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The Top Treatment for the Bottom of the Curve

The latest treatment to the indus toolkit is Paver-Placed Stabilized Full Depth Reclamation (PPSFDR). This unique and modern version of full depth reclamation allows the company to cater to clients across the full spectrum of the asphalt deterioration curve and provide a full range of support to road managers. Sometimes a road deteriorates to a point that preservation treatments are no longer an option. PPSFDR recycles pavement with performance additives that not only strengthen the recycled layer, but also allows the road to remain open to traffic.

What is PPSFDR? Let’s break it down:

  • Paver-Placed: The pavement is recycled and laid in one continuous motion using a self-propelled paver, with a minimum 10-foot and maximum 20-foot screed width. This is the same process as cold-in-place recycling.
  • Stabilized: Foamed-liquid asphalt stabilizer is added to the pulverized existing material to create a long-lasting base which produces a structural benefit to the recycled layer.
  • Full Depth Reclamation: A common and trusted treatment process for reclaiming roads in the range of 40-10 PCI.

indus felt there was a need for to move to PPSFDR as a duty to their clients and partners. With cold-in-place recycling, they were limited to recycling only asphalt from 3 inches to 6 inches. Now with PPSFDR, they can recycle both subbase and asphalt as deep as 8 inches.

In 2022, indus worked with selective partners to hone this process before offering PPSFDR to all their clients. They performed PPSFDR on the Woodcock Road project for their first client – the town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Similar to cold-in-place recycling, PPSFDR is also an engineered process. Coring and mix design was completed prior to this 10,000-square-yard project. Structures were lowered prior to the recycling project and raised immediately after the project was completed. A 2-inch HMA wearing surface was then installed.

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“After doing Paver-Placed Stabilized Full Depth Reclamation for the first time, it far exceeded my expectations,” said Paul Pacheco, Highway Superintendent of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. “Similar to cold-in-place recycling, there was very little disturbance to the residents. Additionally, the cost was about 10 percent less than a traditional full depth reclamation project and we performed structural testing that proved the recycled layer met the design strength.”

More Benefits than Traditional Full Depth Reclamation
The community benefit alone is a big reason to consider PPSFDR. Completing a project like this in half the time can be an easier lift on Public Works and have minimal impact on schools, hospitals, and all road users. Much like cold-in-place recycling, road users can quickly drive on the recycled surface.

“We were looking for an alternative to traditional full depth reclamation that was less disruptive to our clients’ communities,” said Art Baker, indus Client Services Manager. “We are excited to be able to offer PPSFDR with the same equipment used on our cold-in-place recycling process that has already proven to be successful for our clients.”

What are the major benefits of this process versus a traditional full depth reclamation?

  • This is a fully engineered process to recycle and reinstall in one continuous pass.
  • No windrows or motor graders are necessary.
  • It greatly reduces time and disruptions commonly found with traditional full depth reclamation.
  • Stabilizers add a structural benefit to the recycled layer.
  • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent compared to traditional full depth reclamation.

PPSFDR should be considered when a road has 4 inches or less of existing asphalt and cold-in-place recycling is not an option due to the road having an in adequate base.

indus is a family of hardworking pavement perfectionists, based in Braintree, Massachusetts, who take pride in every mile they preserve. Whether it’s roads, bridges, or airports, when you need to repair, maintain, or strengthen your pavement in the smartest, most cost-effective way, they’re here to serve.

For more information on PPSFDR, visit indusinc.com/roads/paver-placed-stabilized-full-depth-reclamation/

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