planner attachments deliver productivity and increased uptime while maintaining low daily operating costs.

Seasonally, snow handling attachments are ideal for helping clear snow faster and more efficiently, while enduring harsh winter conditions. Snow pusher attachments allow operators to quickly and efficiently remove large accumulations of snow from sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways.

High-flow Versus Standard
In addition to the variety of attachment styles, attachments can also work with both high-flow and standard machines. High-flow attachments offer more gallons of hydraulic flow per minute, meaning that the machine will need a bigger pump versus using a standard-flow. Since high-flow attachments require a larger pump and more flow, the machine will need an advanced cooling package, such as a larger hydraulic cooler or radiator.

High-flow machine hydraulics are needed for specific, high productivity attachments within the mark. They are efficient for operators that will be doing specialized work, such as landscaping or material handling tasks using large mulching heads, rotary cutters, or snow blowers. Some common attachments that need high-flow hydraulics are larger diameter attachments. These include mulching heads, rotary cutters, trenchers, sized cold planers, milling attachments, wheel saws, and snow blowers.

Increased Technology

With the increase in attachment options available on the market also comes the expansion of technology in attachments. Many new technologies have been incorporated into compact loader models to increase performance while operating with an attachment including grade control, ride control, return-to-dig, boom height kickout, and more.

Ride control, return-to-dig, and boom height kickout control simplify operation and improve performance for compact loader operators as they assist in the control of buckets during operation. Operators are encouraged to explore new attachment options to expand their capabilities and enhance performance on the job.

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To further ensure productivity and safety while operating attachments, operators should make sure the machine is configured correctly and take all required safety measures recommended or provided by the manufacturer. It is also essential for operators to learn how to use attachments properly to safeguard the machine and guarantee it will perform at its best.

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