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Rolling Through Rugged Roads

With the right equipment, anything is possible. It can give you the leg up you need to pull ahead of the competition. When it comes to delivering equipment on time or ahead of schedule worry-free, the right trailer is invaluable.

Today, more than ever, manufacturers are listening to the needs of their customers and making it happen. Whatever the obstacle, excuses no longer cut it with top-notch equipment at your disposal.

Trailers Engineered to be Excuse-Proof
In 2022, technology takes the biggest credit for its transformation over the last few decades. But equally as important is how far equipment has come. This is true with trailers that are being built to handle obstacles with ease.

Through any and every type of terrain, your transportation methods no longer need to be an obstacle. For western parts of the continental U.S, it’s not uncommon to be driving through the desert one minute and snow the next. Varying elevations, tight turns and desolate areas make the challenge of delivery even more difficult.

But, when the job gets tough, equip yourself with the tools you need to get the job done. The trailer you use every day should be a reliable asset. If it fails you, you may not only be on the hook with an angry customer, but it could also impact your bottom line.

What considerations can be made when looking for a rugged piece of equipment that can be counted on season after season? It starts with research and testing to see what is right for you. It’s something Cashman Equipment has fully embraced.

Handling Rough Terrain with Ease

Cashman Equipment is a Caterpillar Dealer in Nevada. The company has been in business for over 90 years, with one of its first jobs involving the construction of the Hoover Dam. Today, Cashman Equipment is located in Henderson and serves essentially the entire state, as well as parts of California. The company provides both new and used equipment to the construction, mining, energy, paving, laser site control, power, and truck engine industries.

With a state like Nevada, diverse landscapes are the name of the game, and Transport Driver Chris Gilbert faces environmental challenges every day. From snowy mountains to harsh deserts, Gilbert has driven through nearly every type of terrain. With the XL Mechanical Gooseneck Expandable (MGX), Gilbert and his team are confident in their ability to get the job done.

“In the winter, I’m up in the snow running tire chains in the Sierras,” says Gilbert. “And in the summer months, I can run a couple hundred miles of dirt roads in one day. This trailer holds up to all of it.”

Gilbert is a third-generation truck driver and has been in the industry for over two decades. Throughout the years he has had first-hand experience with hauling almost every piece of equipment and using almost every type of trailer. A little over a year ago Gilbert was introduced to XL Specialized Trailers, which continues to impress him with how well the MGX handles the rough roads he’s driven.

“This trailer is fantastically built,” says Gilbert about the XL MGX. “I’ve put this trailer through a lot of challenges in the last year and it has never once let me down.”

Specialized Trailers are Efficient and Valuable
Having a specialized trailer that offers more than just a deck and tie down options makes the loading, hauling, and unloading life so much easier.
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For instance, the XL MGX is 44 feet long and is lightweight with a maximum payload. It features a tapered front gooseneck design as well as a beaver tail with traction aids at the rear, with the option to add hook-on rails. The trailer also has a walking beam suspension with greaseless bushings, allowing drivers to drive over even the toughest terrain with confidence.

As haulers working out west, Gilbert and his team are too familiar with the kingpin to rear axle length on their trailers because of the mountainous terrain they encounter every day. Too much trailer length and they lose valuable time in order to get the permits necessary due to state and local limits.

In addition to the extra time, trailers with a larger axle spacing can cause tires to wear out and need to be replaced more often. That’s why finding a trailer with smaller axle spacing can be like striking gold.

The XL MGX offers Dual King Pin settings at 98 inches and 84 inches swing clearance – eliminating the need for an overweight return trip or to repeatedly change out worn tires. Since he began driving a XL MGX, Gilbert has been able to make tight turns no problem, and his tires are lasting longer than ever. “We’ve had this trailer for over a year, and I still have eight of the original tires on it – that’s unheard of,” says Gilbert.

In addition to the tough terrain, Cashman Equipment drivers like Gilbert have the need to pull nearly every type and size of machinery. A trailer with the ability to adapt to meet unique needs without adding too much weight can help ensure you’re equipped to take on anything.

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For Gilbert, owning a specialized trailer is paying dividends with little headaches on his part. This includes the XL MGX’s capability of expanding from 102 inches to 120 inches wide with the use of 8-inch air cylinders. “I manage to get even the big excavators and dozers on my rig,” says Gilbert. “From tiny machines to those big guys, I feel confident my XL can haul it without issues.”

Hauling more and slowing down less, a reliable trailer can help increase productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line. With the XL MGX you can drive confidently from your lot to the job site, knowing that your trailer is ready to handle the road ahead and the equipment on board. Don’t let tough terrain or heavy loads slow you down.

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