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Making the Right Choice with Terex Trucks

Terex Trucks comes from a strong hauling heritage: with over 70 years of experience in building robust, reliable and tough articulated haulers, the Motherwell, Scotland-based manufacturer knows how to design machines that are trusted by customers to deliver a powerful performance in all conditions. Its two models, the 30.9-ton payload TA300 and the 41.9-ton payload TA400, provide plenty of pulling power for efficient operation at all times.

Choosing the right machine for a project depends, of course, on the application and working environment. Terex Trucks articulated haulers offer high levels of flexibility, versatility and maneuverability, allowing them to navigate tighter working conditions. The machines can haul a variety of materials under varying conditions and are a good fit for quarrying, mining, and tunneling application as well as earthmoving, material handling and waste handling.

Another aspect to consider is the required payload of the hauler, which is determined by the material that is to be transported, as well as the size of the project. In the U.S., many contractors are kicking off large-scale construction projects at the moment, and for these tasks, the Terex Trucks TA400 is a great choice.

Getting the Job Done with the TA400
The TA400 boasts a heaped capacity of 30.3 cubic yards and is powered by a fuel-efficient Scania DC13 engine that develops gross power of 444 horsepower and a maximum torque of 1,663 foot pound force. Terex Trucks’ engineers have ensured that the TA400’s drivetrain is perfectly matched to the engine, to help the articulated hauler to deliver excellent performance and productivity.

“In Northern America, the demand for our machines is very high,” says Robert Franklin, Sales and Marketing Director of the Americas at Terex Trucks. “Our TA400s are working on lots of projects in the U.S. and Canada, where their efficiency and productivity is proving very popular.”

In Pennsylvania, a fleet of TA400s is part of a road improvement project on the Turnpike highway. Moving material throughout the day, the haulers help reconstruct and widen more than seven miles from two lanes to three. In the south of the U.S., the TA400s are busy working in quarries and general construction projects.

Safe Operations on Challenging Terrain
When looking for the ideal hauler for quarrying and mining jobs, traction is an important aspect. A good traction capability will see haulers navigate through muddy conditions and slippery grounds and handle steep inclines with ease. Offering great traction and an effective power-to-weight ratio, Terex Trucks’ TA400 ensures material is moved as quickly as possible in all conditions. With this functionality, customers can achieve maximum productivity at a minimal cost. The TA400’s braking system reduces operational costs even further while also enhancing safety. The hauler’s force-cooled multi-disc brakes are supported by an electronically activated exhaust brake and a six-stage modulating transmission retarder, which means the TA400 benefits from longer brake component lifecycles.
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“Apart from high levels of productivity, customers are also increasingly looking for high levels of efficiency in a machine,” says Franklin. The TA400’s exceptional fuel economy helps customers to keep the total cost of ownership low. Its lean, fuel-efficient engine meets the Tier IV Final emission standards without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Demand is Increasing
Further reducing operating costs, the TA400’s Allison HD4560 transmission boasts high-performance oil and up to 6,000 hours between service intervals, which is around three years on a standard operating schedule. In addition, the machine has magnetic suction filters, which reduce the risk of contaminants entering the hydraulic system. This helps to maximize uptime through cleaner hydraulic oil, longer periods between maintenance and prolonged hydraulic component lifecycles.

As the construction sector in North America is recovering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for machinery has seen a significant increase in recent months. “We’re experiencing a high demand for our machines as well as for our lease offer across the U.S.,” concludes Franklin. “All our dealers in North America have strong rental fleets, and they are active as well, with very high utilization rates. Our customers are busy at the moment, and we’re expecting a good year and have a positive outlook for 2022.”

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