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Stantec Selected by Southern Nevada Water Authority to Help Deliver Critical Stage II Reliability Upgrades Project

LAS VEGAS, NV — The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) has selected Stantec to help deliver the $125-million Stage II Reliability Upgrades Project to support long-term sustainable and resilient water access for the Las Vegas Valley.

“We’re incredibly excited to support SNWA on this critical water reliability project,” said Margaret Regan, Stantec’s Project Manager, based in Las Vegas. “Drought impacts have only increased the need for a reliable and sustainable water source. We look forward to helping the Las Vegas Valley have a safe and sustainable water delivery system for decades to come.”

Project at a Glance
The Hacienda Pumping Station is one of the Valley’s water supply conduits, meeting about 35 percent of the area’s water demand, equivalent to 180 million gallons per day (MGD). In service since 1980, the pumping station requires system upgrades and replacements to protect against aging, provide reliability, and prevent water loss.

Stantec’s role on the Stage II Reliability Upgrades Project will include the design of the new Flamingo Pumping Station and the design of approximately two miles of interconnecting pipeline from the station to the Pittman Lateral, which conveys water to the central Las Vegas Valley.

Delivering the new 90 MGD Flamingo Pumping Station will serve two primary functions: to provide backup to the existing Hacienda Pumping Station (which has served the area for decades) in the event it is out of service and to supplement the capacity of Hacienda during periods of very high demand. Future projects will include rehabilitating portions of the Pittman Lateral and localized improvements to enhance the water system’s reliability along this central corridor.

Stantec’s preliminary design for the Stage II Reliability Upgrades Project is expected to be complete in February of 2022.

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