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Infrastructure Improvement Projects Continue Across Central Mississippi

State Route 18 bridge replacement in Rankin County
State Route 18 bridge replacement in Rankin County
State Route 19 expansion in Neshoba County
State Route 19 expansion in Neshoba County
NEWTON, MS — Commissioner Willie Simmons, Central Transportation District, announces updates to several Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) projects across central Mississippi.

“These projects are a major investment into our infrastructure and show your tax dollars at work,” Simmons said. “As these projects move forward, safety and mobility will increase for all central Mississippi traffic.”

I-59/20 Improvements Near Completion in Lauderdale County
A design-build project through Meridian that involves widening the I-59/20 bridges over State Route 19/39 and 65th Avenue, as well as removal of the bridges over Knight Parker Road, is nearing completion. The project also includes a roadway lighting upgrade throughout Meridian along I-59/20.

At Site 1, the bridge widening phase of the I-20/59 bridges over SR 19/39 is complete and the lowering of the SR 19/39 route beneath I-20/59, with the exception of the final asphalt lift, is complete. Crews are preparing for final paving operations.

At Site 2, the existing bridges have been removed and the area has been reconstructed using roadway fill. Crews are repairing underlying concrete sections and preparing for final paving operations.

At Site 3, the bridge widening, roadway widening, slope paving, and slope filling is complete. Crews are preparing to place the final lift of asphalt.

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The roadway lighting system upgrade portions of the project are also nearly complete. All seven circuits of the lighting system have been completed and are operational. Only minor cleanup work remains.

“We appreciate Meridian-area drivers being patient and allowing our crews to get this design-build project done so quickly,” Simmons said. “This project will further enhance safety and mobility for motorists and commercial traffic on the vital route through Meridian.” 

The $24.4 million design-build project was awarded to Key Construction Company of Madison. The project will wrap up early this summer.

Significant Headway Made on State Route 18 Bridge Replacement in Rankin County
The State Route 18 bridge over Dabbs Creek in Rankin County is undergoing a critical replacement project. Demolition of the old bridge is complete. Crews are driving piles and pouring caps for beam placement.

“We understand having this bridge closed has caused some inconvenience for residents and local traffic. That said, safety is the priority when it comes to infrastructure projects, and the replacement of the bridge is no exception,” Simmons said. “Crews are making great progress and will continue working as quickly and efficiently as possible. Residents, drivers, and the business community can rest assured knowing they will soon have a safer, bigger, and more reliable bridge to travel for a very long time.”

The nearly $3 million project was awarded to St-Bil Grading, Inc. of Waterford. SR 18 is on track to reopen by the end of 2023, and the remainder of the project is scheduled to be completed spring 2024.

State Route 19 Expansion Progress in Neshoba County
Progress continues on the 4.6-mile expansion of State Route 19 from two to four lanes between Tucker and Philadelphia in Neshoba County. The first phase of work included construction of the new northbound lanes, reworked side roads onto the west side of the existing SR 19, and construction of the new intersection at Tucker Elementary School.

Work in progress includes grading and paving the two new lanes, box culvert construction, and other work items. The second phase of work consists of rehabilitating portions of the existing SR 19 and reconstructing other areas that require new cross drains and box culverts. The third phase will place traffic in the four-lane configuration, place the final lift of asphalt, and provide permanent striping.

“With a steady increase in traffic, this stretch of roadway being expanded to four lanes with a new grade will offer smoother riding conditions for all traffic, from commuters and school traffic to commercial traffic,” Simmons said. “SR 19 in Neshoba County will be a safer and less congested route next year.”

The $36 million contract was awarded to W.G. Yates and Sons Construction of Philadelphia. The project is expected to wrap up in 2024.

Mill and Overlay of I-55 in Madison County Nearly Complete
A seven-mile mill and overlay of I-55 from two miles north of State Route 22 to the Yazoo County line is nearly complete. Mainline milling, guardrail replacement, and shoulder gravel placement is complete. The shoulders have been milled and paved.

Remaining work is expected to wrap up by summer 2023. The $7.6 million project was awarded to APAC-Mississippi of Jackson.

Lottery Funded Mill and Overlay of State Route 18 Underway in Hinds County
A lottery funded mill and overlay of 18 miles of State Route 18 from the end of the Copiah County line to the beginning of the four-lane section near Raymond is underway. The scope includes repairing failed areas, repairing and replacing cross drainpipes, and widening portions of the roadway. Crews have completed the punchouts and pipe repair.

The nearly $8 million project was awarded to Superior Asphalt, Inc. of Byram. Work will wrap up this summer.

Mill and Overlay Coming to SR 19 in Lauderdale County
A project to mill and overlay five miles of SR 19 from 0.5 miles north of North Hills Street to 0.2 miles north of State Route 494 will soon begin in Lauderdale County. The scope includes safety improvements to the intersection of SR 494 and SR 19, debris removal from drainage structures, tree clearing on right-of-way to improve sight distance, repairing failed areas, and guardrail and sign replacement.

The $5.5 million project was awarded to APAC. The expected completion date is fall 2023.

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