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Subsite Introduces GPR Series for Utility Scanning and UtiliGuard 2 RTK Receiver for Locating and Data Mapping

Subsite’s new GeoRanger XR series of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems is designed to identify both shallow and deep utilities – even those that don’t have a wire tracer – in one pass without the need to go back through with multiple frequencies. The new GPR system offers better resolution on deeper scans, helping identify unlocatable or abandoned utilities. With dual-frequency GPR antennas, operators receive high-resolution scans without sacrificing penetration depth. The 750 MHz antennas identify objects up to approximately 10 feet in depth while the 350 MHz antennas detect objects as deep as 20 feet.

Additionally, the integrated GPS system provides real-time steering guidance when paired with the GPS base station so that time-consuming scan grid layout and marking can be avoided. Using the GPR system’s advanced software, operators can generate 3D results and mark detected objects for interactive visualization, reducing the need for manual hand-written updates.

The new GPR system offers a wireless connection system, which removes all troublesome cables for the operator. Unlike its predecessor that has up to five connection points, the new GPR system is completely wireless. On its predecessor machine, there were five different connection points, but with the new GPR systems going wireless there are zero. This customer-driven update completely eliminates the headache of jobsite set-up and connector wear and tear, increasing uptime and efficiency.

Fast, Simplified Utility Locating and Data Mapping
Enhancing its proven offering of utility locating products, Subsite has added the real-time kinematic (RTK) receiver to the UtiliGuard 2 lineup. The UtiliGuard 2 RTK receiver was designed as a simple, easy-to-operate utility locating option, making it the ultimate tool for operators locating, mapping and capturing underground utilities.

The UtiliGuard 2 RTK receiver utilizes survey-grade technology and features dual-band antennas to provide operators with accurate and reliable positioning data with centimeter-grade accuracy. Its high-level of accuracy and precision make it an ideal solution for locating abandoned and untracked utilities that are often difficult to pinpoint. By quickly verifying the utilities installed, operators can efficiently tailor their bids to match a jobsite needs, as well as gain insight into the underground infrastructure to avoid cross bores during future projects.

Like the UtiliGuard 2 standard and advanced units, the RTK receiver provides locate crews with integrated data capture, GPS positioning and an intuitive user interface to help operators improve work quality and maximize locate awareness. By downloading the MyUtiliGuard application, operators can simplify and streamline how they capture, map and share data from the RTK Receiver. Building off the proven Utiliguard 2 model, the added accuracy and simplicity of the RTK Receiver make it the ultimate tool for utility locating and data mapping.

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