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New Products to Look For at CONEXPO 2023

Road Widener’s FH-R is a versatile solution for material placement, precisely dispensing topsoil, gravel, asphalt, limestone and more — all with an attachment compatible with common machines that contractors already own.
Road Widener’s FH-R is a versatile solution for material placement, precisely dispensing topsoil, gravel, asphalt, limestone and more — all with an attachment compatible with common machines that contractors already own.
Yanmar America will showcase its 4TN107FTT Powerpack at CONEXPO 2023.
Yanmar America will showcase its 4TN107FTT Powerpack at CONEXPO 2023.
Gold Rush's Fred Lewis to Join Thompson Pump at Booth S60528
Gold Rush's Fred Lewis to Join Thompson Pump at Booth S60528
Komatsu's PC210LCE electric excavator features Proterra's lithium-ion battery technology
Komatsu's PC210LCE electric excavator features Proterra's lithium-ion battery technology
Komatsu's portable charging concept for mini-excavator is a concept designed for environments without a power supply.
Komatsu's portable charging concept for mini-excavator is a concept designed for environments without a power supply.
The latest generation Honda AWV include increased bed size to 2 pallets; greater loading capacity of 2,000 pounds; longer operating time of up to 10 hours; and improved navigation in locations where GNSS (global navigation satellite system) service is weak or unavailable through the use of LiDAR sensors.
The latest generation Honda AWV include increased bed size to 2 pallets; greater loading capacity of 2,000 pounds; longer operating time of up to 10 hours; and improved navigation in locations where GNSS (global navigation satellite system) service is weak or unavailable through the use of LiDAR sensors.
Caterpillar GOC Champion, Patrick Doheny
Caterpillar GOC Champion, Patrick Doheny
New Caterpillar 966 GC Medium Wheel Loader
New Caterpillar 966 GC Medium Wheel Loader
John Deere 85 P-Tier
John Deere 85 P-Tier
Topcon Further Expands MC-X Platform with All-New GNSS Option for Compact Equipment, Announces New Aquisition
Topcon Positioning Systems announced the availability of a new global navigation satellite system (GNSS) option for its MC-Mobile compact machine control solution. Rounding out the company’s compact solutions portfolio, this GNSS option allows contractors to easily integrate their compact machines into fleets already powered by GNSS technology. This expansion gives owners of skid steers, compact track loaders (CTL) and mini excavators the broadest offering of machine control options to date.

“We initially built MC-Mobile with the smaller or mid-size contractor in mind,” said Murray Lodge, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Topcon. “Working with a prism pole and our 3D robotic instrument, the LN-150, users easily measure, design and build right on-site, all with one three-in-one solution – expanding their capabilities and growing their business. Now, this new GNSS option allows fleet managers to easily integrate compact machines into much larger, more complex workflows, with the same machine-to-machine modularity and ease-of-use that has made MC-Mobile one of our most talked-about products of the last year. Both the local positioning system (LPS) and GNSS versions are made possible thanks to the MC-X platform.”

The MC-X architecture combines multiple communication technologies, such as the Sitelink3D connectivity platform, support for numerous elevation sensors, IMUs and GNSS receivers, to tailor solutions directly to a contractor’s workflow – maximizing return on investment (ROI) at every phase of an operation.

The entire MC-X powered portfolio is designed to make machine control easy to use and affordable for a variety of contractors. It ties together mixed fleets of earthmoving (both full-size and compact), asphalt and concrete paving equipment, and is designed to be as flexible as it is powerful, adapting across applications and machine types, improving performance and speed for operators of all skill levels.

The Acquisition of Digital Construction Works

Topcon also announced the purchase of construction software and data integrations and services company Digital Construction Works (DCW). DCW’s services and software integration platform will help customers navigate and maximize the use of construction data made available across multiple apps and software.

Today’s construction business owners have more critical data at their fingertips than ever before, but it is often a challenge to distill all of that information from so many sources. In order to make the most well-informed business decisions, contractors need an easy way to understand all of the data generated from multiple digital tools and software along every phase of a project – that’s where DCW fits into the equation.

“DCW enables the connection of the job site and the office,” said Jason Hallett, Vice President and General Manager, DCW. “Automation and the availability of integrated and aggregated data provide greater insights into project performance and status. Now, as part of Topcon, our integrations platform enhances the value of Topcon’s interoperability with third-party software typically used to execute machine-guided operations. This saves users time and money by automating report generation and eliminating manual data entry across a multi-vendor and multi-stakeholder project environment.”

The DCW team continues to focus on integrations that connect a project’s planning and design phase with the construction and field completion phases. This office-to-site connection provides automated workflows and insightful visualization and reporting within a secure user-facing integration platform.

Trimble Introduces an All-In-One System for On-Machine Excavator Guidance and Site Surveying
Trimble introduced the Trimble Siteworks Machine Guidance Module, extending the capabilities of Trimble Siteworks Software from surveying and layout to support on-machine excavator guidance and operator assistance. With the addition of the new software module, contractors can use the same rugged Site Positioning Systems hardware and software to perform a variety of tasks on the job site, including surveying, machine guidance, in-field design and reporting.

Designed specifically for small site and utility contractors, the Siteworks Machine Guidance module gives users the ability to move the system between multiple excavators and jobsites as an accessible and entry-level combination machine guidance and construction surveying solution. Current Siteworks users can utilize their existing technology on-machine quickly and easily, with the addition of a simple-to-install machine kit and the software module.

"The new Siteworks Machine Guidance Module is purpose-built to be versatile, portable and easy to use, giving local contractors an entry-point into construction surveying and machine guidance," said Kevin Garcia, General Manager, Trimble Civil Specialty Solutions. "Our goal is to give users all of the benefits of Trimble Siteworks at the tip of the bucket, essentially turning the machine into a surveyor. Contractors can get more done with less training and time, and utilize their personnel for other tasks, while also moving workers out of trenches and away from equipment operating on the jobsite."

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The Siteworks Machine Guidance system includes the Trimble SPS986 or Trimble R780 GNSS Smart Antenna with tilt compensation and Trimble's ProPoint high-precision positioning engine, and any bring-your-own-device or Trimble field tablet that supports Trimble Siteworks software.

The versatile new module enables contractors to use Siteworks off the machine to design, measure and lay out projects, and then transfer the GNSS receiver and field tablet from the pole to the machine to provide in-cab, 3-D machine guidance and grade checking capabilities without the need for a surveyor.

Using the Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service, contractors can experience true mobility working without the constraints of a local base station or VRS network, with high-level accuracy delivered worldwide via satellite or cellular/IP.

In addition to helping contractors increase efficiency in the field, the new software module enables users to easily share information between the jobsite and the office. Using Trimble WorksManager Software, contractors can easily share designs between locations, access remote support and keep projects moving forward from the road.

The new module is expected to be available worldwide through the SITECH distribution channel in the second quarter of 2023.

Komatsu Features 20-Ton PC210LCE Electric Excavator and intelligent Machine Control 2.0 Dozers
To help customers reduce their carbon footprint and plan for implementing sustainable solutions through electrification, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 Komatsu will featured its 20-ton PC210LCE electric excavator.
Wirtgen America Inc
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Nueces Power Equipment

First displayed last fall at bauma, the PC210LCE was created for construction businesses that need a high-performance machine while cutting fuel costs. Featuring lithium-ion battery technology developed by Proterra, the excavator has 451 kWh of battery capacity, designed for up to 8 hours of operating time.

Designed to reduce operator fatigue with less noise, exhaust emissions and zero engine vibration, the PC210LCE is ideal for use in urban areas and indoor environments. The low operating noise levels of the PC210LCE can allow for nighttime construction work both indoors and out.
Coming soon to North America, the PC210LCE supports Komatsu's global sustainability targets of 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 and complete carbon neutrality by 2050. Komatsu is committed to helping customers manage energy transitions and increase efficiencies to help reduce fuel burn and emissions. ​

At the show, the PC210LCE will be displayed with Smart Construction Retrofit, an affordable guidance kit that gives operators in the field and managers in the office access to both 2D and 3D design and payload data to help drive accuracy, control load volumes and improve operations. Easily installed by a local Komatsu distributor, this technology upgrade is designed to improve grading performance and help drive productivity and profitability.

intelligent Machine Control 2.0 Dozers

Productivity is key to job site success. And while each business is unique, the need for predictability is universal, which is why Komatsu featured three of its intelligent Machine Control 2.0 (iMC 2.0) dozers at CONEXPO-CON/AGG: the D39PXi-24, the D51PXi-24, and the D71PXi-24.

Liebherr Construction Eq
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Nueces Power Equipment

Today, when many companies are struggling to find experienced workers or train existing ones, on-machine technology like iMC 2.0 can streamline onboarding and help close the operator skills gap by allowing automation throughout the dozing process. Komatsu’s iMC 2.0 dozers help maximize efficiencies so operators – even newer operators – can deliver more precise production.

First introduced by Komatsu in 2013, iMC continues to evolve, offering more automated functions for increased precision and reduced waste. Intelligent machines help reduce emissions per amount of material moved because it’s “moved right” the first time.

Incorporating a host of advanced, proprietary machine technology, the Komatsu D39PXi-24 (105 HP), D51PXi-24 (131 HP) and the D71PXi-24 (237 HP) equipped with Komatsu’s iMC 2.0 offer the following benefits:

With “proactive dozing control”, even less experienced operators can automatically cut/strip from existing terrain. The dozer measures the terrain it tracks over and uses that data to plan the next pass. Productivity can improve by up to 60 percent compared to conventional grading methods.

“Lift layer control” automatically lets operators spread fill from existing terrain with the press of a button. The dozer measures the terrain it tracks over and uses the data it gathers to plan the next pass for up to double production with consistent layers for compaction quality.

Gradall Co
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“Tilt steering control” automatically tilts the blade to maintain straight travel during rough dozing, which can help reduce operator steering input by up to 80 percent.

With automatic dozing, rough cut to finish grade, iMC-equipped Komatsu dozers help make every pass count, for superior production compared to traditional aftermarket systems.

CASE Introduces New Backhoes, Dozers, and Mini Excavators
CASE Construction Equipment is bringing back the iconic “Construction King” name and releasing five new backhoe loader models to the North American market to deliver more comprehensive and diverse backhoe options to businesses across a broader spectrum of markets, including landscaping, rental, ag and utilities.

Two models are available immediately: the CASE Utility Plus and the CASE 580SV Construction King center pivot. Three additional models will hit CASE dealers later in 2023: The CASE 580SV Construction King side shift, and two CASE 695SV Construction King models — one with center pivot and one with side shift.

The two new models now available in the North American market – adding to the existing lineup of CASE N Series backhoes – are the CASE Utility Plus and the CASE 580SV Construction King center pivot.

The all-new CASE Utility Plus delivers full-sized backhoe performance in an efficient platform that’s easy to own, easy to maintain, and easy on the bottom line. This new 74 horsepower machine delivers a big cab with excellent sightlines to all work areas, extreme ease of service with a maintenance-free emissions system (no DPF and no DEF), and easy controls (including a choice of pilot or mechanical). Mechanical controls are offered for the more experienced operators who like that traditional backhoe “feel”, while pilot controls are available for rental businesses and contractors with less-experienced operators.

Hyundai Construction Equipment
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Nueces Power Equipment

The all-new CASE 580SV Construction King brings a tool carrier-style front end back to the CASE backhoe line in North America, ideal for businesses who use the loader end of their backhoe as a primary material handler – loading and unloading pallets, moving pipe and other bundled material around the yard. Adding a 4-in-1 bucket, a 6-in-1 bucket, or any of the countless attachments available for CASE backhoes turns this into a robust multi-purpose jobsite solution — and a hydraulic quick coupler makes it easy. The new center pivot model is immediately available to the North American market, and CASE will be rolling out a side-shift model later in 2023.

Enhanced Dozer Lineup

CASE also announced a wave of new enhancements for its 650M through 850M dozers designed to increase reliability, operator performance, machine responsiveness and overall experience. The manufacturer has also presented the launch of its CASE TrackCare Undercarriage Monitoring Program — available through the North American CASE dealer network — that collects undercarriage measurements and observations in the field and then correlates that data into manageable/actionable information to plan maintenance activities, monitor performance and make decisions to help manage the performance and costs of the undercarriage.
CASE TrackCare is not limited to CASE dozers — it can be applied to steel-tracked machines of all makes, models, and product categories.

CASE 650M, 750M, and 850M dozers have all been enhanced with newly rerouted hydraulics to improve reliability and minimize leaks, and an updated electrical system and routing with a newly braided harness that increases overall reliability. Additional updates throughout all three models include additional new robust latches, new LED lights for greater visibility, and a new rearview camera with in-cab display that improves total operator awareness and visibility.

Large-scale enhancements have been made to the 750M and 850M dozers, including new electro-hydraulic control performance that allows the operator to set steering and shuttle settings to smooth, moderate or aggressive to better dial that machine into the preferences of the operator while simultaneously reducing operator fatigue. CASE Universal Machine Control is now also available with these machines, which allows them to be outfitted with machine control solutions from any of the three major suppliers of precision construction technology. Each dozer is also available with factory fit solutions from Leica Geosystems that simplify the ordering and setup process.

A Diverse Group of Mini Excavators
CASE is developing one of the industry’s most diverse and comprehensive mini excavator lineups. This includes the launch of two all-new electrified mini excavators and a new diesel-powered mini excavator, and more models scheduled to hit the North American market in 2024. Each of these machines complements the existing C Series mini excavators — giving CASE one of the industry’s most diverse and robust product offerings ranging from 1.5 to 6 metric tons.

Anchoring the new mini excavator launch for CASE is the introduction of two all-new electrified machines, the CX15EV and the CX25EV. The CX15EV is rolling into CASE dealers now, and the CX25EV will be available later in 2023. The CX15EV is a 3,186-pound mini excavator powered by a 21 horsepower/16 kW electric motor — and the CX25EV is a 4,828-pound mini excavator running with a 27 horsepower/20 kW electric motor. The lithium-ion battery featured in both machines is charged either by the 110V/220V on-board charger, or via an external rapid charger that can have the machine charged extremely fast, typically within 90 minutes. Depending on the type of work, the CASE CX15 EV and CX25 EV will provide enough power to work through a full eight-hour day. All while delivering the core benefits of electrified construction equipment: no emissions, reduced noise, and less lifetime maintenance thanks to the elimination of the diesel engine.

Volvo Construction Equipment Highlights Complete Solutions for a Changing Industry With Immersive Experience at CONEXPO-CON/AGG
Volvo CE presented an immersive platform of strength and innovation alongside Volvo Penta, Volvo Trucks, and Volvo Financial Services. Several products were featured that have benefits beyond jobsites as Volvo CE continues to lead the industry toward a more sustainable future. They included zero-emission electric machines, charging solutions, an articulated hauler made using fossil-free steel, technology that can improve operator efficiency, jobsite safety, and reduce fuel consumption, and much more.

“Change can create challenges, but it also creates opportunities,” said Melker Jernberg, President of Volvo CE. “The transition the world is undergoing has made clear the need for more sustainable solutions and strengthened our commitment to leading this transformation together with our customers and other partners.”

Change Starts Here
The Volvo CE show theme was “Change Starts Here. Be Ready for It.” and the company’s 55,000-square-foot booth provided attendees a place not just to see products but also to interact with Volvo experts and each other to discuss the changing industry and how they can be ready to take on new opportunities.

Especially popular were the two operating areas where attendees could test-drive the company’s compact electric wheel loaders and excavators.

Your local Stewart-Amos dealer
Closner Equipment Co Inc

Volvo CE also displayed its EC230 Electric Excavator for the first time in North America and announced that customer pilots were starting soon in the U.S., including with Waste Management. The 22-ton battery-electric excavator is a step up in an industry where electric vehicles thus far have mostly been compact models.

Another activity hub was the company’s Solutions Hall: a two-story building that featured such services and technology as machine control systems, advanced telematics, financial solutions and jobsite connectivity tools that can take organizations to another level.

“We really want to emphasize that a great machine is not enough in today’s construction industry,” said Stephen Roy, President, Region North America at Volvo CE. “It’s by pairing the right machine with the right services that customers get a comprehensive solution.”

Announcements at the show included both machines and services:

  • Unveiling the EC500 excavator: the first in the company’s newest excavator series
  • Opening reservations for the DD25 electric asphalt compactor
  • Adding Compact Assist Soil to the Volvo CE Intelligent Compaction system
  • Launching Connected Load Out: a digital solution that simplifies the loadout process for Volvo excavators and wheel loaders
  • Introducing a remote-control device to operate Volvo excavators from outside of the cab
  • Helping customers see the bigger picture with the launch of the Connected Map site solution
  • Launching Task Manager in North America to keep projects on track
  • Unveiling a new portfolio of Volvo Service Contracts
  • Handing over the keys of a Volvo articulated hauler made using fossil-free steel to CRH, an international manufacturer and supplier of construction materials.

In-Person and Online Activities
With Las Vegas being an entertainment capital, Volvo CE also made sure there was plenty of fun in its booth. The electric machine operating arenas included contests for people to test their skills. TV and social media stars including the Gold Rush cast met with fans. Also in the booth were the CE Dealer Team car and drivers from the all-electric FIA World Rallycross Championship, for which Volvo CE is the Official Construction Equipment Supplier and Track Building Supplier.

Sennebogen LLC
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ASCO Equipment

Volvo CE also streamed a four-day virtual show from Las Vegas, bringing its booth to people who couldn’t make it to CONEXPO and giving those who attended in person an opportunity to see additional content. Virtual sessions are available to watch on demand at volvoce.com.

John Deere Showcases New Machine Offerings Including P-Tier Small Dozers, Large ADT-Drawn Scraper and P-Tier Compact Track Loader, Skid Steer Loader and Excavator Models

John Deere is continuing the performance tiering journey that began in 2020 and chose CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 as the world stage to introduce new models and technology features that provide differentiated value for its customers.

P-Tier Small Dozers
Designed for customers looking to level up on the job site, the new P-Tier small dozer models offer precise hydraulics and smooth stability during operation. Featuring the entry level solution EZ Grade in base models with EH controls, as well as optional slope control and 2D laser capabilities, the 450, 550, and 650 P-Tier machines are technology-packed, offering smarter, more intuitive operations. All models are compatible with laser receivers, helping to control elevation and slope while utilizing a rotating laser. The P-Tier small dozers with EH controls arrive from the factory with EZ Grade features, however, the owner can upgrade to Slope Control or SmartGrade technology in the future, if desired. As an additional tech-forward feature, the new 8-inch touchscreen cab display offers intuitive navigation of slope control and machine settings on EH machines.

Enhancing operator performance and safety, the new P-Tier small dozers feature a variety of strategic design choices aimed to increase visibility and comfort. Boasting a 14 percent larger cab than previous models, the P-Tier machines offer increased storage space and easier ingress/egress capabilities. In addition, customers can now proportionally control the blade’s angle and change travel direction through the use of the integrated FNR switch. Impacting operator visibility, the new hood design, straightened and lowered five-inches on 650 P-Tier and seven-inches on the 450 and 550 P-Tier models, helps improve overall forward visibility and straight sightlines to the front of the machine. Also, with the removal of the DEF system, the 450 P-Tier model offers simplified maintenance and reduced system complexity while meeting emissions regulations. Lastly, the optional LED light package and rear-view camera options take visibility to the next level, enhancing visibility for a more efficient job site.

3812 Large Scraper
Designed as an additional method of earthmoving, the John Deere 3812 large scraper, paired with the latest 460 P-Tier articulated dump truck, offers a 38-yard capacity and can be used in push load or top load applications. The 3812 is the first Articulated Dump Truck drawn scraper to enter the John Deere lineup and features scraper controls that fully integrate with the 460 P-Tier ADT to increase productivity and ease of operation.

Once the ADT is in scraper mode, the operator simply goes to work as the ADT and Scraper pan are integrated as one seamless machine. Meanwhile, the ADT automatically optimizes engine torque curves and differential locks, and selects a maximum cut gear to maintain momentum and boost productivity. Further integration includes scraper brakes, Deere encoded cylinders and a scraper pro package that enables push-button sequencing, additional cameras, scraper position and productivity feedback to the operator all through the new high-resolution display. Lastly, the hitch and platform design allow conversion between an ADT with a dump bin or pulling a scraper, giving customers the ultimate fleet flexibility and utilization of their equipment.

Sany Excavators
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Texas State Equipment

P-Tier Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders
On the compact front, John Deere is expanding its performance tiering strategy and introducing a new generation of large frame compact track loaders and skid steer loaders. At the show, three of the five machines in this generation will be on display, including the 333 P-Tier and the all-new 334 P-Tier skid steer loader, and 335 P-Tier compact track loader models.

These machines boast features like redesigned cabs with creature comforts including heated/vented seats, touchscreen displays, hands-free Bluetooth technology, JDLink telematics, and can be equipped with optional surround view capabilities. The brand new 334 P-Tier and 335 P-Tier are optimized for customers who require more horsepower and hydraulic flow from a compact machine. Boasting 118 gross horsepower in addition to pressure compensated load sensing hydraulics, these machines are smooth, powerful, and ready to take on the most demanding applications. Complementary to these machines, John Deere will also launch two new mulching head attachments, the MK76 and the MH72D.

Cold Planer Attachments
Also making their debut at the show, are the John Deere cold planer attachments powered by Wirtgen cutting technology. Compatible with some current G-series skid steer models, as well as the freshly announced P-Tier skid steer loaders, four widths, including 18, 24, 30 and 40-inch sizes, will be available to match customer’s milling needs.

Utilizing the expertise from decades of milling technology experience by the Wirtgen Group, these cold planers provide intuitive in-cab controls, including tilt float activation for seamless pass matching across rolling terrain. Visible indicators for side plate depth, tilt angle and milling drum cut boundary ensure jobsite accuracy, while an optional pressure gauge aids in monitoring milling performance. Also, an optional water tank mounts within the cold planer frame for convenient filling and the nozzle kit effectively suppresses dust. Helping increase precision, the incorporated indicators help monitor drum width and cut boundary during operation.

P-Tier Excavators
John Deere is also displaying a variety of new and updated excavator models, highlighted by the new 85 P-Tier and 510 P-Tier current generation excavators, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. In addition to these new model updates, John Deere unveiled the first look at their all-new future generation excavators. Both types of updates are examples of how John Deere can leverage technology from across the enterprise to extend advanced features and smart solutions to its full line-up of John Deere excavators, helping to revolutionize the portfolio and deliver the John Deere customer experience.

Hitachi CE
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ASCO Equipment
Bane Machinery

Compared to the 85 G-Tier model, the new 85 P-Tier boasts an 18 percent engine horsepower increase and the addition of a turbo for high altitude performance. Hydraulic performance improvements include increased pump torque and improved dig forces. The larger, redesigned cab is equipped with an eight-inch monitor with Bluetooth and a 270-degree camera system integrated into the main monitor. Improved service access and optional features, such as angle blade with float and continuous flow auxiliary hydraulics, round out the updates that improve the performance and versatility of the 85 P-Tier machine.

Coming in at 51-metric tons, the 510 P-Tier is a replacement of the current 470 P-Tier model. Including a variable undercarriage and the ability to handle buckets five yards and above, this new model will continue to deliver exceptional performance and capability in its class, while specifically targeting customer enhancements in operating costs and reliability.
By using a more efficient powertrain, including the integration of E-fans, this new model provides customers up to 25 percent lower maintenance costs, 15 percent lower repair costs and 20 percent lower fuel consumption. This machine is designed to deliver exceptional performance to customers in mass excavation or deep underground applications while providing significant improvement in the cost of ownership.

Caterpillar Crowns Global Operator Champion and Highlights New Equipment
Caterpillar showcased its latest products and technologies in its largest booth yet at CONEXPO. The booth contained more than 30 machines, including new models and electric prototypes and featured three hubs to showcase Caterpillar’s various divisions including technology, services, and sustainability.

Doheny Named World Champion of 2022/2023 Global Operator Challenge

More than 5,500 machine operators worldwide have been competing in the Caterpillar Global Operator Challenge since the spring of 2022, and at the show, one of them emerged as the “World Champion” – the best Caterpillar construction machine operator on the planet.

On Tuesday, March 14, Patrick Doheny of Australia took the crown out of nine finalists from around the world who competed in the final round of the Global Operator Challenge in the Caterpillar Operator Stadium in Las Vegas.

Your local Wirtgen America dealer
Kirby Smith Machinery

Caterpillar’s year-long Global Operator Challenge is one of the largest construction industry events, with operators from nearly three dozen countries participating. The Challenge highlights the amazing ways construction machine operators masterfully guide Caterpillar machines and use the latest technologies to get the job done.
Caterpillar awarded Doheny with a trip for two to a location where Caterpillar has one of its worldwide production facilities.
“I am beyond thrilled to have earned the title of the best Caterpillar machine operator on the planet,” Doheny said. “Kudos to Caterpillar for hosting such an incredible event to highlight the importance of our profession. It is truly a dream come true to see your life’s passion be rewarded in such an amazing way.”

926, 930, and 938 Small Wheel Loaders

The innovative Next Generation of Caterpillar 926, 930, and 938 Wheel Loaders offer a range of new technologies and features designed to boost productivity by simplifying machine operation. Adding flexibility by design, the versatile small wheel loaders offer industry-specific configurations to efficiently handle agriculture, waste, forestry, aggregate ,and snow removal applications. Customized models can be equipped direct from the factory or through aftermarket upgrade kits installed by a Cat dealer.

Delivering efficient power, the Cat exclusive adaptive engine RPM feature automatically adjusts engine speed based on operator input to optimize productivity and minimize fuel burn. Systems are optimized and sized to run at standard lower engine RPM for these next gen small wheel loaders. The productive and efficient 1,200- to 1,500-RPM working range makes the loaders more fuel efficient, while larger pumps run at slower speeds for less wear and longer service life.

An industry first, these new wheel loaders feature four customized powertrain operating modes.

  • Utility Mode: Designed for hydromechanical tool use or pick-and-place work with implement power and quick speed, utility vehicle mode delivers fine ground speed control with engine RPM throttle lock.
  • Torque Mode: Saves up to 5 percent on fuel by “freewheeling” around corners and on downhills.
  • Hystat Mode: Provides engine braking with aggressive deceleration, acceleration and no travel until the throttle is applied.
  • Ice Mode: For snow-clearing applications, ice mode offers soft directional shifts and extended coast-out for improved control.

New auto wheel torque control lets the machine do the work by automatically controlling torque to the wheel and adjusting rimpull control to reduce tire spin. Improving traction on difficult terrain, the new loaders feature standard front axle differential lock with optional limited rear slip differential. On the 926 and 930 loaders, the differential lock is simply controlled on-the-go by the operator with the joystick. The new 938 loader comes standard with automatic differential lock, as well as manual control.
Hyundai Construction Equipment
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Nueces Power Equipment

These wheel loaders also increase precision with Cat Payload, improve safety, and add to operator comfort for more efficiency.

966 GC Medium Wheel Loader

Offering long-term durability in a wide range of applications, the new Caterpillar 966 GC Wheel Loader is designed for reliable, performing and efficient operation. Its Caterpillar designed components, on-demand fan, load-sensing hydraulics and intuitive controls keep fuel consumption and operating costs low, making it a versatile machine that also fits the needs of the rental and municipal markets.

The Cat C9.3B engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, Korea Tier 4 Final, China Nonroad Stage IV and Japan 2014 emission standards with a gross power rating of 239 kW (321 hp). The engine’s automatic Cat Clean Emissions Module (CEM), including SCR catalyst and diesel particulate filter (DPF) works in the background without impacting the production schedule. The Cat Engine Idle Management System (EIMS), Auto Engine Idle Shutdown (EIS), variable speed fan and load sensing hydraulics help result in low fuel consumption and reduced sound levels on this machine. An optional automatic reversing fan assists in cleaning cooling cores to improve performance in high-debris environments.

The new loader features a four-speed forward/reverse electronically controlled, automatic planetary powershift transmission with shift protection and single clutch gear shifting for efficiency, durability and smooth gear changes. Ensuring excellent material retention and increasing efficiency, the loader’s optional ride control improves operating smoothness over rough terrain. Optional limited slip differential axle configurations increase traction in poor underfoot conditions.

Field-proven, Caterpillar’s Z-bar loader linkage with cast crossmember and tilt-lever provides both strong digging capabilities and high breakout forces when the new loader is equipped with Cat Performance Series buckets. The load-sensing implement hydraulic system continuously controls flow and pressure to precisely match requirements of the operating situation, reducing both the load on the pump and overall fuel burn.

Using a system-based approach to balance bucket shape with the machine’s lift and tilt capacity, weight, and linkage, the Performance Series Buckets are available for a range of applications including general purpose, flat floor, heavy duty rock and light material. Design features enable operators of all experience levels to routinely attain 10 percent higher bucket-fill factors, compared with legacy designs, to improve production and reduce fuel consumption. The 966 GC can also be equipped with the Cat Fusion quick coupler and controls, and combined with optional third-function auxiliary hydraulics, the coupler allows use of a wide selection of Cat work tools.

The 966 GC loader features a simple, intuitive and ergonomic control system with an operator interface display that includes six analog-like gauges, color indicator lights, and an LCD screen all within easy view, so operators can quickly monitor machine systems. Low-effort, pilot-operated implement controls feature a remote transmission kick down switch for operating comfort.

Three-Dimensional Screed Plate System

As previously announced, Caterpillar Inc. has entered into an agreement with construction solutions supplier, Axenox, Inc., to acquire the intellectual properties of two of the company’s asphalt paving screed products. Under the agreement, 3-D screed plates and the modular screed plate fastening system will be available options exclusively for Cat asphalt paving customers.

Volvo CE
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ASCO Equipment
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Brothers Michael and Stuart Frost, long-time paving contractors and owners of Axenox, invented the innovative screed system to improve paving efficiency and quality for their paving operations. “Basic screed design had never changed in our lifetime or our father’s, so my brother and I developed our own screed. We knew we had something special with this technology,” says Stuart Frost. Michael Frost adds, “We want to see this effect the industry in a positive way, just like it has for our paving operations. That’s why we chose Caterpillar and the second-to-none support offered by the Cat dealer network as the best way to carry out our vision.”

The Axenox screed plate design is a significant departure from industry standard. Whereas traditional plates are flat, these plates utilize a three-dimensional, angular design. This added dimension delivers lateral compaction confinement to asphalt material. The kneading action helps aggregate to interlock more efficiently than with flat screeds, increasing mat and joint density along with improving mat smoothness.

Densities reaching 91 percent have been measured behind pavers equipped with the 3-D screed plates, so there is less of a chance for material shoving and cracking with the roller. These high densities can reduce the number of passes, lowering compaction cost. At the longitudinal joint, higher densities result in improved material containment during compaction to increase final density. Uniform mat temperatures gained by using the angular plates also help to reach specified densities more easily, helping contractors to meet bonus-level work.

A revolutionary new way to secure the plate to the screed, the modular fastening system reduces screed plate change time from days to less than four hours, minimizing replacement costs for the paving contractor. After a one-time installation of the insulated conductor plate, simple screed plate changes are completed using a unique lock-and-go system. This eliminates the time-consuming process of removing asphalt material from the screed to access the nuts and bolts holding the plates in place. Once normal screed set-up and adjustments are completed on the conductor plate, minimal adjustments are required on future screed plate changes.

RC20 and RC30 Rotary Cutters

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Cat Rotary Cutters for excavators offer high production in hard material for various applications like trenching and demolition. With controlled breaking and high precision, rotary cutters are ideal for working in confined or urban areas. They can be used in sensitive areas such as neighborhoods or hospitals, since they produce a lower decibel of sound compared to other breaking tools.

New Cat RC20 and RC30 models are available to be used with pin-on, S-type, Cat pin grabber or CW couplers. Rotary cutters are compatible with Cat hydro-mechanical work tool brackets, which allow operators to move more smoothly from one task to the next. For space constricting jobs, the rotary cutter can be manually turned either 90 or 270 degrees. Adding an optional hydraulic lines kit, the rotary cutter can be turned up to 180 degrees for cleaning narrow trenches or working away from the machine to help get increased productivity. Ideal for dredging applications, the rotary cutter can be submerged in water without modifications to the tool.

The direct drive motor offers high torque, production and performance to help operators get the job done faster. With less space between the drums, operators can build narrower trenches while also burning less fuel. Rotary cutter picks are easily replaced with a simple tool and can be switched out quickly. Maintenance panels offer quick and easy access. Mechanical seals help to lock in grease and keep dust out to go longer between servicing. Rotary cutters break up material more to help put less wear and tear on buckets.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Features New Compacts, Largest Wheel Loader, Alternative Power Prototypes
At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas displayed a major 31,000-square-foot exhibit featuring a wide range of new, current, and future machine models, plus demos of machine safety and remote management systems. 

New Compact Excavators Feature Award-Winning Design
Among new Hyundai models at the show are three compact excavators – the HX35AZ, HX40A, and HX48AZ – that collectively earned a coveted international Red Dot Design Award, honoring the best product and industrial designs from around the globe. 

In addition to complying with Tier 4 Final emissions standards, the three compact excavators feature a distinctive new “Tiger Eye” design, large cabs, larger windows for increased visibility, enhanced operator comfort, load-sensing hydraulics (HX40A and HX48AZ) incorporating adjustable auxiliary flow, zero-tail swing (HX35AZ and HX48AZ), 5-inch full color LCD monitor, new auto safety lock function which prevents unintended use of a machine both from an engine and hydraulic standpoint, and five years’ free use of Hyundai’s exclusive HiMATE telematics system.

All three of the new HX-A series compact excavators will be offered in both canopy or cabin versions along with the choice of standard or four-way dozer blade.

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Hyundai Re-Enters Skid Steer, Compact Track Loader Categories
Also at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, Hyundai displayed for the first time its newly available model HS120V skid steer loader and HT100V compact track loader, representing Hyundai’s reentry into these compact equipment categories. The two new Hyundai compact models are powered by a 148-cubic-inch Hyundai 4HTI4 four-cycle, turbocharged, electronic controlled diesel engine. This new Hyundai engine meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards.

New, Largest Wheel Loader Leads Parade of Full Sized Hyundai Machines
Hyundai featured full-sized construction machines such as five Hyundai HL wheel loader models, six Hyundai HX excavator models, and two Hyundai HW wheeled excavator models, equipped with a variety of productivity-enhancing attachments and quick-couplers. Some of these workhorse excavators and wheel loaders were featured in demonstrations of Hyundai safety, technology, and telematics systems. Among the wheel loader models was the new Hyundai HL985A, the company’s largest capacity loader with a standard 9-cubic-yard bucket, available in Q3 2023.

Alternative-Powered Excavator Prototypes Point to Future Direction
The Hyundai exhibit at CONEXPO-CON/AGG also included two alternative-powered, working prototype excavators. The Hyundai HW155H is a prototype wheeled excavator, powered by a hydrogen-fueled engine. The prototype Hyundai R19E is an electric-powered compact excavator. The 2-ton-class machine is designed for use both indoors and in urban settings.

Vermeer Introduces the GPS-Enabled Verifier G3+ Utility Locator
Vermeer continues to support the utility industry with the Vermeer Verifier G3+ utility locator launch. This new-generation locator delivers high accuracy, optimized connectivity and intuitive controls. The Verifier G3+ utility locator pairs with smartphones using the G3+ Map mobile app (available for IOS and Android) to plot location information, including depth, current index, GPS data, utility type, device name and the operator who performed the work. The data-capturing ability of the Verifier G3+ locator allows contractors and utility owners to capture and store information about construction projects. That means they can also provide more information to their teams and customers.

“Tracking and storing records about the specific location of underground utilities is vital,” explained Aaron James, Product Specialist II at Vermeer MV Solutions. “With many lines out-of-sight in the congested areas, identifying and tracking one from another can be challenging. The technology that powers the Vermeer Verifier G3+ utility locator helps operators accurately identify and track individual utilities in crowded rights-of-way. Its water-resistant, rugged design is well suited to the harsh everyday conditions that operators work in.”

The GPS-enabled Verifier G3+ utility locator can determine underground current direction against adjacent signals from other utilities. It can detect ambient noise so the operator can switch to a different frequency for a particular jobsite. Also, operators can adjust transmitter frequency and power outputs from up to 500 feet away using a wireless connection. Saved data from the locator is transferred using Bluetooth 5.0 to the G3+ Map app. The data can also be uploaded to the Vermeer Projects bore planning tool.

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The Vermeer Verifier G3+ offers operators three locating modes: peak, peak/null and null. It has an exclusive water-resistant, one-size-fits-all coil clamp that does not need to encircle a utility to induce a signal. They can also add a mini probe to track the location and depth of non-metallic pipe accurately.

This latest generation of Vermeer utility locators replaces the standard Verifier G3 utility locator and comes with three-year coverage.

Terex Materials Processing Presents Expanded Portfolio
Terex Materials Processing (MP), global manufacturer of materials processing and lifting machinery, presented its diverse portfolio representing the aggregates, environmental, concrete, material handling and lifting industries at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In total, there were 12 participating Terex MP brands, including new businesses to the portfolio, MDS and ProAll.

Growth since CONEXPO 2020
Terex MP has been on a growth journey since its last appearance at CONEXPO in 2020. In 2021, the segment purchased a new facility in China to manufacture Powerscreen equipment for the domestic China market. This was followed by the acquisition of MDS, manufacturer of heavy duty and recycling trommels, apron feeders and conveyor systems, to expand its offering in the crushing and screening and environmental industries, with products that complement the existing portfolio.

In 2022, Terex MP purchased Steelweld Fabrications, a manufacturer of heavy fabrications, as part of a long-term fabrications strategy to meet global demand for its crushing and screening products. Late last year, Canadian company ProAll, a specialist producer of mobile volumetric concrete mixers, also joined the Terex MP portfolio, in a move to expand its overall presence in the concrete mixer space.

The latest acquisition was the assets of ZenRobotics Ltd., a company that manufactures robots that pick, sort, and recycle waste material. This is part of a larger strategy in Terex MP to strengthen its offering in the environmental industries and make the circular economy a reality by turning global waste into clean raw materials.

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Each of the acquisitions now operate as a stand-alone business alongside other brands within the Terex MP segment, while also benefiting from Terex MP’s broader market presence, as well as efficiencies enabled by its global scale and investments in areas such as sustainability, digital solutions, and factories of the future.

Supporting the Circular Economy with Sustainable Equipment
Terex MP is making strides towards sustainability and making a positive impact to the environment through product innovation and environmental stewardship. Sixty per cent of Terex MP’s product offering now have electric options, which not only supports its aggressive Environmental Social Governance (ESG) program on a global basis, but helps customers achieve their own ESG objectives.

Besides electrification, Terex MP is focussed in operating its businesses in an environmentally friendly way and in growing its environmental processing equipment offering – one the segment’s fastest-growing areas, in support of the circular economy.

“The demands of our customers are constantly evolving and meeting their needs with a sustainable approach has been a core value of Terex,” says Kieran Hegarty, President, Terex Materials Processing. “Our latest product innovations support the circular economy, reduce GHG emissions and offer alternative energy sources with electric and hybrid options. This supports our customers in reducing carbon footprint globally. In Operations, we have committed to 15 percent reduction in GHG emissions and 15 percent reduction in global energy intensity by 2024.”

Digital Solutions
Also exhibited at CONEXPO was Terex MP’s digital solution offering, a culmination of tools that bring its equipment into the digital age and the efficiency and productivity gains it can bring for customers. Connected Dealer Inventory, e-Commerce, Dealer and Customer Portals, Fleet Management Systems, Visual Parts Search and Remote Service Offerings are just some of the advancements in this area.

Factories of the Future
Bringing its facilities into the digital age is also a key focus for Terex MP, as part of its operational transformation of its manufacturing capabilities. Robotic welding and automation, material management, job tracking, digitization of factory floor workflows and supply chain information are all priority areas, with a dedicated team in place to bring factories of the future into reality.

“At the end of the day, customers are looking to get a good return on their investment. Digitalization is making the information flow faster and more efficiently,” adds Hegarty. “By creating a digital thread, we are connecting our products, factories, stores and jobsites for a more efficient interaction, ultimately leading to better informed decisions, increased uptime, return on investment and an overall enhanced customer experience.”

Ditch Witch Showcases AT120 All-Terrain Direction Drill and PT37 Ride-On Plow/Trencher
Built to boost jobsite uptime, the AT120 gives underground construction operators the power and stability needed to push through rock and tough ground conditions, streamlining fiber, pipeline and utility installation projects. As the largest AT drill in the world, the AT120 improves jobsite efficiency for previous mid- and maxi-size drill owners, as it uses less drilling fluid, resulting in decreased jobsite waste, minimized cleanup and reduced environmental impact.

The AT120 features 15,500 foot-pounds of rotational torque and 3,000 foot-pounds of inner rotational torque. With 120,000 pounds of thrust and pullback, the AT120 allows operators to take on a wide variety of projects, as well as move through longer bores and larger diameter installations more efficiently. Equipped with 20-foot end-to-end drill pipe on board, the AT120 helps operators put more pipe in the ground, further boosting jobsite uptime.

The AT120 offers a saver lock design to protect the drill pipe and drive system against wear and tear. With an updated engine compartment and access panel design, operators have increased access to critical components, streamlining maintenance routines and the serviceability of the drill.

A Redesigned Classic

Contractors can get a new spin on a reliable classic with the new PT37 ride-on plow/trencher from Ditch Witch. This ride-on plow/trencher brings durability and usability to a proven model while retaining the simple, mechanical design preferred by many contractors.

The PT37 is a dedicated plow with an optional trencher, reel-carrier and hydra-bore configuration to meet a wide range of jobsite needs. An adjustable side-facing seat allows the operator to see all four tires and the plow box while operating. Further improving its functionality, the PT37 is largely mechanical and features a simplified control display. It also requires less maintenance due to its simplified exhaust cleaning and fewer grease points.

The PT37 ride-on plow/trencher is designed for ease of use and storage. It features a compact footprint, able to scale down to just 36 inches wide so users can enter standard gates and access tight workspaces. Its tires provide cost savings compared to a tracked version and minimizes the impact on yards. An optional dual-wheel configuration provides added traction and stability. A foldable ROPS design allows users to keep the PT37 on a trailer for easy parking and storage in garages.

A Yanmar diesel engine provides gross 36.8 horsepower at 3,000 RPM to deliver constant performance while plowing, trenching, or boring. An optimized plow design provides down pressure to maintain consistent plowing up to 24 inches deep in a variety of conditions.

U.S. construction technology BUSINESS CrewSight joins ASSA ABLOY Group
Global leader in access solutions supporting digital transformation of construction with dedicated U.S. offering

Dallas, Texas – March 15, 2023 – U.S. construction technology business CrewSight has been acquired by ASSA ABLOY Group, the global leader in access solutions. The move supports a vision to accelerate the digital transformation of the construction industry, globally, through software-driven access control and workforce management solutions. CrewSight will be part of a dedicated offering for the construction industry, providing innovative solutions that improve security, productivity, safety and compliance on site.

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CrewSight has partnered with some of the biggest names in U.S. construction since 2014, including Turner, Hensel Phelps and Lendlease to provide tailored jobsite access control and workforce management systems. CrewSight adds value through effective site management software, with features including electronic worker self enrollment, real-time labor reporting and authorized labor site access control – all managed via an online portal and mobile app, for total visibility. CrewSight solutions have the added benefit of reducing manual, paper-based processes on site.

Mike Rimmington, Senior Vice President and Head of Construction, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, comments: “Our software-driven solutions deliver dramatic productivity benefits for construction, at both site and group level, whilst improving compliance, safety and of course security. This is a result of utilizing the latest technology and by giving our customers access to accurate, real-time workforce data that generates valuable insight, when they need it.

“CrewSight will support this offering in the U.S. market and I’m excited to see what the team can achieve working in partnership with the global leader in access solutions, ASSA ABLOY.”

Chris Henderson, Senior Product Manager at CrewSight, adds: “The future of construction centers on the adoption of technology and we are passionate about supporting the U.S. construction industry on this journey. Labor costs can contribute up to 40% of total project costs, so visibility of who is on site, in real time, is critical. Construction managers need to have total confidence of those costs and our software helps them understand this through easy to access, accurate workforce data.

“We are thrilled to be joining ASSA ABLOY, to support the continued adoption of access control and workforce management technology in the United States.”

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CrewSight joins the Construction business area of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, a division founded to support the adoption of innovative electronic access, software and identity solutions across vertical industry markets. They join biometric access control pioneer, Biosite Systems Ltd, known for its leading fingerprint and facial recognition systems, developed specifically for construction.

The CrewSight offering will be presented at this year’s ISC West security exhibition in Las Vegas, March 28-31. The CrewSight team will join representatives from the Construction business team in the ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions booth (#8101), along with specialists from the Critical Infrastructure and Self-Storage business areas.

Visit www.assaabloyglobalsolutions.com/crewsight or email crewsight@assaabloy.com for more info.

Stellar Showcases New Lighter-Weight Hydraulic Service Cranes and TMAX 1-13 Aluminum Mechanic Truck
Stellar, a 100 percent employee-owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality mechanic trucks and cranes, tire service trucks, hooklifts, trailers and service truck and van accessories, was excited to showcase the new 10621 and 12630 Hydraulic Service Cranes at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2023. Both cranes were introduced, along with four other redesigned cranes, earlier this year. The full line of redesigned hydraulic service cranes includes the 9621 and 9630 (9,000-pound class cranes), the 10621 and 10630 (10,000-pound class cranes) and 12621 and 12630 (12,000-pound class cranes).

With a sleek new design, the Stellar 96 Series, 106 Series and 126 Series Hydraulic Service Cranes feature a reduced weight of nearly 13 percent (330 pounds) for the 30-foot cranes and about 10 percent (210 pounds) for the 21-foot cranes compared to the previous models, while still maintaining the same strength. By reducing the crane weight, Stellar Cranes create more payload for the operator.

Some of the biggest improvements include updating the boom from a hexagonal design to an octagonal design and decreasing the size of the boom tip. The new boom design allows the cranes to maintain strength while the compact boom tip is ideal for operating in tighter spaces.

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The newly redesigned cranes come with the most ergonomically correct and balanced crane remote control system available – the Stellar CDTpro with Range Finder technology. This proprietary remote was designed to improve ergonomics and increase usability. The single-hand remote delivers smooth operation with the proportional control for precise placements of loads while allowing for multiple functions to run at once.

The Range Finder feature allows the operator to create a lift plan without ever needing to unstow the crane. This world-first technology estimates distance and calculates crane capacities where the operator is holding the radio remote. With a full suite of feedback screens, the Stellar CDTpro includes current load of the crane and distance to maximum capacity, and it also sends vibratory alerts to inform the operator they are approaching maximum load capacity.  

TMAX 1-13 Aluminum Mechanic Truck

Stellar also featured the latest body in its TMAX Aluminum Mechanic Truck Series, the TMAX 1-13, at the show. The new 13-foot aluminum body offers additional compartment storage and is intended for a 108-inch cab-to-axle chassis with 22,000- to 22,900-pounds gross vehicle weight rating, such as the Ford F600 or Chevrolet 6500.

Similar to other TMAX 1 models, the TMAX 1-13 Aluminum Mechanic Truck is ideal for cranes up to 53,100 foot-pounds, such as the Stellar 86 Series Telescopic Service Crane. The TMAX Series features the crane carrying reliability of the Stellar Torq-Isolator torsion box understructure and crane compartment. This feature isolates the crane’s lifting forces into the stabilizers and chassis frame, rather than into the storage compartment, avoiding unnecessary twists to the truck’s body and doors.

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TMAX Aluminum Mechanic Truck bodies feature aluminum extrusion compartment tops with two built-in accessory mounting rails. These mounting rails eliminate the need to drill holes in the compartment tops, allowing for easier and faster mounting and relocating of accessories. In addition to ease of installation, aluminum truck bodies have an overall reduced weight in comparison to their steel counterparts, allowing for more payload for the operator.

Toro Presents the New Next Generation eDingo 500
Toro made a major step into the electric-powered equipment marketplace with the introduction of its Toro eDingo 500 compact utility loader, and now it’s taking it a step further with the next-generation eDingo. The new eDingo boosts profit and ROI with no fuel costs and zero engine exhaust emissions. It’s the ideal choice for indoor construction jobs that require heavy or continuous operation, fast completion times and reduced overall costs.

“Every improvement we’ve made to the next generation eDingo was driven by customer feedback,” says Sam Dando, Product Marketing Manager at Toro. “For example, the HyperCell Power System is more powerful and reliable than ever. It allows for all-day run times and quick charging, which helps crews maximize productivity. Also, the new eDingo features a narrow width of 30 inches making it capable of fitting through even the tightest of doorways.”

Specifically designed with the same innovative spirit Toro has applied for more than a century to its equipment, every detail of the eDingo 500 has been poured over. The HyperCell Power System is built to run cooler than other systems, meaning operators gain efficiencies, eliminate engine exhaust emissions, and can complete more jobs with less hassle.

The new eDingo still boasts a powerful rated operating capacity of 515 lbs. Plus, the new design has a hinge pin height of 81 inches, which allows for clearing into most standard dumpsters, and 6.5 GPM hydraulic flow. The high operating capacity allows for the effective use of many Toro attachments.

Additionally, electric drive motors make the new machine quiet while still capable of zero-turn maneuvers in tight spaces and a speed of up to 2.75 mph.

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A new onboard charger and cord compartment storage, customer-favorite patent-pending traction controls, a powerful 1200-lumen work light for improved visibility and a comfort mat to fight operator fatigue round out the new eDingo features. Another key benefit of battery-powered machinery is the reduced need for regular maintenance. The powerful lithium-ion battery doesn’t need an oil change or fuel stabilizer – all it needs is to be charged using a standard 120v wall outlet.


Grammer Seats and Accessories at ConExpo 2023
  • Grammer showcasing important innovations for construction machinery in Las Vegas from March 14-18
  • Highlights: World’s first control pod carrier with ErgoPlus six-way adjustment and audio headrest
  • Numerous aftermarket seats available for direct ordering at the trade show

Grammer AG, March 14, 2023 – ConExpo in Las Vegas is the largest construction machinery show in Northern America. From March 14-18, 2023, Grammer AG will be present at stand W43345 (West Hall), cementing its status as an international innovation leader and systems supplier for ergonomic seating systems and vehicle control systems. Highlights include the world’s first six-way control pod carrier ErgoPlus as well as headrest loudspeakers and other products improving the interface between the vehicle, the seat and the user. With several aftermarket seats which can be ordered today, customer expectations will also be met to optimum effect at the sales show.

“ConExpo is the perfect opportunity for us as one of the leading manufacturers of construction machinery seats to meet face-to-face with customers and users in the important North American market,” said Dr. Andreas Diehl, President Division Commercial Vehicles, Grammer AG. “We will be showing them safe, comfortable and sustainable products that improve sitting comfort in construction machinery. In addition to the first six-way control pod carrier for top ergonomics, we will also be displaying an audio headrest that, among other things, can be used to communicate safety messages comprehensibly. We also have a haptic warning system for heightened safety and new, sustainable cover options in our product range for ConExpo.”

Worldwide unique adaptability – Grammer’s ErgoPlus

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The ErgoPlus control pod carrier features maximum comfort and ergonomics, allowing the driver to adjust the armrests six ways – forward/back, up/down, tilt left/right. This adaptability, which is unique in the world, is of particular benefit for machinery in which the operator moves hydraulic control levers or joysticks with both hands for hours on end, for example in excavators. Regardless of their size, stature and arm length, drivers can always work in maximum comfort and
thus with full concentration free of fatigue and back strain. ErgoPlus is based on a modular platform and can thus be used in a wide variety of vehicle classes and applications worldwide. An easy-entry function, in which the door-side armrest can be folded up completely, is also available for ErgoPlus.

Audio headrest: Top sound at the construction site
No matter whether they are used for emitting safety-relevant audio signals, for communicating with colleagues or perhaps simply for a little entertainment while on the job, the loudspeakers built into the headrest and supplemented with a microphone ensure optimum intelligibility and top sound quality whenever things get noisy on the construction site. Known as the Audio Headrest, it is available from Grammer in numerous versions for different construction machinery seats, including in systems produced in a partnership with premium manufacturer Harman.

The right seat for every type of construction machinery
Proper seating for construction machinery is not only a question of comfort but also of safety and ergonomics. Operators usually spend several hours in the machinery without any interruption. At the same time, they must remain focused at all times in the noisy and demanding construction site environment. Whether operating an excavator, a dumper, a compact wheel loader or machinery on rollers, the aim is always to create the best possible working conditions by offering the right seat and the appropriate features. In Las Vegas, Grammer will be showcasing seats from the MSG95, MSG97, MSG285 and MSG75 series. The focus is on the modular principle: Regardless of whether they need a short or a long backrest – combined with various upgrade options – customers can configure the seat that meets their requirements perfectly.

Grammer innovations creating the ideal workplace
The other highlights in Grammer’s range support not only safety but also comfort in construction machinery:

  • Haptic Warning by means of two vibration motors integrated into the seat surface. They can be activated individually or together and controlled by various vehicle sensors/warning systems.
  • Water-repellent covers are particularly easy to clean and regulate the temperature for top comfort.
  • Olive leather: Environmentally friendly, as natural olive-based tanning agents are used instead of chemical ones.


Perkins Launches New Power Solution Capabilities to Help OEMs Navigate the Global Energy Transition
At CONEXPO-CON/AGG – March 14-18, 2023, Perkins is demonstrating smarter ways customers can cut development time and costs, spotlighting its next-generation integrated powertrain programme.
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For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that need to jumpstart development programmes and accelerate speed to market for new products, Perkins is demonstrating a new range of comprehensive integration, mechanical, electrical, software and controls engineering capabilities at CONEXPO-CON/AGG this week. Designed to help customers continuously explore new ways to optimise their equipment’s performance, efficiency, and power density using conventional, hybrid and next-generation energy sources, Perkins’ offerings are helping deliver smarter solutions to advance sustainable power.

“Throughout our history, Perkins has combined confidence and curiosity to challenge conventional wisdom and help humanity power ahead,” said Steve Ferguson, President of Perkins. “Now is the time to demonstrate our industry leadership by exploring new ways to help customers and end users solve their ever-evolving challenges.”

Perkins goes beyond engines to provide comprehensive powertrain expertise
As new power system approaches become more complex, Perkins continues to evolve and deliver smarter solutions that advance sustainable power through its global Customer Machine Engineering Team (CMET). CMET connects multi-disciplinary experts from around the world who give OEMs on-demand access to skillsets and insights they need during their research and development, design, engineering, and production process life cycles. CMET’s capabilities are in increasingly greater demand by OEMs’ engineering departments seeking inspiration and guidance as they specify integrated powertrain solutions that are designed to produce less emissions as compared to traditional diesel-powered internal combustion engines.

“OEM research and development teams already face intense pressures from accelerated development priorities and limitations on resources,” said Jaz Gill, Perkins Vice President of global sales, marketing, service, and parts. “Through the immensely talented and equipped Perkins CMET, we’re strategically positioned to help OEMs achieve better outcomes faster with lower development costs, especially in the adoption of next-generation powertrains.”

To illustrate CMETs capabilities, Perkins is exhibiting an integrated, end-to-end diesel-electric hybrid powertrain at CONEXPO. The solution is highly configurable for a wide range of off-highway applications, with the featured configuration being suited to backhoe loader or telehandler applications and consisting of a scalable 48-volt battery module, powershift transmission, 20 kW motor-generator unit, inverter, and an advanced energy control module.

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Perkins is also spotlighting its deep and growing component and systems integration expertise in electric-driven powertrains, building on its announcement of its battery development programme at bauma in October 2022.

Perkins collaborates with customers to challenge conventional wisdom
CMET’s advanced capabilities are just one way Perkins is evolving to better connect with and support customers.

To reflect its commitment to customer-focused problem solving, Perkins has made transformational changes spanning its worldwide operations, research and development, and product and service offerings, including aftermarket support. Perkins is showcasing an array of inventive products that mitigate long-standing technical and operational barriers customers face on the path to a more sustainable, lower-carbon future.

By collaborating with OEMs that are evaluating diverse powertrain alternatives, Perkins and the new Customer Solutions team can:

  • Help product teams select tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements and deliver the optimal balance of owning and operating costs they need by applying deep engineering expertise, wide-ranging market sector knowledge, and a power source-agnostic approach.
  • Help equipment manufacturers evaluate considerations such as power needs, application types, duty cycles, operating environments, run time, fuel availability, emissions standards, decarbonisation initiatives, resale value, own versus rent approaches, maintenance, and many other factors.
  • Steer projects from concepts to prototypes to functional, fully tested machines by evaluating system requirements; optimising system architectures; managing system controls development, calibration, and verification; and performing final system validation. 
  • Deploy machine development competencies built over the past decade to assist OEMs with world-class engineering resources and state-of-the-art testing facilities that have provided millions of hours of customer support.
  • Provide machine operating expertise on more than 5,000 different off-highway applications. Perkins engineers manage the design, test, and machine sign-off process, providing OEMs with a 3D model design and a machine ready for the next stage of manufacturers’ development process while protecting valuable intellectual property (IP) by keeping confidential data secure and safe.
  • Serve as an efficient single source for supplying all components needed for integrated powertrain systems, ranging from engines, transmissions, electronics, and self-calibrating controls for conventional solutions to batteries, inverters, motors, motor-generators, cooling systems, software, and other critical elements for new-energy configurations.

Explore Perkins power solutions at CONEXPO – South Hall, Booth S-84329
At CONEXPO, Perkins is highlighting its large, fast-growing portfolio of advanced power product and service solutions designed to help customers manage the energy transition to a more sustainable, lower-carbon future.

These include:
  • 48-, 300- and 600-volt lithium-ion battery solutions with modular designs and factory-installed telematics that Perkins is developing to optimise performance and packaging in numerous next-generation off-highway applications for the construction, industrial, materials handling and agricultural industries.
  • Industrial diesel engines and industrial open power units (IOPU) that are available today to help OEMs reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their machines. Perkins offers the widest diesel engine power range from 0.5 to 18 litres and 8.2 to 597 kW (11-800 hp) that meet the most stringent global emission standards: EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, with the exhibit featuring the 904J-E28T IOPU, the 1204J-E44TA, the 1706J-E93TA and the new 2606J-E13TA. These engines are capable of using renewable, lower carbon-intensity fuels that meet the leading industry diesel fuel specifications*.
  • Connectivity solutions with hardware reading important engine data, displayed to the customer as timely insights. For OEMs with their own in-house telematics solution, an API based service which receives engine data is provided. From this, Perkins delivers useful insights to enhance the service provided by the OEM to their customer, aiding the customer’s productivity.
  •  Perkins® Ecoplus fuel filters that are engineered to minimise waste and enable recycling after use. Designed without a metal housing and centre tube, Ecoplus filters are manufactured with fewer materials while providing outstanding performance, enabling up to 45 percent longer injector life in a recent comparison wear test with competitive filters.

Leading aftermarket capabilities from Perkins promote sustainability through improved fuel efficiency and prolonged machine life cycles, such as all-inclusive Perkins® Hypercare packages, and flexible overhaul solutions from new single cylinder repair sleeves for cost-effective overhaul which maximises reuse of existing parts, through to full ‘drop-in’ replacement engine solutions.

For more information on Perkins and its presence at CONEXPO, visit www.perkins.com/construction

Philippi-Hagenbuch Engineers HiVol® Water Tanks for Unique Environments, Maximum Capacity and Improved Safety
LAS VEGAS (March 13, 2023) — Philippi-Hagenbuch’s patented HiVol® Water Tanks feature a stable, square design that improves stability and maximizes hauling capacity. Each tank is custom engineered to haul the greatest possible volume for the specific make and model of off-highway articulated or rigid frame haul truck. The tanks feature easy-to-use, operator-friendly controls and the ability to spray the entire width of a haul road with one pass. HiVol Water Tanks are built with a superior-grade steel for increased longevity and maximum ROI.

Philippi-Hagenbuch will highlight HiVol Water Tanks, along with other custom-engineered off-highway haul truck solutions, at booth W42435 during CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, March 14-18 in Las Vegas.

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Philippi-Hagenbuch engineers HiVol Water Tanks for new haul trucks and as a retrofit for older trucks. Operations often incorporate the tanks onto their aging haul trucks to convert them to water trucks, extending equipment life. After years of hauling heavy material and absorbing loading impact, even the sturdiest haul trucks experience wear on the suspension, frame and tires. Making the change to hauling water eases this burden and extends the life of the haul truck, helping operations maximize their equipment investment.

Unlike traditional round and trapezoidal water tanks, which typically utilize only 80% of the truck’s capacity to prevent dangerous churning, HiVol Water Tanks incorporate a square design that lowers the center of gravity and maximizes the haul truck’s capabilities. Philippi-Hagenbuch engineers each tank to achieve the lowest weight and greatest possible hauling capacity. This can range up to 60,000 gallons — more than half the capacity of a water tower. The square design, along with internal side-surge stabilizers and a baffling system that results in full compartmentalization of the water, minimizes churning to improve vehicle stability.

Philippi-Hagenbuch custom engineers each HiVol Water Tank to fit the specific make and model of the haul truck and to match the unique needs of the operation. Each tank features corrosion-resistant Hardox® 450 steel, which is over 300% harder and more corrosion-resistant than the steel used in most other water tanks on the market, equating to an exceptionally long water tank life. HiVol Water Tanks utilizing Hardox HiAce acidic-resistant steel are also available as an option for highly acidic environments. Philippi-Hagenbuch also offers an insulated water tank design for cold weather conditions, with optional heating for use in environments as cold as -40F/C.
“After more than 23 years on the market, none of our water tanks are showing signs of rust, corrosion or failure,” said Josh Swank, Philippi-Hagenbuch vice president of sales and marketing. “The high-quality steel ensures they won’t rust or wear down quickly. Most water tanks on the market only last 5-7 years, but the first water tanks we engineered are still out on the jobsite today. We are proud to explain why we exclusively use Hardox steel throughout our water tanks, and that we have decades worth of water tanks still operating around the world. This proves why our design coupled with superior steel create a water tank that is second to none.”

Philippi-Hagenbuch water tanks feature rear-mounted spray heads, an optional remote-controlled water cannon and individual in-cab analog controls that are straightforward and easy to use. This provides the operator with precise — yet simplified — water control. The horizontal spray heads operate separately, allowing the use of any or all spray heads at the same time. The remote-controlled water cannon enables operators to spray water from 150 to 200 feet away.

The HiVol Water Tanks’ patented design minimizes confined space issues and provides easy maintenance access by incorporating full-sized exterior and interior access doors as well as access points at the top of the tank. All interior doors include rustproof pivots and allow unobstructed flow of clean air and natural light throughout the tank. To negate potential fall risks, the tanks incorporate a unique flat-top design that is easy to walk on when personnel are required to gain access to the top of the tank.

To learn more about HiVol Water Tanks and Philippi-Hagenbuch’s other custom off-highway haul truck solutions, visit www.philsystems.com.


WAKEFIELD, Massachusetts (March 9, 2023)—The new Galaxy Hippo all-steel radial from Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America, Inc., pushes traction to a whole new level for bucket loaders. The high-traction pattern is ideal for loaders working in dirt on construction sites, or on farms and dairies.

"We think of rock tread for most loaders, but many of those machines are working in dirt, whether it's on construction jobs, demolition sites, or on farms," says Dhananjay Bisht, National Product Manager—Earthmoving, Construction and Industrial Tires for Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America, Inc. "The new Galaxy Hippo all-steel radial brings a dirt tread to the category to deliver the extra traction many loader operators need."

Bisht uses farms as an example of an ideal application for the high-traction Hippo radial.

"On dairy farms and other livestock operations, loaders are used to build silage piles, pack silage, pick up manure, load scales or do dirt work, so farm loaders need reliable grip in any conditions," he notes. "And we see similar challenges on many construction sites where loaders are in more of an earthmover environment."

Variable-Angle Lug

The new Galaxy Hippo all-steel radial delivers better stability under load as a result of its deep, variable-angle lug, Bisht notes, as well as top performance on mud, vegetation and pavement. The lugs on the Hippo radial are thicker than those on the bias-ply Hippo, adding durability and roadability.

Along the outer part of the tread, the lugs are almost perpendicular for maximum traction, and feature aggressive, buttressed shoulders that add extra grab. Toward the center, the lugs curve to form a steeply angled overlap for steady roading and reduced wear at up to 25 mph.

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires' design team also extended and widened the nose of each lug to produce a smoother, more stable ride and reduce scrub wear while running on hard surfaces.

All-Steel Radial

Wirtgen America Inc
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The new Hippo radial features a new, improved cut-and-chip-resistant compound with excellent wear resistance on pavement. Below the tread, steel radial belts provide puncture protection and create a larger, flatter footprint to boost traction, flotation and tire life, Bisht adds.

The flatter footprint and tire cavity are a result of radial construction, he explains. The radial version of the Galaxy Hippo has a footprint 6% larger than the bias version of the tire in the same size. The flat, even footprint puts more rubber in contact with the ground, improving traction and slowing wear.

"Radials last a lot longer than bias-ply tires, wearing more slowly and evenly," Bisht adds. "Radials also deliver better traction, and they have a much smoother ride. Operator comfort is a big factor in safety and productivity, and it can make a long day in the operator's seat feel a lot shorter."

"On top of all of the features we built into the Hippo radial for long service life, we also built the all-steel casing to be extra durable to allow retreading," Bisht points out. The long service life and tough construction of the new Galaxy Hippo all-steel radial is reflected in its 5-year warranty.

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires has released the Galaxy Hippo all-steel radial in the popular 20.5R25 and 23.5R25 sizes, engineered to fit on existing rims while providing a larger footprint.

NPK Construction Eq Inc
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C60 Drives Profitability Improvement for Ready Mix Concrete Producers
Saving opportunities can be identified in 60 seconds or less!

MARCH 9, 2023 (LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES) — At CONEXPO 2023, C60 is unveiling its flagship C60 Opportunity Platform which enables ready-mix concrete (RMC) producers to identify and drive profitability improvement. Considered the first of its kind in delivering instant efficiency and productivity information, C60 provides RMC producers with an innovative opportunity to find savings potentials across their entire business with easy-to-read, actionable insights. RMC businesses can instantly gain answers that maximize profitability and operational efficiency. The real-time insights and analytics allow producers to make informed decisions based on data rather than guesswork.

"We created C60 to enable RMC producers to see the most valuable opportunities in their business in 60 seconds or less.” said Ramy Sedra, CEO. “We look across their entire business, from materials, production, delivery to sales to see how they can do more with less. C60 is a groundbreaking software backed by the human touch from hands-on, RMC experts.”

Industry Benefits
C60’s co-inventors spent decades optimizing more than 1,500 ready-mix plants in 30 countries. Together, they developed hundreds of techniques to improve the profitability of ready-mix plants. C60 has packed this expertise into this first-of-a-kind opportunity platform.

The RMC industry will benefit from this pioneering technology as C60’s co-founders have previously identified more than $20 million in possible savings opportunities. This translates into more than 50 million cubes of ready-mix concrete volume that could be impacted and more than $1 - $5 savings opportunities per cube. C60’s reach is far and the opportunities for savings are vast for RMC producers, ultimately transforming the industry.

C60’s customers are ready-mix general managers, operational managers, company presidents and leaders. We believe that to help them drive profitability improvement requires innovative software and a team of amazing ready-mix people. C60’s customer success team is made up of experts with decades of RMC experience to support and coach our customers to get the most out of C60 and provide results to their bottom-line.

Features and Benefits
C60’s advanced analytics identifies inefficiencies across an entire RMC business with dollar-quantified insights with specific improvement actions that can help save money, allowing operations with greater precision, and with an end result of a better experience for customers.

This new software works with both small and large RMC producers as the business intelligence is supplied holistically across all operations. Moreover, C60 is considered platform agnostic. It enables a producer to pull data across the different RMC systems they use to bring a holistic view of their business. As a result, C60 can integrate across industry systems and does not favor one system over another.

A great feature is that the system is plug and play, so no additional IT experience is required. RMC producers can easily connect their existing systems to C60’s safe, secure and reliable cloud using our pre-built connectors. The producer always remains the owner and in control of all their data. C60 also integrates with various RMC software solutions, such as Command Alkon, Jonel, Marcotte, Stonemont, and others, as we are continuously adding new connectors.

Company Background
This new company is built through leveraging the expertise of their parent company, Heidelberg Materials. C60 is culmination of Heidelberg Material’s vision to expand its offering to include digital solutions to the ready-mix concrete industry.

“Customers have relied on Heidelberg Materials for 150 years to provide aggregates and cement, and now they can leverage that relationship with C60 for digital capabilities to optimize their business,” said Sedra.
It’s important to note that C60 is an independently run company with its own management team.  As they are separate, C60 can work with any RMC company and does not share information with Heidelberg Materials.
“Data privacy is at the heart of our business,” said Sedra. “Data is stored in C60’s safe, secure and reliable cloud. We do not share data between C60 and Heidelberg Materials. In fact, those protections are defined in our client contracts.”

Helping with Today’s Challenges
For an RMC producer to maximize profitability and operations, it requires a focus on improving production processes, improving logistics and delivery, minimizing waste and monitoring performance. C60’s technology provides a step to achieve these goals.

C60 drives RMC companies to move to the next level of efficiency and profitability. This even includes optimizing the use of cement which helps reduce the levels of CO2 emissions. By looking at all aspects of an RMC plant, improvements and changes can be identified to help with industry environmental goals of reducing CO2 emission levels by 2030.

We’re more than a software company - we’re ready-mix experts. Learn more about us! C60 was an Expert’s Choice Award winner for sustainable innovations in the Innovative Product Awards.


Terramac Featuring 4 Rubber Tracked Crawler Carrier Models
Sugar Grove, IL – Terramac, a leading manufacturer of innovative rubber tracked crawler carriers, will be featuring four of its rubber tracked crawler carrier models at CONEXPO March 14-19 in Las Vegas. Visitors to the Terramac exhibit located in the Festival Grounds in Booth F8840 will see two 360° rotating frame units and two of the most recent customized straight frame machines which show the versatility and utilization of Terramac rubber tracked crawler carriers.

“This year’s Terramac exhibit is the largest space we have had at a CONEXPO to showcase our crawler carrier models,” says Matt Slater, VP, Business Development for Terramac. “The straight frame and rotating crawler carriers have been put to use in so many different applications. We want attendees to see a few of the many ways a Terramac machine can be outfitted for their specific needs.”

On display will be a RT7R which has a 7-ton carrying capacity and a low 5.5-psi ground pressure, and a RT14R which has a 14-ton carrying capacity and ground pressure of 8.3-psi. Both machines leave a minimal footprint in sensitive terrains and can offload materials at any angle or on the go.

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The Terramac RT6 with a debris collection system provides unmatched suction to collect loose trash along fence lines or roads. The RT6 is fitted with a skid mount and hooklift so alternative bed types and support equipment that further increase carrier utilization can be easily interchanged. Also on hand will be a RT9U paired with a Versalift 9500 aerial device for improved access and safety while installing and maintaining powerlines. Terramac’s expert staff will be available to answer questions and explore solutions to help customers access challenging jobsites with minimal impact on the environment.

“We carefully selected each model on exhibit to demonstrate how a single carrier can be used for very different construction applications across a wide range of industries,” says Slater. “We know the customization possibilities are endless, but it’s shows like CONEXPO, where we get to present our equipment solutions to the market, that others can see the full scope of our capabilities and our innovation prevail. It’s also one of our opportunities to learn of new challenges facing the market so we can continue to deliver products that make the biggest impact.”

HELLA Presents New Lighting Solutions for Construction Machinery and Mining Vehicles
  • Introducing the New C240 LED combination headlamp from HELLA with exceptional design for heavy-duty applications
  • Smart lighting solutions increase operator safety, health and productivity
  • All-round talent: Second generation of the RokLUME 280N work light with six illumination variants

Lighting and electronics expert HELLA, operating under the FORVIA umbrella, will present several innovative new products at CONEXPO. The world's leading construction and mining machinery trade fair will take place in Las Vegas, NV, from March 14 to 18, 2023 (South Hall First Level, Booth S62633). As a US product introduction, HELLA will be presenting a brand-new C240 LED combination headlamp to the broader public for the first time. The combination headlamp boasts an extraordinary design and enormous robustness and can be mounted in various ways. It has all the important light functions such as low beam, high beam, position light, daytime running light, hazard warning, and front turn signal. The housing and lens are made of impact-resistant plastic. The combination headlamp is also vibration-resistant, dustproof, and waterproof, making it ideal for the toughest conditions. A high-quality DEUTSCH DT connector and an ISO pulse indicator failure check ensure the combination headlamp meets all functional safety requirements. In addition, the C240 is available in both ECE and SAE versions.

S series Work Lamps with innovative LED technology
"Simple, steady, and streamlined" - is the motto of the new S series. The work lamps in this series offer innovative LED technology and complement the Module 70, Module 90, and Power Beam work lamp families. The work lamp provides homogeneous illumination with a color temperature of around 6,500 Kelvin, which is similar to daylight.

Compared to halogen devices, the S series scores with high efficiency. The integrated electronics protect the device in case of polarity reversal and ensure constant brightness even with the operating voltage fluctuating between 9 to 32 volts DC. Depending on the model, the S series is available with a round or square design, and a surface mounted or recessed version. The Module 70 and Power Beam models are available in 1,000 and 1,850-lumen versions, and Module 90 is available in 1,850 and extremely high 4,000-lumen versions. The universal and slim design allows vehicle manufacturers to convert existing halogen work lamps easily and quickly to LED technology. The housing and the lens are made of special plastics, which not only reduce weight but are also highly corrosion resistant. The new cooling fin design is modern and ensures optimum heat dissipation, thus increasing the efficiency and service life of the work lamps. The S-series work lamps are available in close-range and long-range illumination. Further model and illumination variants are already under development.

Smart lighting solutions for heavy-duty applications
With the intelligent work lamp RokLUME 280N SMART, HELLA is presenting another highlight for heavy-duty applications at CONEXPO. The RokLUME 280N SMART increases safety in mining and construction sites. With its light settings, the intelligent work lamp changes the color temperature from warm to cool white and the light color to green or amber, depending on the variant. This adjustment of the light color is of utmost importance, especially in poor visibility conditions caused by dust, snow, or fog, to ensure the highest possible visibility. In addition, the brightness level can be adjusted to the current lighting conditions using the dimming function. The work lamp has six illumination options, including ZEROGLARE with a new patent-pending reflector. The work lamp can be operated easily and quickly by using the HELLA control panel or the Human Machine Interface (HMI) in the vehicle.

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Conventional work lamps can be replaced with the intelligent RokLUME 280N SMART in no time. Powerline communication (PLC) enables the control unit (gateway) to communicate with the work lamps over the existing harness without interference and no changes to the vehicle architecture. Unplanned downtime is prevented with the lifetime management function which give a warning before the work lamp's lifetime expires. Anti-theft protection and a memory function for storing individual illumination settings are also integrated. With Gateway Prime, the vehicle can also be equipped with a cornering light function.
RokLUME 280N Gen. 2 work lamp with six illumination variants

Another HELLA highlight is the popular RokLUME 280N work lamp for heavy-duty applications. The RokLUME 280N Gen. 2 series work lamps are well-suited for harsh mining environments and heavy-duty applications. This is because ideal working area illumination is crucial, especially in rough terrain, so that the driver can react to obstacles and hazards in good time. With a very high light output of up to 5,000 lumens and six illumination options, including a tunnel floodlight, the RokLUME 280N Gen. 2 work lamps not only provide better visibility and thus increased safety, but also improved productivity, as the light is similar to daylight, allowing operators to work with less fatigue. Meanwhile, its energy consumption is just 50 watts. Compared to halogen devices, this means a reduction in power consumption and thus contributes to CO2 reduction. The housing of the RokLUME 280N Gen. 2 work lamp is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum with a corrosion-resistant NanoSafe coating that is optimally adapted to harsh environments. All work lamps in the series can be mounted upright, suspended, and horizontally thanks to a centered, robust bracket and are optimally adapted to environments with high vibration requirements. With its compact size, the new RokLUME 280N Gen. 2 work lamp is an absolute all-rounder, ideal for all mining vehicles and heavy-duty machines.

In addition to the highlights mentioned, HELLA will present its complete product portfolio ranging from front and rear lighting, VISIOTECH projection technology, and warning lights to electrical and electronic products.

Honda Reveals New Prototype Autonomous Work Vehicle at CONEXPO 2023
  • All-electric Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV) represents a new category of capable work vehicle for companies that need autonomous operation or delivery solutions
  • New capabilities include more pallet capacity, payload, and enhanced obstacle detection
  • Honda invites potential business partners and companies interested in field testing AWV to Honda’s booth at CONEXPO 2023

TORRANCE, Calif., March 6, 2023 – Honda will showcase the new capabilities of the latest generation of its prototype Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV) to improve construction industry and worksite efficiencies at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 in Las Vegas, March 14-18, 2023. Interested construction entities will have an opportunity to learn more about field testing the rugged off-road platform at their worksites. Watch a video of the Honda AWV at https://honda.us/HondaAWV.

“As we continue to advance the Honda AWV platform, we want to meet with potential business partners and companies at CONEXPO that are interested in field testing the vehicle at their worksite,” said Jason VanBuren, systems engineering manager at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “We believe the Honda AWV can be a valuable solution to supporting construction teams while also enhancing worksite efficiencies and safety. Leveraging Honda’s decades of experience developing reliable, safe and clean mobility technology, we aim to address issues such as labor shortages and improved environmental performance.”

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The fully programmable all-electric Honda AWV leverages the company’s emerging advanced autonomous technology to create a rugged off-road work vehicle that is designed to support construction-related activities and enhance workforce productivity. With the ability to operate autonomously – or manually via remote control – the Honda AWV could provide a wide range of services to industries that need autonomous operation or delivery solutions, especially where workforce constraints make other solutions impractical. The company is also exploring the development of attachments and tools that could make the vehicle a suitable platform for many work environments.

Honda successfully field tested the second-generation Honda AWV at a large-scale solar construction site in the Southwest U.S. Based on real-world testing, the company is now introducing the third-generation Honda AWV which features a number of enhancements.
Key features of the third-generation Honda AWV include:

  • Increased bed size to 2 pallets and greater loading capacity of 2000 pounds
  • Improved navigation in locations where GNSS (global navigation satellite system) service is weak or unavailable through the use of LiDAR sensors
  • Simplified tablet-based programming interface and cloud connectivity
  • Higher speed in autonomous mode – up to 10 miles per hour (mph)
  • Increased battery size and longer operating time of up to 10 hours
  • Enhanced avoidance function for vehicles stopped on road
  • Lower bed for easier loading and improved ergonomics

The Honda AWV employs a suite of sensors to operate autonomously, using GPS for location, radar and lidar for obstacle detection and cameras for remote monitoring. Previous field tests have also successfully verified that multiple Honda AWVs can transport and deliver construction materials and supplies at precise points along a pre-set route. The vehicle leverages Honda’s extensive portfolio of mobility technologies, using common components from its automobiles and other products.

Vehicle dimensionsW: 51in (1300mm) x L: 119in(3025mm) x H: 81in (2052mm)Bed size101in (2560mm) x 51in (1300mm)Unladen vehicle weight1765 lbs. Maximum loading capacity2000 lbs.Speed

  • Autonomous driving: Max 10mph
  • Default by remote control: 2.5mphMinimum turning radius11.4ftBattery size18.6kWh Range at maximum loading capacityUp to 28 miles depending on the use case
As Honda aims to commercialize AWV, the company is looking for partners to participate in field testing, as well as to improve functions and enhance services, especially in the areas of:
  • Product distribution
  • Product support / after-market sales
  • Software and attachment development

Italy Brings Largest Pavilion to CONEXPO 2023
The Italian Pavilion at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 is proud to announce its participation in the largest construction trade show in North America. The Pavilion, set in the Silver Lot 1 S5042, covers an impressive 6,400 square feet and showcases more than 25 top Italian companies in the construction industry.

Organized by the Italian Trade Agency (Houston Office) with the support of three major Italian Industrial Associations – Unacea, ANIMA, and UCoMESA – the Pavilion presents a comprehensive display of construction equipment, from earthmoving tools to customized components and advanced fuel solutions.

The official list of participating companies includes G.B.M. Building Equipment, A.C.S.A. Steel Forgings, Outset, Condor, Emiliana Serbatoi, Safi Group, Mantovanibenne, Industrial Lift, Dagso, Drago, Kiwitron, Officine Malaguti, Idromeccanica Italiana, Tracmec, Neron Pumps, Mediapoint, Oleoweb, Carmix, Edil Euganea, Settima Meccanica, 76 Industrial Design, Mechbadger, MiniTop, S.I.BO. Societa' Italiana Boccole, M3 Metalmeccanica Moderna, and Remdevice.
More detailed info about the companies at the dedicated landing page of the event:

With its world-renowned reputation for quality and design, Italy will be presenting a range of cutting-edge products and services that will leave a lasting impression on the thousands of visitors expected to attend the event. The pavilion will be a hub of activity, with each participating company eager to share its expertise and knowledge with attendees.

In particular, Italy will host a “Happy Hour networking event” every afternoon from 3 to 5 pm, complete with hosts, presentations, and refreshments for all visitors.

Tickets and RSVP service here: https://bit.ly/3IUZ6jV

March 14th – The ribbon cutting ceremony of the Italian Pavilion with representatives of ITA and UNACEA. Also, a good opportunity to discover the latest project of CDP Italia, the Business Matching Platform, eight languages, and private meeting digital room tool to support and strengthen economic and business relations between Italian and US companies.

March 15th - Network with the American Associated Equipment Distributors. AED President & CEO, Brian McGuire will join the Pavilion and give a brief remark about the distribution channel for construction equipment in the USA.

March 16th - Explore the US market of construction machinery with data and insight from AEM. Fred Vieira, AEM Director of International Business, will address the audience.

March 17th – latest trends and insights in the construction building machinery industry in the USA with KHL, the global, diversified media business focused on construction.

With CONEXPO 2023, ITA announces the introduction of the Italian Pavilion Booth Crawl Challenge being held every day of the show in Vegas.
The Booth Crawl Challenge provides attendees with a fun way to explore the expansive show floor, by visiting participating exhibitors and show features along the way. The first 100 attendees who complete the 5 or 10 stop Booth Crawl Challenge using the dedicated card will receive ITA-branded gifts.

Attendees can participate by picking up the Booth Crawl card at the ITA booth (#S5042), choosing their favorite 5 or 10 stops tour among the 26 Italian exhibiting companies of the pavilion, collecting stars (proof of visit), and dropping off their completed card (with proof of completion) at the ITA booth again.

“We are thrilled to participate in CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 and showcase the best of Italian construction equipment and technology,” said Fabrizio Giustarini, Italian Trade Commission of the Italian Trade Agency for the Italian Pavilion. “This is a great opportunity for us to connect with industry professionals from all over the world and promote the innovation and quality of our products.”


Komatsu will Showcase electric Machines and Battery Technology at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023
March 6, 2023 — For the sustainability of businesses and the planet, at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2023, Komatsu will be showcasing machines and technology engineered to help customers reduce their carbon footprint​ and plan for implementing sustainable solutions, including electrification. In booth W42044, visitors to the show will find a variety of options designed to help manage energy transitions and increase efficiencies to help reduce fuel burn and emissions and make fleet management more efficient.​

Electric excavators
Coming soon to North America and featured in the Komatsu booth will be the 20-ton PC210LCE electric excavator, first displayed last fall at Bauma. Featuring Proterra’s lithium-ion battery technology, the excavator has 451 kWh of battery capacity, for up to 8 hours of operating time*.
*Operation of 5 to 9 hours in tests, depending on workload conditions.

For quiet and simpler operation without vibrations and zero emissions, the PC30E electric mini excavator​ fits the bill. Equipped with a 35-kWh battery and a 17.4 kW electric motor​, its batteries can be fast-charged.​ This electric mini-excavator is suitable for a diverse range of workplaces including operating indoors, urban construction, and landscaping.​

Komatsu will also feature its PC01E electric micro excavator powered by portable and swappable mobile batteries.​ Developed jointly with Honda, this new machine is designed for confined spaces in landscaping, agriculture and construction. Komatsu's vision for the swappable battery system is to scale up the technology for use in larger micro excavator models. ​

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The PC210LCE, PC30E and PC01E will be available in select markets in 2023.

Electric wheel loader concept
With a chassis based on the Komatsu WA70 wheel loader, the WA Electric wheel loader concept machine was developed in partnership with Moog Inc. Utilizing an "intelligent electrification system,” this wheel loader features an electric traction motor, lift, tilt and steering cylinders, power electronics, system control computer, battery and battery management system. ​

Battery technology and charging station advancements
​To provide flexible charging solutions for varying applications and customer needs, Komatsu is exploring high-power-charging solutions and developing multiple power source options including batteries. Three types of charging infrastructure options will be on display at the company’s booth.

The Komatsu Generation 2 charger is well-suited to adapt to varying site conditions, stepping voltage up or down to meet charging needs. With an input range from 400-1140V and an output of 300-900V, it features a universal CCS (AC/DC) charge plug and it too is transportable.

Developed in partnership with Proterra, the Proterra portable charging concept​ is designed for use in “off grid” locations or where site power is inaccessible or unreliable.

The Komatsu portable charging concept for mini-excavator, exhibited as a charging solution concept for environments without a power supply, is compactly designed for easy transportation. In addition to charging mini-excavators, it can also be used to charge other electric equipment on the work site.

HB365LC-3 hybrid excavator
Komatsu’s hybrid excavator is designed to provide high production and efficiency with low fuel consumption. Engineered for productivity with a Komatsu hybrid system that can provide an additional 70 Hp on demand​, the HB365LC-3 allows operators to be up to 15% more productive in power mode, while its environmentally friendly operation offers up to 20% more fuel efficiency and 20% less CO2 emissions when compared to the PC360LC-11. ​

Development of these hybrid and electric machines and charging stations moves Komatsu closer to its global sustainability target of a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 and complete carbon neutrality by 2050.

MVT-II 600
To reduce waste in the quarry and cement production process, the newly rebranded Komatsu MVT-II-600 crusher uses tension — rather than compression — which can save significant energy, in some cases up to 90%. The crushing process of the MVT-II 600 uses matched velocity technology (MVT) to generate far less fines in product, to help minimize waste production and disposal costs. Engineered for lower cost of ownership, the MVT-II 600 has replaceable bolt-on roll wear segments and durable pick technology and can consistently crush a combination of hard abrasive minerals and wet sticky material.

With the right products, latest technologies, actionable data and dealer support, Komatsu and its customers can create value together.

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Gold Rush’s Fred Lewis to Join Thompson Pump at CONEXPO-CON/AGG
Popular TV Personality to Showcase Thompson Pump
Port Orange, FL – One of the nation’s leading manufacturers of heavy-duty, diesel-powered bypass and dewatering pumps is bringing some star power to its CONEXPO-CON/AGG booth this year. Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company is teaming up with Fred Lewis, the CEO of Misfits Mining and star of the Discovery Channel’s popular Gold Rush television series.

Thompson Pump, known for manufacturing top-quality pumps and related equipment and providing engineering expertise in dewatering operations, bypass and emergency applications, will be heading to the CONEXPO-CON/AGG show in Las Vegas on March 14-18, 2023. The team will feature six of its pumps, including one of its JSC series, which Lewis calls the “heartbeat of his entire operation.”

When Lewis started as a mine boss, he began looking for reliable water pumps to help in his claim. Through extensive research, Lewis found Thompson Pump to be the most reliable. That’s when he reached out to the Port Orange, Florida company and was thrilled when the leaders there agreed to partner with him. Lewis is using a 6JSCE and says the pump is so effective and reliable it’s become the beacon of his claim.

“Gold mining was fairly new to me, so when I started, I learned quickly just how important having a reliable and powerful water pump really is,” said Lewis. “If you don’t have a good water pump, you can’t mine. That’s why I’m so thrilled to be using what I say is the Mercedes of pumps. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thompson Pump has been there with me every step of the way and our partnership is fantastic.”

“We are honored to be able to help Fred with his claim, and as more of the guys visit Fred and see how our pump is helping his operations, we hope to grow partnerships with them,” said Chris Thompson, President of Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company.

Lewis will be at the Thompson Pump booth #S60528 March 15-16, 2023. Thompson Pump will also have several of its pumps on hand, including its JSC Series Enviroprime System®, Hydraulic Power Units, JSV High Head Pumps, Vacuum-Assisted Heavy Duty Trash Pump, and its Piston Wellpoint Pump – models 8JSCE-659, 32HPU-735, 6JSVEE-207, 4JSVM-463, V-1902 and 6PW-638.
Yanmar Brings Powerpack to CONEXPO 2023
Yanmar America is at ConExpo: South Hall 2nd Level — S84014

Las Vegas, NV (March 2, 2023) – Yanmar America will showcase the Powerpack version of its 4TN107FTT industrial diesel engine at ConExpo 2023, March 14 to 18 in Las Vegas, NV. The Powerpack is a palletized drop-in power unit that greatly simplifies installation and design engineering for OEMs. The Powerpack with enclosure package will be on display at the Yanmar America booth South Hall 2nd Level — S84014. Available in outputs up to 207 hp (155 kW), the Powerpack offers OEMs an easier path to design and package their diesel power solution.

OEMs need to navigate a challenging environment with ever stricter emission regulations, complex after-treatment components and setups, and demanding space requirements.

“Designing configurations that meet manufacturer’s requirements for after-treatment and controller components is a significant burden to OEMs,” said Arley Bedillion, Sales Manager, Yanmar Power Solutions. “Yanmar’s Powerpack provides the OEM with a power solution that already meets many of the validation requirements, simplifies installation and reduces the work required by the OEM customer.”

The Powerpacks are assembled at the Yanmar America facility in Adairsville, GA.

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At the heart of the Powerpack is the 4TN107FTT inline four-cylinder diesel engine. The powerful 4.6 L diesel was first unveiled at Bauma in 2019 and meets EPA Tier 4 final and EU Stage 5 exhaust emissions regulations. The 4TN107FTT features two-stage turbocharging, with a low-pressure turbocharger raising power at higher speeds and a high-pressure turbo boosting output at low engine speeds.

“As a first for Yanmar America, the two-stage turbocharger for industrial engines allows for a 45 kW (60 hp) power increase at 2200 rpm compared to our single turbocharger version”, said Carl Micu, Yanmar America Power Solutions division. “We work closely with our customers, developing innovative products and services to meet the challenges of industry towards A Sustainable Future for all.”

If you think you know CASE, think again.

We’re rolling strong into CONEXPO with more than 30 swift, smooth, smart new machines, and a load of new ideas to help you build your success.

We’re expanding our line of backhoe loaders because nothing helps you do more work in a tight labor market than two machines that can be run by one operator. See the hard-working new models we’re unveiling at the show. And, be assured, as the pioneer in backhoe loaders since the beginning, we’re right out front in bringing more configuration options to the party to help you do more work easier than ever before.

Get an up-close look at new mini excavators. We’ve got you covered from 1.5 to 6-metric ton machines that are well-appointed and operator friendly.

We unveiled Zeus, the first fully electric backhoe loader — the 580 EV — last CONEXPO and we're excited to show you more in Vegas this year. Stop by to see more clean, quiet and efficient CASE electric power.

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We’re teaming up with BRUNT Workwear to build “The Ultimate Operator Boot.” There will be a team there looking for your input to help us build a better boot.

Of course, we’re going to blow the roof off with a Jon Pardi customer event, and since he loves wandering the booth checking out new machines, you might even bump into him on the floor.

Learn about all the ideas, programs and support we're offering and how hard we're working to earn your business and help you succeed. We're The New CASE. Be sure to stop by and see the difference for yourself. Stop by our booth in the West Hall (W40800) and be sure to pick up your free CASE hi-vis vest**! Wear it around the show for a chance to win $100 CASH.

Drone Innovators Introduce a Portable, Rugged Alternative to Traditional Light Towers

Sterling, VA. (March 1, 2023) – Re-envisioning the traditional towable light tower category, Blue Vigil, a developer of tether power systems for commercial drones, announced the CONEXPO preview of its new Autonomous Aerial LED (ALED) portable light aimed at making nighttime sites safer and more productive. The startup’s breakthrough person-portable light recently won the 2023 Innovation Award last week at the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) trade show in Phoenix, AZ. CONEXPO attendees will see the light at the Las Vegas Convention Center, March 14th – 18th in North Hall booth N10816.

“We are bringing major technological innovation to the $4.5B global light tower category,” said Robert Schumann, CEO, Blue Vigil. “Currently, towed light towers are the de-facto standard for a majority of nighttime roadside, bridge, overpass and other horizontal construction sites. However, they do a poor job of illuminating work scenes due to the inherent limitation in the tower height and lack of flexibility in placement. We have a better, and safer, solution to answer what will soon become known as ‘yesterday’s problems.’”

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Blue Vigil’s ALED is a compact area lighting system that mounts a high-intensity LED array on a tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), also known as a drone, positioning the light 40 ft (12 m) up to 100 ft (30.5 m) above a job site for as long as needed. The ALED puts over 8,000 sq ft (743 sq m) of light on the ground providing nearly twice as much coverage as traditional towed light towers. By illuminating a work zone from 40' to 100' above, light shines directly down onto the area of operation, without creating the dangerous glare and shadows that negatively affect workers, residential environments, wildlife, and motorists. 

“Illuminating a work area from directly above eliminates dangerous shadows or glare that create hazardous conditions for workers and motorists,” said Schumann. “The ALED Portable Light will dramatically improve work zone safety and operational efficiency by putting more usable light on the ground where it’s needed.” 

The ALED is more energy efficient than current LED light towers as it can be powered by wall/shore power; a smaller, quieter portable 3000 W generator; or a common vehicle inverter.

The ALED is purpose-built and uniquely designed to withstand the rigors of use in the field and on construction sites. The all-weather light is enclosed in a rugged, person-portable wheeled case that can easily be positioned wherever illumination is needed. The base is 30 in wide, 42 in long, and 24 in in depth. Because it can be easily moved and positioned, it reduces the need to have heavy light towers stationed in areas where they aren't always needed. Weighing 75 lbs. (34 kg), the product fits into a pickup or SUV and does not require a trailer or towing, making it easy to transport, easy to position and easy to store. Set-up is extremely simple: position the unit, open the case and push one-button to raise the light into position.

This emerging technology has already garnered industry recognition. Last week at the ATSSA’s 53rd Annual Convention & Traffic Expo, the ALED was selected for an Innovation Award, one of 18 products in this year’s New Products Rollout. According to the ATSSA, “It wowed the department of transportation officials who served as judges.”

Command Alkon Introducing Customer Portal at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023
Give Customers Instant Access to Track Current Orders and Delivery Status Times Through a Mobile Application

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 01, 2023 -- Command Alkon, the leading software and solutions provider bringing together technology and people, will introduce Customer Portal, a mobile application that provides visibility in the materials delivery cycle, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. Customer Portal allows materials buyers to streamline operations, self-serve through instant, reliable data sharing, and create, manage, and track orders 24 hours a day. Customer Portal is fully integrated with COMMANDbatch, TrackIt, Command Alkon Dispatch systems (COMMANDseries, Integra, and the new Dispatch solution), and can integrate with other third-party systems through open APIs.

“If materials are late, it creates a ripple effect that affects every single jobsite activity and significantly adds to project costs; the value of Customer Portal is that it answers the question ‘where’s my truck,’” said Ranjeev Teelock, Chief Product Officer at Command Alkon. “Ticket data shared through Customer Portal informs buyers of when the driver picks up the materials and the exact quantities that are on the way to the job. Sharing order information with customers gives them the insight that they need to improve planning and utilization and can dramatically cut down on unnecessary phone calls – by as much as 30 percent.”
Sharing truck locations and ETAs provides visibility from dispatch to delivery and gives customers confidence and trust in knowing where orders are and when they will arrive.

“Field personnel can monitor inbound movement of supplies so that they don’t stack up at the gate and instead can flow easily in and out of the jobsite,” said Deepa Vangimalla, Senior Product Owner at Command Alkon. “If Load Assurance (formerly COMMANDassurance) is also in use and integrated with Customer Portal, there’s insight into the specification of the materials and whether the load is ready to pour.”

Yanmar Takes Pure Reliable Power into Tomorrow at CONEXPO 2023
Yanmar America’s Industrial Engine Division is at South Hall 2nd Level — S84014

Adairsville, GA (February 23, 2023) – Yanmar, a leading provider of power solutions and industrial machinery, will introduce equipment from its new power range and share the company’s vision for a zero emission, resource recycling future at CONEXPO 2023, North America’s biggest construction equipment and industrial machinery show, March 14 – 18, at Las Vegas, NV.
Exhibiting at South Hall 2nd Level — S84014 together with Yanmar Group companies ELEO and HIPOWER SYSTEMS, Yanmar America will demonstrate its dedication to delivering exceptional customer experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle. As well as showcasing the company’s extensive product portfolio, Yanmar will share the company’s current and future vision for power equipment, including the following:

  • 4TN107FTT Powerpack
  • HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ EHR Battery Power Generator
  • ELEO modular, high-density battery
  • Yanmar Green Challenge 2050 vision for the future

“Yanmar is committed to responding to the challenges of the future with superior power that meets the needs of today’s customers, while developing new products and technologies that take advantage of alternative fuel sources,” said Ron Adams, Director Power Solutions, Yanmar America Corporation. “Through close collaboration with dealers and OEMs, we seek to deepen our relationships and deliver greater value to our customers with our new power technologies.”

4TNV107FTT Powerpack
Yanmar America is showing its highest-rated industrial engine at CONEXPO, the two-stage turbocharged 4TN107FTT, which has configurations at up to 207 hp. While the engine has been in production since 2021, it first became available in the US in 2022. In a first for Yanmar industrial engines, the 4TN107FTT benefits from two-stage turbocharging, with a low-pressure turbocharger delivering increased power at higher speeds and a high-pressure turbo boosting power at low engine speeds. An exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system integrated into the cylinder head combined with a compact exhaust after-treatment package by diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) allow the engine to meet EPA Tier 4 final and EU Stage 5 exhaust emissions regulations and don’t require users to stop work for normal regeneration operations. Yanmar America is also showing its 4TN107FTT Powerpack configuration - a complete drop-in power unit for a broad range of industrial applications.

EHR Battery Power Generator
The HIPOWER SYSTEMS EHR is an innovative energy storage and distribution system that reduces noise and emissions and offers a variety of advantages, including increased reliability and improved energy efficiency. It can be used independently or integrated into power generation systems running on Diesel or Spark-Ignited generators. The system can also be connected to the grid or used with photovoltaic or other renewable generation.

ELEO – modular battery systems
ELEO Technologies B.V. is a battery technology manufacturer located in Helmond, the Netherlands, with Yanmar acquiring a majority in the company in April 2022. ELEO will display its next generation of battery systems at the Yanmar booth at CONEXPO. In January, ELEO officially opened its new battery production plant, increasing its annual battery production capacity tenfold to 500MWh – the equivalent of approximately 10,000 battery packs. The new battery system is the second product generation from the Dutch manufacturer after the first generation started production early 2020. With the new product, ELEO offers industrial OEMs ultimate flexibility from the scalable design to meet the wide variety of requirements present in the off-highway industry.

Yanmar Green Challenge 2050
Yanmar has launched the YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050 with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality and promoting sustainability and resource recycling. This challenge is driving product development, creating new fuel systems, and fostering collaborations with OEMs to reduce environmental impact and promote resource recycling.

Yanmar is investing in the development of new energy sources for customers and industry and is striving for zero emissions from its headquarters and facilities. The company has already started several new-energy projects in different business lines, including hydrogen-powered cogeneration, research into hydrogen fuel marine engines, bio-gas cogeneration, dual-fuel power solutions with natural gas, fuel cell marine technology, smart agriculture, and resource recycling technologies. These efforts demonstrate Yanmar's commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable future.

Road Widener’s FH-R Material Placement Attachment Reduces Labor by 50%
DELAFIELD, Wis. (Dec. 12, 2022) — Road Widener LLC, a leading global manufacturer of road construction equipment, offers the patented FH-R material placement attachment, which provides contractors with 50% reduced labor at 1/5 of the cost of traditional self-propelled equipment. Additionally, the remote-controlled design of the attachment allows the operator of the host machine to control the attachment via remote control — enhancing safety by eliminating the danger of additional workers standing along the jobsite. The FH-R is a versatile solution for material placement, precisely dispensing topsoil, gravel, asphalt, limestone and more — all with an attachment compatible with common machines that contractors already own.

Road Widener is showcasing the FH-R material placement attachment, along with other products and technologies, at booth C32921 in Central Hall during CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, March 14-18 in Las Vegas.

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“With the current Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal there is a renewed focus on repairing and reconstructing our nation’s roadways,” said Lynn Marsh, Road Widener president. “Now is the time to modernize our infrastructure, making it safer and more resilient. The FH-R allows contractors to get the job done more quickly and efficiently. Our two-step process eliminates the need for grading and sweeping by placing the material right where it needs to go the first time.”

The remote-controlled attachment easily connects to most skid steers, compact track loaders, road graders and wheel loaders, operating off the host machine’s engine and hydraulics. It is available in left, right or dual dispensing configurations to take on any roadway around the world. The attachment streamlines a variety of tasks including backfilling, road widening, road shoulder repairs, remediation and aggregate placement. The material is poured into the hopper at the top of the FH-R and then precisely dispensed via remote control in adjustable lay-down widths from 1 to 6 feet (.3 to 1.8 meters). The attachment dispenses up to 20 tons of material in under 10 minutes.

“Our customers often tell us the swift capabilities of the FH-R have a tremendous effect on their business,” Marsh said. “With labor shortages spiking, contractors are often running with a lean crew. However, the demand for infrastructure remediation is only rising. The FH-R helps to solve this challenge by efficiently and precisely laying material with only one operator. Some of our customers can lay up to five linear miles a day with our machine, making it truly a game-changer for any business, no matter the size.”

The FH-R works with standard and high-flow hydraulics and has only five grease fittings to maintain. The attachment costs up to 80% less than a self-propelled material placement machine. Its low-maintenance, functional design greatly reduces the price tag.

That savings extends to transportation requirements too. The compact size of the FH-R attachment provides easy transport with a common trailer that is towable by a standard pickup truck. Additionally, the FH-R’s small footprint decreases traffic disturbance and danger on busy highways and narrow backroads.
Each FH-R includes a one-year warranty. To learn more about the FH-R or other Road Widener products, visit www.roadwidenerllc.com.

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