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Five Tips for Mini Excavator Maintenance

Maintenance might not be your favorite thing to do, but this minor inconvenience can help you avoid major headaches in the future. Good maintenance practices not only keep the machine running at peak performance, but they also minimize downtime from repairs that come from ignoring key maintenance requirements. Here are a few simple tips for commonly missed maintenance items that will help you keep your mini excavator running smoothly.

Read the Operation and Maintenance Manual
The operation and maintenance manual is daunting, but it’s filled with information that can help prevent missing simple, but crucial maintenance requirements. The manual also includes recommended service intervals for machine components so it can help you create a maintenance checklist to keep your machine running in the best shape possible.

Practice Proper Greasing
Greasing is a commonly missed maintenance item on the jobsite. Some operators don’t grease the bearings properly, for example, such as by not going completely around the bearing, or skip greasing altogether, which can cause maintenance issues over time. Checking your manual will give you an idea of how often items like bearings and dead pins should be greased on your machine and other helpful tips.

Drain the Water Separator
Making sure to drain the water separator at least once, but ideally twice, a day will keep your injection system from ingesting water that may be in fuel to prevent water contamination. A damaged injection system can cost thousands of dollars to repair, so it’s important to be familiar with this maintenance need to save time and money in the long run.

Change the Cabin Air Filters
The inner and outer air filters in a cab are one of the most often missed maintenance pieces because their location between the cab and outside can be hard to see. Failing to change the air filters can ruin the air condenser, which can cost time and money to repair. We recommend referring to your equipment manual for guidance on the exact location of the inner and outer air filters and how often to change them. It’s also important to check your cabin air filters daily for clogging to prevent the air conditioner from becoming damaged.
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Check In With Your Authorized Dealer
In addition to tasks you can complete yourself, there are some things that may be easier noticed or completed by the service department at your equipment’s authorized dealer. Take your machine in regularly for tune-ups and the peace of mind that you are extending your machine’s longevity.

Although reading the equipment manual and getting into new habits might require a little extra work in the beginning, familiarizing yourself with these points and taking preventative measures will help you maintain a high performing machine that maximizes ROI.

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